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mossKate Moss isn’t going to win points with animal rights activists anytime soon, but the model is definitely trying to score some with Stella McCartney. It’s often reported that the two friends gripe over Moss’s love of fur — but it appears this time that McCartney’s vegetarian ways are having something of an influence.

According to The Sun, Moss is taking on Stella’s “Meatless Mondays” campaign and giving up one day of meat a week. In preparation, has ate only raw foods and vegetables to detox for a week, giving her a taste of what it feels like to be a vegan. A source told The Sun: “Kate has spent time catching up with Stella during Paris Fashion Week and finally agreed to support her friend by going without meat for a day each week.”

Obviously, we’re not holding our breath that Moss is going to join the veggie scene anytime soon. I mean, if someone can’t be convinced of the horrors of the fur industry — most likely, they’re not going to think twice about the state of factory farming. Then again, should Moss enjoy the health benefits of going veg, she may stick with it — especially with a hardcore vegan boyfriend and activist friend like McCartney leading the way.

Stranger things have happened.

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  • Ryan Windsor

    Kate Moss is an idiot.

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  • Stephanie

    Why would a hardcore vegan date a dumb, fur wearing bimbo like Kate Moss?

  • Jen Hamilton

    Who is her boyfriend?

  • Rob

    According to the Sun? Erm, OK. Let’s wait to see what happens.

  • herwin

    wow, that makes me really happy to hear. And isnt that what Meatles Monday is all about ? That ordinary people can be veggie for a day without much fuzz ? (yes, even people who wear FUR are allowed to join MM and should get a little v-credit for it..)
    the only nasty thing that could and will happen of course is when miss Moss isnt strict and would be caught eating a burger at a monday, the veggie vultures would imediately start to howl how hypocrite she is.

  • Lolita Valentine

    Jen-She’s dating Jamie Hince from the kills.

  • Jay

    She eats?