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It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, bayyyy-bee! What a perfect excuse for boozin’ and smoochin’ your sweetie, not to mention a whole lot of other verb-wielding activities, yeah…you know what I’m talkin’ about ;) With all of the palpable love floating around in the air at this time of year, a number of organizations are making it their business to keep our sheet escapades as safe and as non-populating as possible.

Hope you’re feeling lucky…because in addition to scoring with your Valentine, those who entered the NYC Department of Health’s condom package design contest stand to win big…accolades that is, as an integral part of the Big Apple’s ongoing safe sex campaign. By the way, it’s not too late to vote on the finalist’s entries….

If your idea of “lucky” has a lot more to do with sizzling action and maybe even a bit of budgetary relief, then may I suggest taking advantage of The Center for Biological Diversity in Tucson’s special romance-worthy promotion? Beginning on Sunday, February 14th, they intend to highlight the negative impact that human overpopulation has on the world’s endangered animal species by distributing 100,000 totally free condoms to people across the country, whether they’re at farmer’s markets, concerts, local events or bars. Additionally, interested parties can also log onto their website in order to win a lifelong supply of their baby-blockers.

All artwork featured on their Endangered Species Condom packets – from the Puerto Rico rock frog and the Spotted Owl to the Polar Bear and the North American Jaguar – serves as a reminder that the human race is slowly but surely pushing our planet’s creatures to the point of no return. Their message of responsible reproduction is quite timely given the fact that various wildlife populations have been declining at an unprecedented rate and will continue to do so unless we significantly alter our lifestyle behaviors, and family planning definitely figures into the big picture.

To lighten up the vibe, they’ve melded the vivid and painterly style of Lori Lieber and the Endangered Species Print Project with cutesy catchphrases like “Hump smarter…save the snail darter” on the packaging of each condom, as if any of us needed a good excuse to make the most of such a valuable and FREE resource.  See? Saving the planet isn’t so much work after all…depending on your position. (Hey! Head out of the gutter!! I’m referring to being an eager greenie or a global warming skeptic…)

Via The Huffington Post

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  • Joe

    People who care about animals as well as the environment *AND* who think about it intelligently will see the connection.

    Animal rights will not matter to animals if the animals have no habitat left. There will be less and less habitat for individual animals if people keep increasing the human overpopulation and keep developing new suburbs to live in.

  • Sonia

    Will these condoms, by any chance, be vegan? That would be even better!