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aldozilliItalian celebrity chef, Aldo Zilli, is relaunching his flagship London restaurant as vegetarian with a focus on healthy living. The 70-cover restaurant, which opens Feb. 14, will be renamed Zilli Green and will feature meat-free dishes inspired by cuisine throughout the world.

“Before going on Celebrity Fit Club a few years ago I decided that I wanted a new lifestyle and a new way of looking at food,” explains Zilli. “The program inspired me to alter the focus of my cooking with new ingredients and different patterns of eating. This year marks my 30th anniversary as one of Soho’s original restaurateurs. At the time, I brought a fresh new approach to eating Italian food to London and I want to mark this anniversary with an equally exciting new approach to a fresh and healthy way of life for everyone to enjoy.”

Zilli Green’s menu includes Breaded Tofu Skewers, Chili Sauce and Spelt Salad; Aldo’s favorite Curry with Quinoa and Orange Chutney; Black Truffle Lasagna; Japanese Platter with Miso Soup, Noodles, BokChoi Bean Sprout and Crispy Wonton; and Dairy Free Tiramisu.

While all the dishes are vegetarian, individual menu items are also labeled as vegan, vegan option, and gluten free when appropriate. To further his goal of providing healthy food for diners in London, Zilli uses only sustainable local produce and all of the food is made on the premises.

  • Melisser

    Oh, this is great! I’m going to London in March. Hopefully, I’ll have the chance to go here & report back!

  • Toronto Chinese Restaurant

    Sweet Ill check this out when I visit London this summer.

  • Angela

    This is really good news! I never would have guessed an established Italian chef would open a veggie restaurant, this is definitely one to support, I am going to try it ASAP!
    Also it sounds quite genuine and not so much a “let’s try with a new trend” thing, in central London there are thousands of places where you can get a good veg meal, but not many all-veg environments…
    Evviva Aldo!