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This year for Valentine’s Day we’re showing love to you, our readers, with an extra special V. Day contest!

We’re giving away two tickets to join me for the Vaute Couture fashion show at The Green Show’s Eco Fashion Week on February 15, in New York City. The contest winner will also get to participate in a Meet & Greet with the designer after the event.

For those who don’t know, Vaute Couture is an all-vegan, super eco fashion line based in Chicago, and one of our very favorites. Trust me, you’ll want to be at this show!

If you’d like a chance to win, simply comment below and tell us why eco fashion is important to you. We’ll choose a winner by 5 p.m. on February 10th and notify via email.

Please keep in mind that you must live in New York City or be able to get here for the event. Also note that the show is at 1 p.m. on a Monday…so make sure you can sneak away from that boring day job and come play!

As always, thanks for reading Ecorazzi and for supporting, green, socially conscious businesses. Good luck!

  • Kyle Svendsen

    Because I don’t want to wear chemicals on my body all day.

    • natyjane

      I love love love fashion! The art and science that goes into the making of these glamerous creations are all intentional on the designers behalf. With that being said I think it speaks volumes when the designer goes the extra mile to incorperate Eco values into their works. It shows us the talent of the designer when they limit the materials they use, and it also lets us know they are not just trying to make the best look no matter what they use to make it. It shows us that they are thinking of “the seventh generation” making a healthier and more pure world to live in. This is just one way designers have begun to give back to the earth, by not using synthetic materials. It is also important for setting a trend in the fashion industry which will hopefully spread like wildfire and give other designers the idea to incorperate the same values in their own collections. We have already seen the success and popularity of the “I’d rather go bare” campgin for PETA, and now we continue to evolve to another level. I think it also is interesting to see how creative a designer can get with a limited selection of materials. It gives the “WOW factor” when you actually find out how and with what the clothes were made with. I really hope to get the chance to see these creations!

  • Quynh Nguyen

    Eco fashion is important to me because looking good doesn’t have to mean wearing clothes and accessories that are animal derived. Being conscious and ethical about what I eat is as important as what I wear.

  • ASB

    Eco-Fashion important because it proves that being interested in fashion doesn’t make you a frivolous person.

  • SG

    Eco-fashion is key to me because I love fashion, but I don’t want to compromise my values in the name of looking good.

  • Kate

    Eco fashion is important to me because I want to be able to look great, but still follow my conscience. (Oh, and I LOVE Vaute Couture!)

  • Ryan Wick

    Because every environmentally conscious person should “walk the talk” by wearing vegan clothes.

  • Jennifer P

    Vegan-eco-fashion is important to me b/c I can show that being vegan and being environmentally conscious does not mean you can’t look good.

  • nihan

    because “eco” is where i come from, it’s in me and all other creations.

  • Aysia Wright

    Ecofashion is an ideal platform for environmental advocacy, an easy way to start a conversation about make more sustainable choices, a clear way to vote with your dollar and serves as an outward expression of your ethics as well as your personal aesthetics.

  • Aysia Wright

    Ecofashion is an ideal platform for environmental advocacy, an easy way to start a conversation about making more sustainable choices, a clear way to vote with your dollar and serves as an outward expression of your ethics as well as your personal aesthetics.

    Typo in the last one ;)

  • Griffin

    Eco fashion is important to us as a society. With the growing awareness of animal rights and environmental issues it’s becoming more and more pertinent to make decisions that not only benefit us as people but also to be certain those decisions are being balanced against the needs of other living things including the earth itself. Fashion is our greatest form of social expression. It gives identity and form allowing us to reflect our internal selves by creating an external perception. To truly incorporate a change of lifestyle that cares for the world around us, having an eco-conscious way to create that image is essential.

  • Goody

    eco fashion is important to me because for one i love fashion but besides that and the fact that most of it is so ultra cool and creative, its the right way to go.

    and i am looking forward to seeing what hopefully will be some fab plus size eco fashion offerings!

    p.s. i need that No Animals Harmed in the making of this Girl tee! NOW!

  • Laura

    Buying eco-fashion gives me the satisfaction that I am contributing to the health of the planet, the safety of our animal friends, and the employment of environmentally friendly people. With those things in mind, I feel that it is important to support designers who make a positive difference on the environment without compromising a person’s sense of style.

  • Jaime

    I want to be fashionable without killing the world more than necessary

  • Kristin

    Eco fashion is important to me because I look forward to having more clothing and shoe options that support environmental sustainability, rights of all sentient beings, and health. I look forward to a future where eco fashion outweighs standard, cruelty-laced fashion. Being able to walk into any clothing store and not have to check the label to know if I can buy it would be amazing. Here’s to an eco-friendly future!

  • David

    Vegan eco fashion is important to me because we need to show people that one can look good without harming animals or the environment. I love Vaute Couture and their extreme generosity to groups like Farm Sanctuary.

  • Colleen

    Because Mother Earth and her animals are wonderful gifts not to be taken for granted!

  • Michelle

    The environment, animal rights and fashion are all things that I am extremely passionate about. And as Aristotle said; “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. So when all of these things are combined into one (like the amazing designs of Vaute Couture’s Leanne…love my gray bomono!), it is very important and dear to my heart <3

  • birdgherl

    ecofashion is now a requirement…we need to be better to our planet and its inhabitants before it’s gone.

  • Mandi

    It is important to me that everything I purchase and wear on my body comes from the most ethical place possible. I actively choose not to wear anything made using chemicals, animal products, or unsustainable material. I will never purchase anything made in sweat shops or by those treated unfairly. My choices make me feel confident that I am placing a vote just by getting dressed in the morning. That is why ecofashion is important to me and why Vaute Couture rocks my socks!

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  • Allison

    Eco and vegan fashion is important to me because it’s the way of the future. We need to be conscious of what we’re buying and wearing to help the earth and ourselves. The fact that more and more high fashion vegan and eco-friendly designers are cropping up is awesome and something to be celebrated. It shows people that you don’t have to sacrifice style for compassion.

  • rosemary fanti

    We are what we wear. Our fashion is our social uniform that tells the world who we are. Wearing “green” means giving respect to our world. And our life.
    Vaute Couture offers us the fashion canvas to create great world art.

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  • Elizabeth

    it’s nice to be able to be fashionable and help the environment at the same time!

  • Patricia

    Eco fashion is important to me because it is sustainable, forward thinking, socially responsible and minimizes the carbon footprints we leave for future generations to grapple with. The eco fashion revolution is significant because it gives me the opportunity to purchase items that have been ethically created from start to finish. From designers using natural and sustainable fibres in the creation of their products to ensuring that the people creating the product have satisfactory working conditions and equitable pay. I hope that eco fashion, from amazing labels such as Vaute Couture, will demonstrate to consumers that you can look amazing and make conscious decisions through fashion to be kinder to our planet.

    I love my Vaute Couture Coat and I wear it with pride :)

  • Vern

    Supporting vegan fashion is an important and useful way to take the offensive in making veganism a mainstream option, and flesh eating an outmoded relic of the bad old days. Plus, these are some awesome coats.

  • Chadney

    Eco-Fashion is important to me because the environment is important to me.

    When fashion textiles & materials and other industries’ products are sourced, finished, and finally used, all with a “green-conscious”, then the only responsibility that remains on humanity’s shoulders is the proper disposal of such products, but the “trash can” should no longer be an option for humans.

    Recycling natural and synthetic materials at the post-industrial & post-consumer stages will:
    1. Help eliminate our dependency on landfills.
    2. Begin & grow a vast system of closed-loop operations for which designers of all products will be able to source more & more cradle-to-cradle materials.

    Leanne Hilgart Meyer of Vaute Couture is a proponent of such closed-loop systems, stretching the very imagination of other leaders in her field of design, manufacturing, and merchandising. With “animal-friendly” concepts guiding the core of her designs & work, “eco-friendliness” naturally manifests itself. Vaute Couture is automatically green-conscious by its very way of caring for those others in the animal kingdom.

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