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lobsterzoneYou know those “claw” games you see in bars and such where you try and grab prizes and drop them into a receiving box? Every time I see one I’m reminded of those hilarious plastic aliens from Toy Story that worship “the claw” and every now and again are “chosen” to leave.

Sadly, it seems that one bar in Chicago called Doc Ryan’s is taking the whole claw game to a new level by incorporating live lobsters. Snag one — and the crustacean is sent to its doom in the kitchen. It’s all part of a game called “Lobster Zone” sold by Lobster Zone, Inc.

After receiving complaints from some locals, PETA decided to step in and throw their weight behind getting the bar to drop the “game”. “Studies show that lobsters are social animals who lead complex lives in the wild,” PETA’s senior vice president Dan Mathews said. “We hope Doc Ryan’s will please everyone by serving up drinks and ditching the nasty ‘Lobster Zone’ device.”

Check out a video of some guy playing the game below. Pretty sad, isn’t it?

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  • Rad_Rosa89

    Ugh! This is so horrible!!
    I really hope they let this “game” leave the face of the Earth forever.

  • I Agree

    These are at many other bars in the Chicago suburbs. Every time I see one, I call the Anti Cruelty society and the local city officials to report cruelty to animals. With enough complaints, most cities will address the issue.

  • Sandy

    That is sick, sick, sick. it’s a variant on the Chinese / Cantonese tradition of catching your seafood. We still have that in Hong Kong! I’ve seen so called loving couples hold hands to catch their fish from a tank in the resturant in Silvermine Bay on Lantau. It’s so sad.

  • From MN, with hope…

    Dear lord! How sadistic can you get! A lobster catching “game”? Its hardly a game to the labster! Just imagine getting caught by a giant claw when you’re just minding your own business, and getting fried. So cruel!

  • Pamela

    I found out about one of these being at a local bar in my town (Plainfield, IL) suburb of Chicago, and I called them last night to ask it it was true. They had thankfully taken it out, but I found out some interesting information. The restaurants actually MAKE money by having those machines in their facility. The manager told me they are a good source of revenue and that they don’t cost anything to bring in. Of course, I asked them to reconsider bringing back the machine (explaining the cruelty, recent PETA initiative, etc) and I hope they will decide not to.

    I just find strange that they make money having the machine at their restaurant. Seriously, who is PAYING somebody to torment lobsters?

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  • How is it horrible?

    Of all the things I can call horrible, this one ranks low. Is this all that different from a lobster tank at Red Lobster? I just don’t see this as all that bad. I don’t see the torture of the machine as much as the cooking of them. Did anyone consider that these machines might actually generate more empathy for the lobster?

    • Dgredy

      no is not going to generate more empathy for the lobsters!! the paople that stay at these places ignoring the fact the lobters are being torture by a sharp object or are playing the stupit “game” do not feel bad about animals so i think you are an idiot for saying that and they do suffer are u serious they get picked up and drop numerous times before they end up in the kitchen

  • kizer

    Do you think the Lobster has any more future once its caught? Nope its going to be dinner any way you claw it.

    Would it be more humane if the lobster was caught and then returned to the tank? Either way you think of it, its destined for melted butter and a pair of claw crackers.