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Are there really just six degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and pretty much every other actor in Hollywood? The pop culture icon – who is linked to an astounding number of fellow movie stars due to his own prolific career on the big and small screen — can now add yet another A-lister to his ever-growing web, none other than Demi Moore. While they’ve not yet starred in any films together, they both have a taste for charitable endeavors and are each currently  attempting to secure a $250,000 grant via the Pepsi Refresh Project to help fund the efforts of their respective charities.

Bacon, who back in 2007 formed a website called, works toward educating and inspiring the public via fundraising efforts to donate to various online charities, claiming that, “it’s is about using the idea that we are all connected to accomplish something good…by bringing a social conscience to social networking.”  What makes his cause even more admirable is the fact that he personally matches the charitable dollars raised by the top six non-celebrities with grants of up to $10,000 each. If he is able to win Pepsi’s $250,000 grant, he intends to disperse thousands of gift cards to the public which will ideally be donated to numerous U.S. charities.

Mrs. Kutcher, on the other hand, is championing a distinctly different cause – that of GEMS (Girls Educational & Mentoring Services), which works with young ladies aged 12 – 21 in liberating them from domestic commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking. The 11 year old non-profit organization has assisted untold numbers of survivors in helping them to bounce back from deep psychological trauma so they can embrace a pathway to a brighter, stronger future. Moore believes that her cause will earmark grant money toward essential resources that can be extended to the thousands upon thousands of girls that need their assistance.

Take a moment to view Bacon and Moore’s promotional videos below the fold and if you feel particularly motivated by either cause, you can log onto to cast your own vote.

via Entertainment Daily

  • Kathy Y

    Both Demi & Kevin’s charities are worthy BUT if Kevin wins the challenge, thousands of people will be able to give money to THEIR OWN favorite charity! Think of how many people can be touched by this! Why, a vote for Kevin could actually benefit Demi’s cause if people use the gift cards for GEMS!! Win/win!!!

  • Debbie C

    Do not forget that you can vote everyday! Go on over to the pepsi refresh project page and vote for Kevin Bacon! A great way for various charities to recieve some help!

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