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Got the Avatar Blues? No worries! While we’d love to give all the credit to James Cameron’s imagination for the gorgeous world of Pandora, the truth is there are many places, plants, and creatures on this rock that probably helped inspire his alien landscape. So while you can’t yet hop on a spaceship and cryo your way to another world, take heart in the fact that there are plenty of amazing places here to explore. All you have to do is move your butt and experience them.

Click here to check out our gallery.

(Gallery assistance by Elizah Leigh)

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  • Eva

    This is amazing! I am constantly reminded that I know hardly anything about the beauty and nature of this world. Thanks so much for this Michael!

  • BIlly

    Seriously man, I stumbled upon this article and all I have to say is awesome. Have to make these places a must see before I die

  • Skye B.

    I’m seriously in awe. I didn’t know these places and sights existed in the “real world”. I’ll definitely share this with all my fellow eco-manics!

  • Robin

    I absolutely enjoyed this article. I cannot believe what beauty is found in our world. I really want to visit all the places in the list!

  • Peter Bosshard

    Fantastic images – thanks for posting. And if you want to see how the Pandoras on Earth are under threat, check out “Avatar is not a fantasy” ( and “The Avatar Sequel: Damming Pandora” (

  • Melissa

    What a fantastic piece about the breathtaking sights of our beautiful world. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that the article is intentionally or unintentionally promoting certain tour companies. I think it’d have been more objective if the links led to a general destination guide or a list of tour operators. The article does such a great job introducing the places and things, and would be great if it goes further to appear less promotional.

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  • Sonya

    These are truly stunning places and things. Thanks for the awesome photography and inspiration.

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