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When the Sea Shepherd’s sleek new vessel, the Ady Gil, was sunk after a collision with a Japanese whaling vessel, bridal shop owner Lisa Litt immediately pounced on the opportunity to give back. As owner of Lilli Bridals in Tarzana, CA, she decided to organize her next trunk show, a collaboration with eco-friendly wedding gown designer Adele Wechsler, as a fundraising venue for the anti-whaling organization.

On February 5th, 6th, and 7th, local California brides will have the opportunity to meet Toronto-based designer Adele Wechsler and try on her latest collection of eco-friendly gowns, as well as meet Ady Gil (Saturday only starting at approx. 12pm) and make a donation to the construction of the “Ady Gil II”. Litt is donating 5% of every dress sold at the trunk show to the resurrection of the “Ady Gil” and with retail prices starting at over $2000.00, that could make for a successful fundraising weekend!

All of Wechsler’s gowns are made from organic hemp and silk blends using vegetable-based dyes, remnant lace and fabrics, and fair trade labor.

The trunk show will take place on Friday the 5th from 10am-6pm, Saturday the 6th from 10am-5pm, and conclude on Sunday the 7th from 12-5pm (by appointment only). Lili Bridals is located at 18663 Ventura Blvd in Tarzana. For questions or to book an appointment, please call 818-774-9700.

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  • Carter

    The police should investigate this person for supporting terrorism.

    • tk

      …and you should clearly see a psychologist.

    • don miguelo

      The “terror” of weddings? I agree hahaha.

      Seriously though, take that focus and put to fight true terrorists in Afghanistan. Suicide bombers and crashing jetliners into buildings is a completely different ethos than getting run over in a small boat and throwing Butter bombs. There is a difference, however much it doesn’t fit your argument.

      I actually take your comment personally as it insults the real victims of real terrorists by trying to group the SSCS in with them. For shame.

      • Carter

        Yeah the difference is when it’s somebody targeting Americans, it’s terrorism; when it’s an American organization targeting people in other parts of the world then it’s not terrorism. Gotcha. It can’t be terrorism because American politicians can use it to get votes from their most gullible constituents, and the people the SS targets don’t even get to vote in the USA, so obviously they don’t matter.

        And of course an American television network is counting on the dangerous threatening antics to get big ratings, so it can’t be terrorism for that reason also.

        And oh yeah let’s not forget it gives people like Ady Gil a chance to deceive people into thinking their philanthropists instead of sleazebags.

      • Enola Gay

        Carter: you ain’t GOTCHA no one.

        Tell me what SS do that is anywhere near terrorism?

    • abacus

      good gosh – you clearly are, what shall we say – demented? Supporting terrorism? you better be prepared with some facts because you just exposed to all how feeble you are.

      • Carter

        I have plenty of facts. You should worry about getting your own facts.

        Hint: You’ll be wasting your time if you go to the SSCS website looking for facts.

      • Enola Gay

        Carter, share your facts then.

        What is the issue? What do you have a problem with?

      • Carter
      • abacus

        clap clap carter. boo hiss.

    • Whoever…


      Do you even know who the ‘real’ terrorists are?

      Maybe you should start with your own (assuming you’re American) Federal Reserve…

      Before trashing me, please DO watch these videos (I promise you won’t regret it) – I have to post them one at a time otherwise my comment will go directly to Spam:

      Afterwards (that is if you really want to open your eyes to the truth), come back and tell me what your conclusions were.

      Thank you.

    • Whoever…

      and the last one:

      I don’t know why my replies are being posted out of order…

  • Celebs

    Nice post! This wedding dress is looking awesome and I think this is the dream of every women to wear such type of dresses.

  • ddpalmer

    I am bothered that a Bridal shop and a wedding dresss designer supports a man who admits and seems proud of the fact that he uses prostitutes.

    Grooms, hope your brides aren’t tempted by all his money.

    • abacus

      Always muddying up the waters are you DD? How about sticking to the subject. Someone is trying to raise money for a good cause. I mean dead-set, are you for real?

      Any way the people can rise up against those brutal whale killers is a good thing.

      • Mick


        “Brutal whale killers”, you say? You mean like Americans? Americans kill an average of 50 Bowhead whales a year in Alaska.

      • Enola Gay

        Geez Mick, yeah – all around the world natives kill wildlife for food. No brainer.

        What is your point? did you read the article? Put your turbo-charged ego on ice because you sound real cool cherry picking posts to reply to.

        A Japanese commercial whaling operation that kills 1500+ whales a year, I’d say that is pretty full on.

      • abacus

        Thanks mick , another top useful post!

      • Mick

        Enola Gay,

        My point is: abacus used the phrase “brutal whale killers”. He didn’t specify who, where, why or how many. Just that people who killed whales were “brutal”. So, using his “logic”, anyone who kills a whale is “brutal”. Americans kill whales, therefore they are “brutal”.

      • Enola Gay

        I’d say micko wicko that anyone who drives the worlds whaling (and blue fin tuna over fishing – but thats another story) with a huge commercial research expedition, the same people who ram ships, the same people that sunk a huge hospital ship and raped the asia/pacific region some time ago can safely be called brutal. I should add, brutal, agressive and looking for a fight too! Don’t forget their PR propaganda campaign to make everything look like its the eco-terrorist!

      • Mick

        Enola gay,

        Let’s see, let’s begin with a couple of facts. Minke whales are not endangered and they are taking less than 1% of the total population. Iceland killed 150 endangered Fin whales last year.
        You like using the word “huge”, I’ve noticed. The ICR fleet consists of 5 ships plus two security ships this year. I’d say that hardly qualifies as “huge”. A “huge hospital ship”, you say? How big is “huge”??? “Raped the Asia/Pacific region”??? Raping a region would seem physically impossible to me. “Ram ships”? You mean like the ships Sea Shepherd rammed and claims to have sunk??? By the way, there is no need to make SS to LOOK like eco-terrorist. The SS’s actions and statements make them eco-terrorist.
        So, do you have anything relevent to whaling to say? Or just more emotional ranting?

      • ddpalmer

        Enola Gay, have you seen the new pictures of the Steve Irwin in Fremantle harbor? Did you see where the SSCS painted 4 Japanese flags with ship names below them and the word RAMMED above them? Looks like the SSCS admits ramming ships now. Of course for years they claimed they never rammed the Japanese it was always the Japanese that rammed them.

        It is shown at the end of the video.

    • ddpalmer

      So his morals and the other illegal things he does should be forgiven because he is raising money for what you consider a good cause?

      If Bernie Madoff or Charlie Manson wanted to help raise money for the SSCS that would be OK?

      No matter what someone has done in the past doesn’t matter to you. Oh unless it is the Japanese, then things from 60 or 70 years ago when must current Japanese weren’t even born yet are fair game.

      • abacus

        DD – can you clearly tell me what the hell you are going on about? I think your confused in the race to be first & right.

  • ddpalmer

    What I am getting at is does SSCS want to be represented by a man who admits and is proud of doing to prostitutes. Does the SSCS want to be represented by a man who has a dinner party where he pays women to run around topless?

    And finally is a man who visits prostitutes and objectifies women a good to to represent the SSCS at a bridal shop’s wedding dress show?

    • abacus

      Well my friend, men will be men. You can’t pick on him for being human. What’s your real point?

      Does life irritate you in many ways?

      • ddpalmer

        You don’t want to believe my answer that is your right.

        But if Ady Gill is the best spokesman they can find and they don’t see an issue with sending him to hit up brides for money then they have serious problems.

        Why don’t they send Mia, Paul fiance? That would seem to be a perfect choice, a future bride at a bridal show.

    • grumpy old man

      ddpalmer, go away troll!

      • ddpalmer

        Are a you professional comic?

        You pop in to post 3 words and not commenting on any issues, and you call me a troll?

        Thanks for starting my day off with a really good laugh.

  • sheila v

    DD Palmer, i can think of some other names i want to call you that would NOT make you laugh. No other comments need to be made from Grumpy Old Man, because there are no words to describe a person like you, No one knows where you are coming from.
    Get a life.

  • ddpalmer

    sheila v, I would bet you can’t think of any names that wouldn’t make me laugh. I know it is not nice but I tend to laugh at everything that clueless trolls post.

    I agree that no other comments are needed from grumpy old man, which is a good thing because the one he already posted exhausts his entire vocabulary.

    From reading earlier comments there seemed to be a few people that understood where I was coming from.

    Now, do you have anything on topic to post?

    Or are you going to continue to try and win by calling people names? You won’t win that way but it does keep me amused.

  • Safiyah

    FYI there is another Eco Bridal trunk show this weekend at Flair in San Francisco with designer Crystal Miller from Conscious Clothing.