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valentines day

Just in time for the arrival of cupid is the new Garry Marshall-directed flick, Valentine’s Day, which features an ensemble cast of mostly A-list Hollywood actors and actresses portraying a diverse range of eccentric and perfectly normal people experiencing varying stages of love, lust and romance. Starring Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Eric Dane, Patrick Dempsey, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, Shirley MacLaine, Jennifer Garner, the two Taylors (Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner) as well as Joe Jonas and Queen Latifah, one could easily imagine that the film’s budget reached astronomical levels thanks to all of the high-wattage star power. Financial resources aside, it turns out that the actual production was a largely green affair involving multiple sustainable elements that are generally absent from the filming of conventional Hollywood movies.

Movie sets have long been notorious for generating vast amounts of waste, from excess craft service food and hundreds of thousands of pitched plastic water bottles to elaborate, full-scale sets that are dumped despite being barely used.  It’s refreshing to learn that Marshall’s affair took every effort to green up its act and was met with great willingness and participation by all involved. “There are a lot of things wrong with our environment,” the famed director of Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries and the long running TV series Happy Days has said, “so to go green seemed to me to be a very good thing. It’s not that big an effort. If we could do it, others can do it.”

Ashton Kutcher, who plays florist Reed Bennet in the film, recently revealed eco-specific details surrounding the Valentine’s Day production: “There was a lot of dedication on this movie to using solar panels and clean energy and recycling. The fact that the movie was shot in L.A. actually made that easier to make happen. I think that every opportunity we have in our industry to make what we’re doing a more environmentally conscious effort is a good thing.” In addition to making the cast and crew’s dining experience more sustainable with the incorporation of reusable stainless steel beverage containers and biodegradable plateware/cutlery, transportation featured diesel and hybrid vehicles and sets were designed to be reusable.

Executive Producer Diana Pokorny added, “Every department was very proactive about coming back to us with ideas on what they could do, and we also had the strong backing of Warner Bros., which was key. It’s not only about making a difference now; it’s about creating technologies and methods that will continue to be improved upon for the next movie, and so on. It was exciting for everyone involved in the film because they could see the tangible differences they can make.” Is this a sign of the mainstream greening of Hollywood? One can only hope! We’ll keep our eyes peeled on the efforts that other major productions are taking to go easier on Mother Earth and continue to keep Ecorazzi readers in the loop.

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  1. Ed Hartz says:

    I have to see my children off to school now, otherwise I would write more. Nice website and communications, this EcoRazzi is. Just my thought of the day; Since celebrities, some of them, do not need money and are not greedy, I would like to see if we can vote some of them into offices of politics. The emotionally intelligent ones. The ones with “Principles of The Farm.” Gotta run. Thanks………

    Ed Hartz
    The Milkman

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