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Photo: Sea Shepherd/ICR


A second collision between the Sea Shepherd and the Japanese whaling fleet has occurred.

According to the latest news from the Sea Shepherd (which has been sparse the past few weeks), the MV Bob Barker was deliberately rammed at 12.09pm today by the Yushin Maru 3. No one was injured, but a small hole was torn above the water line in the ship’s hull.

The SS said the Bob Barker had been actively blocking the slipway of the Nisshin Maru, the Japanese whaling fleet’s factory ship. Four harpoon ships, the Yushin Maru 1, 2 and 3 and Shonan Maru 2 were circling and making near passes to the stern and bow of the Sea Shepherd vessel.

“The Bob Barker did not move from its position,” said the release.

“At which point the Yushin Maru 3 internationally rammed the Bob Barker creating a three-foot long and four-inch deep gash in the mid-starboard side of the Sea Shepherd vessel above the waterline. The Bob Barker continues to block the slipway of the Nisshin Maru preventing the transfer of slaughtered whales and effectively shutting “illegal whaling operations”.

“The incident demonstrates a continued escalation of violence by the illegal whalers in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary.”

Last month, a Japanese whaling ship collided with the Sea Shepherd’s Ady Gil, slicing a huge section off the front and dooming the high-tech vessel. Captain Paul Watson, who is currently aboard the MV Steve Irwin, said because of that action, the Japanese now feel they can do whatever they want. “What we really need is for the governments of Australia and New Zealand to step up and start enforcing maritime laws in these waters, or who knows what the whalers will do next.

“Australian and New Zealand lives are at risk every day in these waters.”

Watson’s claim that the Bob Barker was deliberately hit could not be independently verified.

[UPDATE: There’s now video of the incident]

According to MSNBC, Japanese Fisheries Agency official Takashi Mori said officials were trying to confirm details of a reported clash.



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  • Milt

    As you watch the video………..Listen to the idiots on the Sea Shepherd vessel laughing. These punks have no business being at sea and Watson should be prosecuted for putting these “children” in dangerous situations. Eventually, something bad is going to happen and someone is going to be killed and it will be Sea Shepherd fault no matter how much they scream and point fingers. Bottom line is………They are down there harassing the whalers and their actions are bordering on piracy. It will be funny when Norway drops them from the ship registries.

    • ecofreak12345

      Whatever! Whaling should not be allowed by the Japanese, because everyone knows they do it so they can eat whale meat under the guise of “scientific research”. This is wrong, and I applaud anybody who has the courage to try to intervene on the barbaric practice of whaling. No other country is allowed to kill whales, and the Japanese should have their exception revoked.

  • truthseeker

    Those people chose to go down there. They know the risks. You need not play that card. Everyone involved is aware of the risk of death. The only battle worth dying for is this planet. We’ve all attacked this planet so bad that ecological systems are shutting down. If we can’t save the great whales who have lived on this earth for hundreds of millions of years, then we are done for on this earth. People don’t seem to understand that. The Earth is actively dying because of us Humans. We are the worst thing to ever happen to this planet.
    They are actively trying to stop illegal whaling activities. There is a court order from Australia that says the Japanese have no right to be down in their Whale Sanctuary. Everyone is too afraid to tell Japan to stop because of one thing, the root of all evil, money. The Japanese trade regulations are far more important to people that have the power to end this.
    SS’s vessel was not flagged from Norway.

    There was a commercial whaling ban placed in 1986, but Japan has never stopped. Japan doesn’t listen to anything. They are the dangerous ones stripping the oceans of all life. Stockpiling Blue Fin so they can have all the ones remaining when the species goes extinct, then they can charge whatever they please. That is F’ed up.
    Japan. Knock it off and figure out another way to come up with food, you are more intelligent than to keep slaughtering animals that have cultures of their own.

    • Aquaman

      I agree with what you said. The Japanese have to be stopped. Animals are more important than their money needs. What else can be done to stop this, now?

    • theserioustruth

      Listen One I’ve thought something similar to your poorly worded and retardedly thought out statement ” humans are the worst thing to have happened to the planet”
      Maybe the Unibomber had it a little more correct, that the “industrial revolution brought about the beginning to the end.” You could twist it that way.
      Or is it the advancement of modern medicine keeping more people alive. That fact is over population occurs with many species whether man is involved or not. So should we stop using medical advancements and improving living conditions that prolong life spans. I say get rid of the liberal international thinking that everyone deserves access/rights to the same things. Let individual communities, states and nations keep the knowledge, fend for yourself, do wild animals share their kill no they fight for it. The problem with the whaling in antartica is the Word “International” . Any International body is always filled with jellied spined excuse making Mo-FO’s. TO tell you the truth if America wasn’t ruined by liberal , gentile fu’ks over the past 55 years, we’d probably have sunk those Japanese ships by now, though, I think when the Navy pulled up they might have gone right back to Osaka and built some bigger fish farms to grow what ever they want to eat, but then again most people would say that’s even wrong. Telling someone to save the earth by becoming Vegan is worse than whaling, just make sure we are not decimating naturally balanced resources, and definately not by going to the very ends to a means of the disquise of whaling for research. I surprised the entire Japanese Nation has not commited Hara-kiri over the embarassment these whalers bring to their nation and culture.

  • ddpalmer

    Whales have not been around for hundreds of millions of years. There first true whales are around 30 million years old but no present whale species is anywhere near even that old much less hundreds of millions.

    • truthseeker

      moot point. “The were well diversified at 53 million years ago” – Nation Audobon Society Guide to marine mammals
      That means that they had started to evolve much earlier than that.
      Regardless the rest of my statement holds true.

    • ddpalmer

      And hominids had started to evolve many millions of years ago. That doesn’t mean humans existed then. The current species of whales didn’t appear until the last 10 million years at most.

      No the rest of your statement doesn’t hold true.

      -Whaling is not illegal.
      -You are right that the Bob Barker was not flagged in Norway. They just illegally flew the Norwegian flag in some lame attempt to fool the Japanese.
      -The Earth isn’t dying because it isn’t and never has been alive.

      • come si come sa

        This whole thing is nuts.

        THe IWC allows scientific whaling (which we know is all BS) and Japan exploits and absuses that (no one can argue against that.) So the IWC needs some reform too.

        Now, the fact Japan spends so much money on a dead industry in which there is no demand for whale meat is beyond me. Especially since theres so much what meat in the deep freeze. (Reports of it being peddled to schools, nursing homes and dog food have surfaced). This is an absolute national disgrace.

        Not to mention their tactics and environmental crimes (factory ship, refuelling, dumping of waste etc) in and around Anatartica.

        The the ICR / PR machine keeps repeating the same things…”Research”,”Cultural Tradition”,”Same as killing cows”,”Depleting fish stocks”,”Minke’s inhibit recovery of larger whales”… Truly a propaganda machine hard at work.

        Im sure their citizens woudl agree – theres more important domestic issues that could do with those funds? Suicide rates, uemployment problems etc etc.

      • ddpalmer

        Why don’t you come up with a new argument.

        This one is just a copy & paste from an earlier article.

        And everything in it has been proven wrong.

        As has been said before, repeating lies doesn’t make them come true.

      • herwin

        -whaling IS ilegal and just because of that the japanese call it “scientific research”. :-P

        -Planet Earth is called a Living Planet because it is the only known planet where “life” is possible.

        When ordinary people as well as scientist say that the planet is “dying” they refer to facts like an accelerated dying out of animal and plant species, disapearing of ecosystems like rainforests and coral reefs, the global warming, the poisoning of waters with toxic waiste, etc.

        whales being around for 100 millions of years, or 35 millions of years, whatever it is, it doesnt matter much for the whole conversation, its all nitty gritty nosepickin without much substance.
        your statements on the other hand dont hold true at all, not only some small insignificant details but the whole, and , excuse me for saying so, are kinda ridicilous.

      • ddpalmer

        No whaling is legal. Even if the Japanese didn’t call it ‘research’ it would still be legal just like Iceland and Norway.

        Yeah 100 million, 35 million they are almost the same thing. And if it is all nosepickin then maybe the anti-whalers should stop bringing it up.

        Which of my statements don’t hold true? I have show the anti-whalers where their statements are wrong or lies but I don’t remember you showing anything I posted as false.

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  • Mr Tuna

    Umm I think South Park basically saw through the ongoing eco charade that is Sea Shepherd. Funny video, all too true:

  • Gavin MacQueen


    When you say, “all too true” are you saying that this episode of South Park is accurately depicting the Japanese whaler’s attitude towards killing whales and dolphin?

    • ddpalmer

      Gee Gavin it only took you a week to come up with that great reply.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        Actually, it took less than an hour. I read the post last evening, watched the video, then posted a reply. ddpalmer, did you assume that I read Mr. Tuna’s post immediately after it was posted?

  • Poacher News

    Corruption in the Japanese Whaling Industry?

    • ddpalmer

      If you are going to troll you should at least link to the correct video. Or is it that you posted in the wrong topic?

    • Poacher News

      Wrong link, but funny vid never the less.

      • ddpalmer

        Slightly amusing but why didn’t the SSCS post it weeks ago when it happened?

  • Poacher News

    Japanese views on whaling…

  • Poacher News

    Help Captain Peter Bethune. Sign the “Free Sea Shepherd Captain Peter Bethune” Petition.

  • Poacher News

    Could this be another bad season for the japanese poachers?

    “I think we can guarantee now that the Japanese whaling fleet will fail to get their kill quota by 30% to 55% based on past observations of Sea Shepherd disruptions,” said Captain Watson, “They will not be seeing any profits for this season.”

  • Poacher News

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has issued a November deadline for Japan to bring a halt to its so-called scientific whaling program in the Southern Ocean.

    Read more:

  • Poacher News

    New Zealand’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully: “I am simply trying to make sure that we win friends and influence people.”

    “We’ve managed to see meaningful discussions with the parties that hold opposite views and that’s very welcome,” he said. The only way to quickly stop whaling was by diplomacy, he said. “All of the alternatives involve time, expense and frustration. We may have to go down that path [legal action], but before we choose it, we should exhaust the diplomatic process.”

    Read the full article:

  • Sal Dzwonkowski

    I agree that Jenn’s lookin a little rough these days