Do you care, really care, about Mother Earth? Well, here’s your chance to get involved!

On the heels of President Obama’s State of the Union address last night, the NRDC Action Fund has launched This is Our Moment — a web video campaign urging Congress to pass the first-ever climate and clean energy bill that will break foreign oil’s stranglehold on our country, reduce carbon pollution, and create jobs.

The video campaign features celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Bateman, Chace Crawford, Felicity Huffman, Justin Long, Edward Norton, Emmy Rossum, Forest Whitaker and more.

“This is our moment – our moment to fight for a cleaner and more secure future,” said DiCaprio, a longtime champion for the environment, and a NRDC Trustee. “The time is now for people across the country to stand up and have their voices heard. We all must call on the Senate to act on this historic opportunity.”

Wanna make a difference? Visit ThisIsOurMoment.org and find out how easy it is to contact your Senator. We all have a voice. Let’s use it!

Check out the awesome video below!

  • http://popculture2point0.wordpress.com Lauren Begley

    This is a really awesome social media campaign that uses all the right elements in all the right ways–much like the Obama campaign in 08. Plus, anything involving Jason Bateman is a plus! I’ve written more here: http://popculture2point0.wordpress.com/2010/01/29/this-is-our-moment/

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  • http://www.knowthegulfcoast.com shannyn

    We need your help down here on the Gulf Coast of Florida! Anyway to get concert down here to help bring back the tourism and raise money for us small gulf coast people. I consider myself a native of Florida after my mom and dad moved our family down here in 1980. Destin Florida has been our peaceful home for many years and I have ton of great memories and my husband and I are trying to make new ones with our 3 small kids, however this oil catastrophe is not one of those memories I want for my kids.

    My worry is that we are going to be left hanging like New Orleans was after Hurricane Katrina. It is worse in New Orleans now than ever and we cannot go back.

    My husband and I used to call New Orleans our home away from home but after Hurricane Katrina Hit I was heartbroken but hoped to see that New Orleans would receive the face lift it needed and it would be better then before Hurricane Katrina but that is obviously not the case. We have not been back and have only heard horror stories of friends that have gone back.

    Our entire Gulf Coast is being damaged from one thing after another and yet not enough is being done! We need to save our Entire Gulf Coast.
    Please Help! We need it down here! People are loosing Jobs and Hope!

    It is frustrating to know that when other countries are affected by catastrophies,many celebrities offer help and support yet the only person to offer anything for the Gulf Coast has been Jimmy Buffett.

    Please we need more help.
    Here is a an opportunity for you Enviromental Celebrities!