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1.-OSAMA-BIN-LADENQuestion of the day: can I get through this entire post without quoting a single Toby Keith lyric? Answer: I’m gonna try…I’m really gonna try.

In a recent video (which has yet to be authenticated), criminal crazy man Osama bin Laden is blaming America for climate change and suggests boycotting the U.S. dollar.

In the video, bin Laden suggests that the only way to stop climate change is to bring “the wheels of the American economy” to a halt. He also blames the U.S. for hunger issues, desertification and floods across the globe, and calls for “drastic solutions.”

“We should stop dealings with the dollar and get rid of it as soon as possible,” he said. “I know that this has great consequences and grave ramifications, but it is the only means to liberate humanity from slavery and dependence on America.”

Right…we hear what you’re saying about climate change and all, but also, you’re a lunatic…so there’s that.

What do you think about Osama bin Laden’s sudden concern for Mother Earth? Is the homicidal maniac going from mean to green? Chime in and share your thoughts!


  • Christy

    Given the number of individuals who suffer from mental health issues, I am surprise you would so tacticlessly attack Osama’s views on the basis that he is “crazy” and a “lunatic”. And really you can’t find any better basis to attack Osama’s belief than to shrug him off as “crazy”? Like you couldn’t say something like “his belief system is based on unfounded criticisms of the US and his means of dealing with the alleged evil that the US is, is irrational and illegal as it promotes worldwide violence”.

    I personally don’t agree with the bulk of Osama’s views and I think he is a criminal who should come to justice. That said, I agree that the US has played a signiciant role in causing environmental damages to the world and hunger issues, both through its domestic policies and by its international policies which in effect reward countries for keeping the masses poor for a source of cheap labour and allow the dumping of US made illegal and toxic products abroad when they were banned in the US.

  • herwin

    like we say “you cant be a meateater and an environmentalist” so instead of playing the blame game and put the blame very conveniently at somebodies elses doorsteps, mr Obama should give a good example and turn vegan. Same advice goes for Al Gore btw.

  • Christine

    LOL at Christy’s proposed revisions to michael’s description!! Seriously– enough with the PC extremism!! The words “crazy” and “lunatic” quite accurately describe a nutjob like bin laden and if that offends you, I think you may be a bit too delicate for this harsh world…come on!

    I really doubt that bin laden actually has genuine concern for the environment….I suspect he is just exploiting the green movement to further his own terrorist and anti-american adjenda.

    PS I <3 Toby Keith

    • Michael Parrish DuDell

      THANK YOU, Christine!!!!!!! He is an effing loon and that’s being kind!

  • Smarie

    He has no concern for the environment, only to make more people dislike the united states. Although bin laden is a crazy, he states a valid point in that the US is mostly to blame for global warming and that we need drastic solutions. But if he could come up with these solutions for us, they probably would not be something we would want. So let’s not look to him for this environmental problem :).

  • Susan

    …yet there’s so much he’s been right about, such as our long-term presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the war creating more jihadists instead of fewer. Maybe it’s the “broken clock” theory – hey, it’s right twice a day – but in this case it’s obvious to almost everyone that the consumption habits of Americans despoil the planet, create poverty, hunger, and unrest. Denying that reality, now THAT’s crazy.

    • herwin

      i think few people deny that reality , susan. but there is more to it, me thinks. all countries and all individual people no matter if they are americans, asians, europeans or africans, when they have the money and the economic change they EXACTLY follow in the consumerism footsteps of “america”. Just look at India and China. Reality forces you to at least also mention these two countries when you talk about consumerism and climate change.
      That the war creates jihadist is rather simple. Other wars have been fought with other countries and people have behaved diferently according to their own culture and caracter. Look at the japanese who never have hold a single grudge against the americans, (two atomic bombs is a good reason to have a grudge!) but instead have looked to the future after the war, accepted their own responsibility and have worked hard to rebuild their economy.
      Very diferent with todays jihadist i would say, who seems to be full of hate and revengeful feelings because he is mainly looking at the past.

  • james

    Who the hell cares, this guys going to rot in hell

  • Whoever…

    I’m not going to address the issue of bin laden’s character because I think we should be more concerned about trying to find out who the real terrorists are…

    In fact, some American (and other counties’ too) institutions are the ones responsible for many of the alleged terrorist acts that have been occurring worldwide.

    Without trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist, the fact is that many of the things I’ve been reading and watching make a lot of sense.

    This is just one example:

  • Whoever…
  • Whoever…

    and one more:

    Draw your own conclusions…

    I’m sorry but if I had put all the links in the same post, my comment would have gone straight to Spam (just like it has happened before).

  • John

    I would have to take a look at the whole video before I draw any conclusions, but I would argue that this man is actually making a statement that you should pay careful attention to

    First off, he isn’t telling anyone to take up violence. Instead, he is advocating non-violence through boycotting as a means of “independence from America”.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Gandhi advocate the same form of non-violence to secure India its independence?

    And while the United States isn’t the sole instigator of a global environmental crisis, it sure has played a heavy hand in it. Remember, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund is located in the United States, they’re the ones trying to sell GM crops to the world’s developing farmers, the same crops that can be blamed for the horrifying statistic that between 2002 and 2006 more than 17,500 Indian farmers a year were committing suicide because they had taken out too many loans to buy the GM cotton seed that promised better harvests and better lives.

    Personally, I find that to be just slightly criminal.

    The man is a murderer, he orchestrated an attack which killed thousands, I do not endorse supporting him or his followers. I will only follow a messenger of peace and non-violence, because non-violence is the only way you can ever win. Perhaps that explains the sudden change in tactics.

    I guess I’m on the terror watch list now. No biggie, all I’ll do is confuse the FBI and CIA by concentrating my web activity on facebook and on online resources for planting fruit trees and establishing community gardens in your neighborhood. They’ve got to learn about this stuff one way or another.

  • Quiztwit

    What a douche bag!