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“I think animals are treated very poorly. When I see people wearing fur it makes me so sick. Especially when I see young singers doing it, that sickens me. When I rocked up to my first photo shoot they had feathers and fur there and everything…I had to make it so clear that I just do not go there.”

– Singer Leona Lewis in an interview with Female First.

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  • don miguelo

    Hell to the Yeah, Leona!

    I am now officially in “Bleeding Love” with you!

  • D.

    How come this lady is not a vegan?

    Leona, are you there?

    • don miguelo

      Umm…vegetarian since she was 12. Vegan clothes line. Doesn’t wear suede, leather, or feathers either. Doesn’t wear diamonds cuz she can’t know where they were sourced. This is a pop star we are talking about here, right, not Propagandhi?!!

      I realize you are trying to tear her actions down by saying she has a double standard, but that argument seems jealous. It’s about doing good things, not nit-picking others about how they aren’t doing what they are doing good enough. That’s certainly not going to persuade anyone to try if you’re around to yell “Gotcha!” when you think you find something. If that were the case we’d all have to be Jainists and avoid stepping on microbes to be good enough!

      Then again, maybe you are just trying to motivate her, I don’t know. What I do know is that we’re not gonna get anywhere tearing each other down. Let’s put our BS detectors on for sure, but spread supportiveness instead for a CHANGE.

  • Green Business

    Leona is hot.
    I couldn’t agree more with her.
    People kill animals just for fun.

  • Janet

    Sick of celebrities wearing plastic…