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A couple years back, Liv Tyler mentioned that her son Milo loved imaging that he owned a tractor and lived on a farm — so it’s no big surprise that the actress herself is one day looking forward to doing just that.

In a new interview with Elle magazine, Tyler admits that she yearns for the rural life.

“Before I die I want to live on a farm with chickens, a vegetable garden and a John Deere tractor,” she said.

The 32-year-old would love a place similar to that owned by her friend Stella McCartney, who rears sheep and grows organic vegetables at her Georgian pile in in Gloucestershire. “A great night in? Stella McCartney’s house in the country. Once our kids are asleep it’s ‘grab the wine’ and take turns to talk boys and husbands.”

Tyler, who divorced her British husband Royston Langdon in 2008, currently lives in Los Angeles. The new issue of Elle hits newsstands this week.

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  • Ed Hartz

    Real people like and love farming. We are in a time in history that if we do not take back the land and work with it, if we do not take care of nature, the cows, the sea life; we will perish. Emotionally intelligent people, and many of them are actors or actresses, have the ability to help motivate or make for social and environmental change. Ms. McCartney’s expression to live on a farm is very endearing but even more it can be an inspiration. An action to take toward sustainable agriculture. Taking care of animals, the earth, the oceans. Forget about the moon, NASA. Look at what is happening to farmers and the farmland because big business and the government wants control and money. We need to spend time and energy here on earth and right now. It is our children, your children, who will not experience life in a natural way if we do not stand now. Good foods need to be priced fairly so farmers can live and produce not only for their families but obviously for you, the consumer. Just look at the average price of a quart or bottle of milk next time. Do you think this is fair to the farmer? To you? Or to big business and the government? Right now, they are checking me out. Do you care? Do I care? yes, and so do millions of other people right here in the USA. And in India, in Italy, and in Africa too. But not the abusers. We know who they are. Get them out from office. They are either corrupt or stupid.

    My idea is to get into farming now, help farming, buy organic, buy free range foods, grass-fed beef, raw milk and dairy. Invest in farming and the seafood industries and others like them. There are so many fine opportunities in this messed up economy. Live natural and prosper. Who are concerned with and operate with sustainability at the forefront are here now. Join them. This is a great investment. A great time in the history of our country, our world.

    Read and follow the Michael Pollans of the world, the Carlo Petrini’s, the Slow Food Movement, David Gumpert and the Raw Milk Revolution, Food Politics with Marion Nestle, FOOD, INC., The End of Food with Paul Roberts, anthony Robbins, and many more. I like Leonardo DiCaprio and others who have the ability and interest to help. we can all help and also prosper. At this moment it is even survival.

    Many people are talking but we have now to Do. Just do it!

    The Milkman is Back! with “Looking Glasses.”

    Thank you.

    Ed Hartz

  • Erica

    Well said, Ed Hartz. I look forward to the day that my children will be able to thrive off of pure, naturally and humanely-raised foods. It truly will be in the best interests of everyone’s health- the animals, the planets, and most importantly-ours.

  • Ed Hartz

    Thank you Erica. There is a book I recommend as a good read. A book by David Gumpert, with who I had the honor to meet. This man and others have poured a tremendous amount of energy and heart and soul into being friends of Agriculture, friends of farmers. Almost all of us were farmers at one time. Please do yourself the pleasure of reading his new book, ‘”THE RAW MILK REVOLUTION – Behind America’s Emerging Battle Over Food Rights.” This book is more than just about milk. It is about civil rights, with insights into how to maintain and protect a good food supply. A food supply that is adulterated and running out of time and run it’s course into the very veins of the people. It is my opinion that David Gumpert is “UP THERE” with Michael Pollan, Carlo Petrini of the Slow Food Movement, and many others.

    Now what to do. Buy good quality foods, you know what I mean. Support farmers, local farming, and tell the politicians that you want good clean food, and fair. It is simple. we can all talk about it, but we have to find ways to help. There are ways we can help while we are also working and feeding our own families. Be innovative. You do not have to reinvent the wheel to be successful and you do not have to be a genius to figure a way out or a way into a lifestyle or work that you can make a business, a way to have a new profession or line of work. I did. I hope to tell you one day what that is. It will have to be a day when I am sheltered from those in “power” and to be able to brush “them” off whenever I want or have to. There comes a time when we cannot be afraid anymore. When we are not afraid to say who we are. And where we are.

    Thank you.

    Ed Hartz
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