by Daelyn Fortney
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kenwahlRetired Hollywood actor Ken Wahl is joining the effort to find the twisted party who glued a cat to a highway in Minnesota on Dec. 18. Wahl, who is appalled by the cruelty and concerned that the perpetrator is dangerous, is offering the Golden Globe he won for his role in “Wiseguy.”

“Men who pick on cats are sick cowards that have control issues, since cats are half wild and independent,” Wahl told RadarOnline. “We’re not just finding a kitten killer, we are preventing this person becoming a serial killer.”

The animal lover was mortified when he read about the kitten, named Timothy, who was glued to the road in freezing temperatures. After being hit by a car, travelers rescued the orange tabby and, in the process, accidentally ripped off some of his claws and paw pads. The injured and starving cat died five days later.

Anyone with information should contact Second Chance Rescue Center at 605-362-1722. The reward currently stands at $12,000 and Ken Wahl’s Golden Globe.

  • erin

    Maybe he’ll be found by someone before the cops find him and have the same done to him as was done to that poor innocent cat. If there’s any justice….


  • Susanne

    How horribly sad this is. Blessings to the innocent and Ken Wahl too. It’s wonderful of him to give so generously.I do miss seeing him on TV.