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Rajendra-PachauriBeing a climate change scientist isn’t exactly an auto-pilot career choice, particularly in this day and age when our planet faces far more challenges than ever before. People are asking hard questions, and Dr. Rajendra Pachauri – chairman of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — is intimately familiar with the increasingly intense scrutiny of his position, having been the author of countless academic reports that have purportedly been peppered with factual blunders.

The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner quite recently found himself in unfavorable spotlight due to widespread news media claims that he was well-aware that Himalayan glaciers would not disappear by 2035 prior to attending the Copenhagen climate summit, an accusation that he recently just acknowledged. The doctor has further been steeped in controversy since it is suspected that he allowed that convenient error to go uncorrected so he could score substantial financial grants for his New Delhi-based Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

The latest soap-opera twist to this sordid story involves Pachauri being the author of Return to Almora, a salacious tale of a climate expert burdened with the weight of the fragile ecosystem on his shoulders. Published in India, the distinctly different literary foray has his main character Sanjay Nath — a 60-something academic taking a mind-expanding journey throughout Peru, India and America — tumbling into bed with a bevy of willing women.

The press has had a field day with the climate change scientist’s latest career pursuit, going as far as to mock his prose style and collection of perhaps lofty literary rendezvous aspirations that have him bedding everyone from the students in his main character’s meditation class to their naturally promiscuous friends. Even actress Shirley MacLaine plays a crucial role in the novel but manages to cling onto her modesty, succumbing to not even one single romp in the hay with the lothario climate scientist.

Repeatedly using amateur novelist descriptions like “voluptuous” or “heaving” breasts as well as longer eyeball-rolling lines such as “he was overcome by a lust that he had never known before…” and “the excitement got the better of him before he could even get started…”, it appears as though Dr. Pachauri could benefit from taking a Romance Novel 101 writing class. Still, taking a leap of faith by trading dry facts and academia for the far more fertile territory of rising bosoms and infinite conquests is something that should be celebrated.

Here’s a round of applause to Pachauri for daring to step outside of his safety zone – Carpe Diem with a side order of literary lust is what makes life so much more fun! As for the other troubles brewing in his life, the environmental community will likely not be as congratulatory. 

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  • ddpalmer

    It really isn’t that far out of his safety zone. He help write fiction into parts of the 2007 IPCC report, so he is no stranger to fiction.

    I believe that the count of false/unsupported ‘science’ in the 2007 IPCC is up to 5; Himalayan glaciers, WWF press releases, report on effect of forest fires in the Amazon, article in ‘Climbing’ magazine and dissertation from a student at a Geographical Institute . None of which were peer reviewed as required by the IPCC mandate. And even the ones that might deserve to be called science don’t say what the IPCC report says they say.

    But what can we expect from a politically appointed Engineer, yes that is right he isn’t even a climate scientist. His doctored is in Industrial Engineering and Economics

  • DavidC

    > …it is suspected that he allowed that convenient error to go uncorrected so he could score substantial financial grants for his New Delhi-based Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

    Suspected? Or alleged by the same people who allege that global warming is a hoax?

    And how many of the thousands of scientists involved in the IPCC reports were in on this alleged conspiracy?

    Poor reporting.

  • ddpalmer

    Do you mean the same ‘scientists’ that use the magazine “Climbing” as a peer-reviewed source? Or the ones that used an interview with a man who never studied the Himalayan glaciers as their peer-reviewed proof that those glaciers would melt by 2035?

    Or maybe you mean the scientist who gave the interview about the Himalayan glaciers.

    ‘Separately, we have Syed Hasnain, while stressing that he was not involved in drafting the IPCC report, claiming that he noticed some of the mistakes when he first read the relevant section in 2008.

    That was also the year he joined TERI in Delhi, headed by Dr Pachauri. Then, he says, he realized that the 2035 prediction was based on an interview he gave to the New Scientist magazine in 1999. But, he claims, he did not tell Pachauri because he was not working for the IPCC and was busy with his own programmes.

    “I was keeping quiet as I was working here,” he said. “My job is not to point out mistakes. And you know the might of the IPCC. What about all the other glaciologists around the world who did not speak out?”

    However, Hasnain’s assertions contrast rather sharply with a video interview given by him to NDTV on 9 November 2009 – the day that the Raina report on glaciers was published, challenging the claims made in the IPCC report. Then, he is seen to be defending the 2035 figure, and allowing himself to be styled as “author of the original IPCC report”.’

    So here we have a scientist saying he KNEW there were mistakes but didn’t do anything because of “…the might of the IPCC…” and he “…was busy with his own programmes.”

    How many other scientists keep quiet because of the might of the IPCC? When your grant money and job rely on funding from governments which believe in global warming are you going to say there is no global warming or are you going to go with the flow so you can feed your family.

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