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petapaulGood news, Beatles fans. Sometimes veggie, Gwyneth Paltrow has invited Paul McCartney to write about Meat-Free Mondays on her site,

For those who don’t know, was started by Gwyneth to discuss her use of alternative medicine, a good diet, meditation, and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Although occasionally convoluted, we think Goop does a pretty nice job and we’re super excited to see Paul sharing his thoughts.

On the site, McCartney reveals:

‘It’s amazingly easy to take one day in your week, Monday or any other day, and not eat meat… All it means is that you have to think a bit about what you’ll eat that day but, in actual fact, far from being a chore, it’s a fun challenge.’

Wanna know more ? Visit and explore the site!

  • Anne

    Paul McCartney must be near 70 years of age and he is in great shape for his age. That being said, he has loose skin around his chest that does not look all that flattering as an advertisement for vegetarianism.

  • Matt

    Loose skin around his chest!!! How horrible!! Just think of all those 70yo meat-eaters who of course who have NO loose skin anywhere!!! What the…? Anne, where were you when brains were handed out?

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