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SGY-012407Kanye West is my worst!

The famous rap star is speaking out after PETA called him a “pathetic idiot” for wearing a fur pelt during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris.

On Friday, Kanye posted a response to PETA’s attack on his blog (which has subsequently been removed), saying:

I’m briefly saddened by negative comments, but I have to remember those people are scared, incapable or just plain idiots. We are the f**king rock stars baby. It’s funny to me when fashion bloggers down our outfits and then super jock outlandish s**t on the runway but they dress mad prude and don’t live fashion.

“Very few human beings are strong enough to take constant hate. If we don’t do what you feel is the s**t, you beat us up verbally and mentally. At the end of the day, who are we hurting? Since Barack is president blacks don’t like fur coats, red leather and fried chicken anymore? Remember clothing is a choice. We were born naked! Fresh is an opinion, love is objective, taste is selective and expression is my favourite elective.”

Can somebody please translate this rant for me, because I’m totally lost. Listen, we’re all for self-expression, but not when it comes at the price of cruelty and brutality.

What do you think of Kanye’s comments? Crazy as a loon, or right on par? Chime in and share your thoughts!


  • Whoever…

    Oh, where do I start? :)

    First of all this only proves that being successful and rich doesn’t mean one is intelligent or has a high level of consciousness and evolution.

    Okay, let’s analyze some of the ‘comments’ made by this idiot:

    – “We are the f**king rock stars baby” – You are the idiots with no brain ‘baby!;

    – “Very few human beings are strong enough to take constant hate.” – Oh poor you… what about the animals who are skinned alive? They’re surely not strong enough to endure such pain!;

    – “At the end of the day, who are we hurting?” – Uh… animals maybe!!!;

    – “Since Barack is president blacks don’t like fur coats, red leather and fried chicken anymore?” – Talk about racist comments… So, just because a person is black, (s)he necessarily has to like fur, leather and fried chicken?;

    – “Remember clothing is a choice.” – ‘Funny’… animals aren’t given the choice to refuse to be tortured to death!;

    – “We were born naked! ” – Well, some people shouldn’t even have been born! And you’re one of them.

    To sum it up, I’m sure most of the animals who were tortured to death so this asshole can wear their fur were much more intelligent than him.
    He is nothing but a waste of air and I wish him and the likes of him all the harm in the world…

    • Dgredy

      whoever: i love you….

      kaney is a joke for human being…

  • Rachelle

    I’m black and I’ve been a humane veggie for 25 years now (vegan for the last 8 of those)…so I don’t get Kanye’s comments regarding the president and black people. Why did he bring up “race” when the issue was about his sense of “fashion?” None of what he spews makes any sense to me…All he did with this comment was PROVE what was already said about him…that he’s a fecking idiot!!!!

  • VeggieTart

    If a white person said what Kanye did, that blacks like fur, red leather, and fried chicken, that person would be roundly criticized for a racist comment. Besidse, last time I checked, the Obamas do wear leather (although maybe not red) and eat meat (as to whether or not it’s fried chicken, you’ll have to ask those who know them).

    As for being “f**king rock stars, baby”, that doesn’t mean you have to wear the pelts of brutally skinned animals. I’m sure there is some other wretched excess to which you can aspire that doesn’t involve the senseless murder of animals.

    Constant hate? Oh, boo-hoo-hoo. You act like a douchebag, people are going to call you on it.

    And yes, we’re born naked, and we have a choice of what to wear. You can CHOOSE not to drape your body in the pelts of tortured and murdered animals. There’s nothing “fresh” about fur.

  • The Go Green Blog

    Wow – this guy just doesn’t stop!

  • Ben

    Basically Kanye believes that an organization that uses sexist and racist imagery to promote their cause has no right to criticize the choices an African American adult makes.

  • Kat2009

    When the police stop the cruelty and brutality (even murder) of Blacks especially Black men and minority then we can talk animal rights. PETA “zoo” comments directed at Kanye and his girlfriend spoke volume. Plus, the unheard of extreme measure that they wanted to use with Michael Vick only demonstrated the craziness of the organization.

    I agree with Kanye’s freedom of choice. Maybe it could have been worded differently, but I get his point. PETA should work to change the law instead of trying to shame the person(s).

    Human Rights should be the top priority!

    • Michael Parrish DuDell

      Human rights and animal rights can coexist together. Compassion hast no limits.

      • herwin

        pllllease stop ABUSING the term “free choiche” Some things in this world like murder, rape, child abuse, or any other violent act cannot be ethically classified under “free choiche”.

    • Dgredy

      are you a useless waste to society just like your stupit brainless idiol…

  • jeff

    Yeah, the level of “tool” with this guy is mind blowing. Used to think it was just part of his act, but I really do think he’s just that ignorant.

  • ddpalmer

    Well since we aren’t talking about murder, rape or child abuse but the legal use of fur, I think saying that he has a ‘free choice’ to buy fur or not is perfectly justified.

    And saying something cannot be ethically justified is just a statement of you ethics and opinion. But since everyone has different ethics and opinions, yours aren’t any more important or correct than his. That is why we have laws. Since different people have different ideas about what is right and wrong, we elect representatives to decide which of those ideas will take precedence.

    Using fur to make clothes has been decided to be acceptable whether you like it or not. And equating it with murder and child abuse won’t change that fact.

    • herwin

      Ethics are a device to live a diferent and more civilised lifestyle than the “might is right” lifestyle of the stone age, like it or not. The abuse of animals certainly can be economically justifies, or justified because the fur wearer just doesnt care about animals, but it will be dificult to ethically justify wearing fur from fur farms where animals often are skinned alive.
      again, the “its legal so i can do it” and the “might is right” are choiches, but they are not ethical choiches.
      As you maybe have noticed , fur isnt at all acceptable for a growing number of people, after they learn more about fur cruelty. And laws change, such as recently import of seal fur has been banned in the european union, and soon mink farming will be illegal in holland.
      many things change and fur and animal cruelty will indeed be equated with other acts of violence against living beings that are in a more vulnarable position, such as children or sometimes women.
      Many things have been legal such as slavery or gassing people to death in concentration camps, luckely these things have become illegal.

      • Kat2009

        To compare slavery and gassing of people to animal rights is just crazy to me. I don’t believe animals are the same or equal to humans.

        I think it’s great that there’s a decline in the fur coat demand. However, PETA has no right to force feed their beliefs on the rest of the world by publically humiliating them. Kanye’s fur coat would be hanging on the store rack whether he purchased the coat or not. To get attention, PETA attacks the public (or high profile individuals) in order to reduce the fur demand sounds more like an organization that is afraid to fight with fur companies head on.

        Also, I didn’t agree with Michael Vick having to serve prison time and afterward PETA still wasn’t satisfied. They wanted him go through a series of tests and I was thinking these people are really insane, they need their own planet! If society allows PETA to have their way, animals would be feeding on humans.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m against animal cruelty and I don’t own a fur coat. That doesn’t give me the right to force everyone else to do the same. PETA should bring awareness to the public and allowing the public the right to decide, but no, they are bullies!

        So, we will not agree.

  • Kat2009

    Michael, I agree that human and animal rights can coexist, but unfortunately, human rights for some people tend not to be a top priority as long as they’re not the victims. I tend get extremely upset each time I see the commercial regarding a home for cats or dogs. Yet, this country has thousands of children in need of a good home.

    Herwin, ddpamer brilliantly responded to your comment. He/she said it all!

    Jeff, ignorant is subjective and I tend to disagree with you with regards to Kanye. He has had made some valid points over the years and he’s a great artist. Fur trade was around before the colonization of the Americas and before Kanye. Is Kanye ignorant because he doesn’t share your point of view, no!

    Plus, why haven’t PETA stopped the killing of cows, pigs, chickens, etc. that are used for food? What makes these animals different from others and acceptable? Furs are used to keep the body warm from the brutal winters and the other is used nourish the body. So this goes back to an individual personal choice or freedom of choice. No one has ever been arrested for buying a fur coat. Again PETA should work to change the law instead of harassing a person.

    • herwin

      Peta actively promotes a vegan lifestyle so they are indeed trying to stop the killing of food animals.
      Since when do people buy a fur coat “to keep warm” ?
      thats like saying “i need to buy a porsche to go to my 9 to 5 job”. :-P
      Fur = Status Symbol, and for that animals have to die and suffer. You call that “Freedom Of Choiche” ? Than your freedom of choiche and my freedom of choiche are based on diferent values..

      • Ben

        The irony of calling out the use of fur a status symbol is that veganism and environmentalism is being promoted as much of a status symbol as fur is. PETA uses as much, or perhaps more, resources in courting celebrity endorsements of veganism as in actually saving animals.

    • Irene

      Oh I give up. People cannot assume an animal doesn’t have feelings or thoughts just because they cannot talk. Of course you can equate gassing of humans with the fur trade. Animals never put humans into cages, they never did NAYTHING TO US. What saddens me most is with all our ‘intelligence’ we still feel the need to show supremancy over other helpless beings. People who are cruel to animals are also more prone to be cruel towards humans


      Just like I can’t argue with an engineer over his building plans (because I am not qualified in that field) you cannot talk about animal welfare wihtout first knowing some FACTS. You make your self look like the ignorant bunch of AMERICANS the whole world hates.

      Kanye should be skinned alive. Then he may judge the fur industry.

    • Whoever…

      “but unfortunately, human rights for some people tend not to be a top priority as long as they’re not the victims.”

      You don’t get it (or don’t want to) do you?

      This is not about the right this idiot has to wear fur! This is about the fact that he (or anyone else) has NO right to contribute to the torture of animals so he can wear their fur. Animals are not given the choice. Animals are not on this planet to serve us. This pathetic idea has been, in most part, conveyed by religions which (most of them) are nothing but farces.

      You mention the children who need help in the USA. Tell me something – if you are so passionate about human rights do you do any kind of volunteer work or do you just come on-line advocating human rights? I am an animal rights activist but I do volunteer at an animal shelter and let me tell you that the acts of cruelty some people perpetrate against animals have convinced me a long time ago that humans are not superior to animals in any way. We are nothing but another species on the planet, and as far as I can see we are the most destructive and cruelest one.

      And you know, if we would stop everything to help children first, then nothing would get done anyway. Some people help children, homeless and sick people, others help animals! I don’t see any conflict here!

      And who says human rights are more important than animal rights? You? What makes your opinion more valid than mine? I believe they’re both important!
      Do you know that in certain parts of china they eat human fetuses? (I’ve mentioned this before – this was confirmed to me by a person whose family member when in china was invited to one of those places)
      They don’t believe it’s wrong otherwise they wouldn’t do it! However I’m sure you firmly believe this is wrong, am I correct? So what makes your opinion more valid than theirs? And please let’s not get into laws… there was a time when segregation was accepted by the law. Laws aren’t all necessarily right. Going back to the subject of china, it’s wrong because they force women (that’s how they obtain the fetuses) in certain hospitals to abort without giving them a choice (women rights in china are not the same as in the US for instance!) and thus denying them all their rights.

      And that’s what happens within the animal industry – humans use animals as objects with no rights and that is wrong no matter what you or anyone else thinks.

      Was I clear? Did you understand my point?

      You can always click on my nickname and watch the documentary ‘Earthlings’ because that will definitely enlighten you!

      • Kat2009

        Whoever said “What makes your opinion more valid than mine or theirs?” Exactly, that’s been my point from the beginning! Who are you or PETA to impose your views/values onto others?

        Try working to create new laws to support your vision. Many people with valid concerns have been successful in getting new laws passed. However, according to the pasted insert below it’s been a hard sale and Animal Rights groups have become increasingly violence to get their point across.

        I’ve exhausted this conversation.

  • ddpalmer

    “Many things have been legal such as slavery or gassing people to death in concentration camps, luckely these things have become illegal.”


    As the majority of people’s views or ethics change then the laws change to reflect those changes.

    And trying to influence those changes is admirable. But calling people stupid and ignorant and murderers, physically attacking them and destroying their property will probably harden their resolve and slow down the change. Those types of activities are counter productive.

    You bring up slavery. In the US over 600,000 people on both sides of the American Civil war died to change those laws. How many people died in England to outlaw slavery?

    Direct confrontation and breaking the law to promote your ethics over other peoples ethics is in itself unethical.

    “However much I may sympathize with and admire worthy motives, I am an
    uncompromising opponent of violent methods even to serve the noblest of
    causes. ”

    Mahatma Gandhi

    • herwin

      thats funny that you quote Gandhi. I dont have a fitting quote of Gandhi right now, but the core of mr Gandhi is that he was confrontating the people in charge directly and that he willingly broke the law many times and always was happy to go to jail. To fight for justice for Gandhi, was confrontate unethical laws, break them and take the legal consequences so that it would be very clear for many people how absurd these laws were.

    • ddpalmer

      Yes Gandhi was confrontational and yes he broke laws and went to jail. But he never used violence and he never destroyed property.

      If the anti-fur people want to protest and picket and boycott, more power to them. But when they physically attack people and destroy property then they are common criminals and belong in jail.

      And those illegal and violent tactics will not effectively change peoples attitudes, as has been said it will be more likely to harden their resolve and will actually do more to keep the practices going. Doing nothing would be more effective than the current violent tactics.

  • Kat2009

    Irene, you wrote about having compassion for animals yet you ended by wanting to have Kanye skinned alive, another human being (sick!). This is one of the problems that I have with people like you. This type of mental unstableness will never convince anyone to join your cause. Only the crazies will join. You also said that “People who are cruel to animals are also more prone to be cruel towards humans.” I guess people who are kind and loving to animals are more prone to skinned people alive.

    Also, why target Kanye when you can go to the source (Fur Companies).

    Insert from the website below:

    Animal extremist / ecoterror crimes

    FRUSTRATED BY THEIR FAILURE to sell their agendas to society at large, animal rights and environmental extremists now seek to impose their views through violence and terrorism. Responsibility for many of these crimes has been claimed by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and Earth Liberation Front (ELF), underground organizations that began in Britain and have now spread to the U.S. The Federal Bureau of Investigation classifies both as “domestic terrorist” groups.

    Just crazy!

    • Whoever…

      Well kat2009,

      I have a name for people like you – ‘evil defenders’, because you always defend evil whether it’s a person, an organization, an institution, a corporation, bankers, pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, etc.

      Anyone who knows how animals are tortured to death for their fur and still defend wearing fur as something justifiable is surely evil.

      Now, from your statement “you ended by wanting to have Kanye skinned alive, another human being (sick!). This is one of the problems that I have with people like you.” I presume you believe it’s wrong (I agree with you unless that someone is responsible for the very same thing being done to animals) for someone to want someone else to be skinned alive but you have no problem if it’s done to an animal, right? Well, that also has a name – speciesism (prejudice or discrimination based on species). Hitler also thought Jews were inferior and thus they were slaughtered, tested on, some of their body parts were used to manufacture products and they were abused – sounds familiar? That’s what humans do to animals!

      “You also said that “People who are cruel to animals are also more prone to be cruel towards humans.” I guess people who are kind and loving to animals are more prone to skinned people alive.”

      Regarding ‘your’ precious humans, please do watch ‘Earthlings’ (just click on my nickname) and then you’ll see what humans are truly capable of! Then you can come back and actually post comments which will not be so foolish. Actually, FBI (which you mentioned) has conducted a study which concluded that the majority of violent criminals (rapists, murderers, etc.) started by abusing animals.

      “The Federal Bureau of Investigation classifies both as “domestic terrorist” groups.”

      Maybe you should get your facts straight – organizations like ‘your’ FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and so on are the real terrorist organizations. They’re the ones that should be on a terrorist organizations list. They’re among the organizations/institutions that are controlling and brainwashing people by creating fake enemies and thus distracting people like you from the truth so that they can go on with their agenda. If you want to open your eyes and stop being fooled, watch the 2 videos on the following site (that is if you want to see the truth):

      Hey, if they don’t kill anyone I’m all in favor of organizations like ALF and ELF.

      Let me ask you something – do you have kids? If so, if someone would come to your house and try to kill them what would you do? Wait for the police, try to reason with the attackers, ‘invoke the law’, or would you defend your kids at all cost even if that meant you’d have to kill the attackers? So why is that situation so different from what these organizations are doing?
      ‘We’ try to convince people to change their minds (not because we don’t like their ‘habits’ but because their habits are causing the death of millions of innocent animals and destroying the planet), we try to raise public awareness, but it comes a time when we can’t wait any longer because every minute we wait for people to wake up, animals are being tortured to death and the environment is being destroyed! Well, news flash… we’re not going to wait anymore!! Animals can’t wait anymore, the environment can’t wait anymore and the planet can’t wait anymore.

      Finally I will just tell you a little ‘story’ – I volunteer at the local animal shelter (as I mentioned in my previous post) and last week a couple who had adopted a dog a while ago went there to return that same dog because ‘apparently’ the dog had shown up with an eye covered in blood and that (get a load of this!) he was of no use to them like this and that they wanted another dog. The person responsible for the shelter only had time to grab the dog and slam the door in their faces while insulting them.
      (Un)fortunately I wasn’t there (I only go to the shelter during the weekends) because if I was I would have lost it and don’t know what I would have done to those monsters! Fortunately our volunteer veterinary was there and she surgically removed his eye (it was beyond recovery). But the ‘interesting ‘thing is that he had no wounds around his face and therefore we suspect it was the ‘owners’ (human scum) who did this. The dog has to be treated everyday so that the wound doesn’t get infected and he can recover as quickly as possible – this last weekend I helped with the treatment and I couldn’t believe how docile and sweet that dog is.
      I mean, this is a dog who was clearly abused and still has no resentment (and believe me they do remember and feel just like us) towards humans. In fact while treating him, and he was obviously in pain, he even tried to lick us as if he was kissing us.

      Therefore what I say to all humans is – get off your high heels and stop being arrogant fools. We are not the superior species, period. And whoever thinks that way still has a long way to go before being able to reach a higher level of consciousness and evolution.

      Bottom line is… kanye is an evil idiot zombie!

      • Kat2009

        “EVIL” are the actions of Animal Rights groups who are killing animals by setting fires or turning animal loose only to ran over by cars, destroying other people property, and/or burning families out of their homes. These are bullies that are all up in a person’s face, screaming my way! my way! it has to be my way! Yet, you call me evil and Kanye a evil idiot zombie. That is so sad.

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