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Miranda Kerr Says Her Heart Is In The Country And With Nature

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Supermodel and nature-lover Miranda Kerr is turning more heads than usual thanks to her au nautrel photo shoot in the latest issue of Men’s GQ. Granted, seeing Kerr in the buff is something the world has gotten used to; especially as she’s the top angel for Victoria’s Secret. Remember last year when Rolling Stone featured Kerr nude while chained to a tree?

The 26-year-old recently said that her body is all thanks to the organic diet she follows. (Kerr says she’s mostly vegetarian — with small amount of fish and chicken.) “I am just so passionate about health and well-being,” she told the Australian Gold Coast. “It’s the way I am. It’s the way I’ve always been. I feel the benefits first hand, putting the right fuel in your body so it can function at its optimum. The power of the mind is so strong, every thought you think affects our body on a cellular level, so we need to fill our body with the right thoughts as well.”

Kerr also opened up her childhood — saying that she was a tree-climber from an early age. “I love being in nature, being outdoors and amongst nature is so important for our well-being. Climbing trees was my favourite thing to do at home in Gunnedah. Everything from climbing trees, riding motorbikes, riding horses and being a school teacher. We used to play school, my grandma used to babysit a lot of kids from the town and they would come over and I would sit them down and give them homework.”

Check out pics from Kerr’s GQ shoot after the jump!

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