by Elizah Leigh
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Everyone needs to make a gainful living in order to pay the bills and have a decent quality of life, right? Some pursue academic disciplines…others work with their hands…some are forced to do things that they may not even be proud of, knowing full well that their career pursuits may never garner them the praise or approval of onlookers. Then there are the glimmering few who actually manage to break into show business and earn an outrageous fortune being ring leaders of an incessant stream of perennially dysfunctional guests who spew toxic gobbledygook at each other, question whose baby-daddy is whose and air out their particularly filthy laundry for all to see.

One might say that the eponymous 19 year host (and counting) of the Jerry Springer Show has carved out a legacy for himself in pop culture history as the king of trash TV — and it could be easy enough to dismiss him as nothing more than a purely lucky showbiz fixture who laughs all the way to the bank – so you might be surprised to learn that there’s a bright green heart beating deep inside. The former politician and perpetual host of television’s original junk food television frontier is quite the proponent of eco-issues and even released a public service announcement in which he advises concerned citizens to make a habit of questioning politicians regarding the environmental impact of the legislation they’re attempting to pass.

More recently, he took the time to chat with Mother Nature Network about his perception of global warming, which he feels is a legitimate concern that far too many scientists have supported. Instead of wasting time debating its existence, he feels that we should ban together to help slow down the pace through personal and legislative efforts. Springer also adds that we possess the capability to clean up the environment and must modify our perception of what type of lifestyle is acceptable since it is intrinsically connected. Check out part one of the two part interview with the talk show host below!

via Mother Nature Network