by Daelyn Fortney
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Yesterday we saw mother and daughter face off for top dishonor in PETA’s Worst Dressed Celebrity contest. Kate Hudson came out the ultimate winner with 71% of the votes, a sweeping victory over Goldie Hawn who received 29%.

The next contestants in the shameful battle are fur-wearing Rihanna and leather-clad Jessica Simpson.

“You’d think that being a victim of violence would have opened Rihanna‘s heart to the suffering of others—like the animals who were beaten, drowned, and electrocuted for her fur coats,” PETA writes. “Girl, you’ve got beautiful eyes: Use them to see the pain and suffering your wardrobe causes.”

“Jessica’s jacket, bag, and shoes all resemble her career—dead,” PETA says of Jessica Simpson who is known to sport a shirt that reads Real Girls Eat Meat.

Every morning a new pair of celebrities donned in animal skin will go head to head in a “Who Wore It Worst” clash. PETA’s Worst Dressed Celeb of 2010 will be announced on Friday Feb. 13.

  • Edward

    Insulting Jessica is probably not the best way to get her to change her ways. PETA can be really tactless sometimes.

  • ddpalmer

    But it makes them feel good to bad mouth others.

  • Carrie

    Real Girls DO eat meat…whats the problem?

  • come si come sa

    Just like you try insult everyones intelligence around here hey DDPalms?

  • ddpalmer

    See proof of concept.

    Three people make comments deriding PETA and only one person gets insulted. And that by a person who uses different names to post so it looks like their opinions are more widespread. And the same person who posts the same comments over and over no matter how many times they are shown to be wrong.

    I ahve a feeling this person could not pass the Turing test.

  • Chastity

    Meh, PETA. I’m vegan and have taken more time criticizing PETA than any other nonvegan.