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Vegetarian, humanitarian, and Olympic athlete Hannah Teter is in the new “2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition” looking gorgeous.

The snowboarder won gold for the halfpipe in 2006 and hopes to repeat this year in 2010. According to MNN, she eats an organic vegetarian diet to stay fit — as well as selling Vermont-made maple syrup and organic cotton and hemp sweatbands through her charity, Hannah’s Gold. All proceeds help provide clean drinking water and plots of land for homeless AIDS victims in Kenya.

You may have also spotted Hannah recently as part of PETA’s “Save the Seals” campaign. “[W]hen I saw that PETA was involved in saving the seals, I just was like, “YEAH!” That’s something I want to be a part of because it’s such a huge massacre,” she said during the photo shoot for the org.

Check out all 45 photos of Hannah here as well as other Olympians.

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  • Dave G. O.

    I totally respect these young women for making some cash with their attributeS. They deserve it and I love to see them.
    Sorry that I am a heterosexual, but they are awesome.
    Let’s get more awesome ladies in photos who are more than just eye candy.

  • Bob

    So many people seem to be making a big deal out Hannah posing in a swim suit – WTF? She looks O.K. – an average homey looking girl if you ask me, but then again doesn’t take much to give boys a boner these days. Yet, we see folk’s daughters walking down the streets and school hall ways, and on places like YouTube “stripping down”, looking like nasty street whores shaking their “booties”, yet where’s the outrage there? America is a nation of stupid and morally confused hypocrites. The media is worse.

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  • Haord Johansen

    Explains why she doesn’t have any boobs…

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  • Gabe

    Wow, Hannah. You are so fine.