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As expected, the Japanese whaling fleet has returned to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary; less than a day after leaving it in an apparent attempt to either shake the tail of the Sea Shepherd or deplete their fuel.

According to the latest report from the SS, once it was clear that the Japanese were attempting to reenter the sanctuary, an epic battle lasting more than five hours erupted between the six ships.

“As the Japanese fleet reentered the Whale Sanctuary, the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin pulled up alongside the Nisshin Maru to deliver a message by loudspeaker in Japanese warning them not to enter the Whale Sanctuary. The Nisshin Maru responded with water cannon and LRAD fire. The Steve Irwin returned water cannon fire. The Steve Irwin then attempted to launch a helicopter when the three harpoon vessels moved in with water cannons and LRADs blazing in an attempt to destroy the helicopter on the deck. The Bob Barker moved into position to block the harpoon vessels and the Steve Irwin was forced to fire warning flares in front of the harpoon vessels to force them to back off.”

According to the release, there were many near misses but no collisions. There were no injuries.

“Tomorrow marks a full week that not a whale has been killed,” said Captain Paul Watson. “Our goal now is to make it two weeks and then three weeks. We will not tolerate the death of a single whale. If they attempt to kill and transfer a whale to the Nisshin Maru there will be inevitable collisions, because we will neither move out of harms way nor cease blocking the slipway. That I can promise.”

According to a release by the Institute of Cetacean Research, three Japanese sailors were injured by “acid-splash chemical injury to their eyes and face”. Sea Shepherd spokesman Michael Dalton told the Brisbane Times the acid projectiles were “harmless” butter bombs. “We use bottles filled with rancid butter; they have a pH less than lemon juice,” Mr Dalton said. “To say that someone was burned is the most ridiculous claim.”

Videos of some of yesterday’s clashes are below:

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  • don miguelo

    Again: WHALES RULE, haterz. I’m likin’ 2011, here’s why:

    “New regulations from the United Nations International Maritime Organization due to take effect in July 2011 will make it illegal for the Nisshin Maru to operate below 60 degrees south but all of the Japanese pelagic whaling is done inside the area. The new rules prohibit ships using heavy oil in the Antarctic Treaty System area because of the harm a spill would cause. Furthermore, the IMO’s Guidelines For Ships Operating In Ice Covered Waters put requirements on safety and hull strength which the Nisshin Maru does not fulfill.”

  • ddpalmer

    This is from the IMO website itself.

    “Special measures to protect the Antarctic to be considered for approval
    The MEPC approved, with a view to adoption at its next session (MEPC 60 in March 2010), proposed draft amendments to MARPOL Annex I on Special requirements for the use or carriage of oils in the Antarctic area.

    The proposed draft amendments would add a new chapter 9 with a new regulation 43, which would prohibit the carriage in bulk as cargo, or carriage and use as fuel, of: crude oils having a density at 15°C higher than 900 kg/m3; oils, other than crude oils, having a density at 15°C higher than 900 kg/m3 or a kinematic viscosity at 50°C higher than 180 mm2/s; or bitumen, tar and their emulsions. An exception is envisaged for vessels engaged in securing the safety of ships or in a search and rescue operation. ”
    Look at that, they haven’t been adopted yet. Seems your info is wrong. And as someone who makes his living with marine diesel engines, modifying the Nisshin Maru to use lighter grade oil is cheap and easy. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t already able to use lighter oil but have decided to use the heavier oil due to the price. Kind of like how a diesel car can also use biodiesel and various other blends.

    As to the other issues, first you did see the name of the IMO document didn’t you? “Guidelines For Ships Operating In Ice Covered Waters” The word guidelines is the key. Here is what the IMO says about that document.

    “The guidelines include chapters on construction; equipment; operations (including crewing); and environmental protection and damage control.

    It is intended that application of the guidelines should be encouraged for all ship types and sizes, where appropriate, and should apply to existing ships as far as is reasonable and practicable, as well as to new ships.”

    See they are guidelines not regulations. And they apply to existing ships “as far as is reasonable and practical”. And you know who decides what is reasonable and practical? The nation that flags the ship decides. Since the Nisshin Maru is flagged by Japan I don’t think they have anything to worry about.

    When dealing with regulations and international organizations you really should do a little research and not just believe what you read in a news report or at the website of a group that has a vested interest. It is best to go straight to the website of the organization and read what the regulation really says. It may keep you from posting bad information.

  • cbr996

    Crawl out of the cave and gain some humanity! Thats laughable anti-whalers , i bet your the type of person who dodges the homeless and smelly!! Also, because i dont agree with Sea Shepherds, does that then give me the right to harrass them like they harras everyone else? Since i dont agree with them, I demand them to stop what they are doing. Well thats the way the modern world works isnt it? Since I dont agree, STOP! Go and save people you twits, all high and mighty with your saving animals thing!

    • Hufingraz

      Your an idiot CBR996. You obviously know nothing about this situation. The Aboriginals only kill a handful of whales every year. The Japanese are killing thousands. Also comparing whales and pork and beef, is not even sensible. Pork and beef can been mass farmed. We breed these animals to eat. Do the Japanese breed whales? The answer is NO. Once they figure out a way to breed whales, then they can continue to use it as a food source. But it will never happen because the younger generation of Japanese people, do not want to eat whale meat. Also, to answer your question about you being able to harrass Sea Shepherd, just because you disagree with them. The answer is YES, YOU CAN. But the funny thing is, YOU WON’T! You are a coward that would probably shit in your pants the second you seen Sea Shepherd. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that you are the type of guy that would bend over backwards, just to suck some Japanese whaler dick.

      • animal.lover

        I know I can do the research myself but hopefully some of you have this info. And I am not suggesting anything about the SSCS not targeting the Norwegians by asking the following. This has nothing to do with the SSCS, just wanting info.

        How many whales do the Norwegians hunt? Do they use the same methodology for killing as the Japanese and Iceland? What kind of protest has been mounted against their whaling not by the SSCS but other organizations or nations? Do they also call it scientific? With Norway being in Europe, one would think they would be more likely to succumb to pressure from their neighbors. I just saw that video game in another post and it got me thinking about what the difference is between the countries and their whaling practices. Again, thanks in advance.

      • ddpalmer

        The Norwegians take about 100o whales a year.

        They are commercial whaling because they objected to the moratorium which means it doesn’t apply to them.

        They are actually the ones that developed the current explosive harpoon that Japan and Iceland also use. But since they aren’t researching they try for head shots which leads to a much shorter time to death. In fact most of the time it is instant.

    • ddpalmer

      Well Hufingraz, cbr996 obviously knows more about the situation than you do.

      Yes the Japanese kill more, but it is a much smaller percentage of a non-endangered species. While the aboriginals kill a much larger percentage of endangered species.

      If you are worried about the survival/sustainability of a species the absolute numbers don’t matter, what matters is the percentage of the total population and how often they give birth. As an example, if there were only 26,300 Gray whales, which give birth every other year, and 130 were killed for 0.5%, while there were 670,000 Minke whales, which give birth every year, and 680 were killed for 0.1%, which species would be more impacted?

      • Hufingraz

        You obviously don’t know much either. First off, none of your numbers on population can be confirmed. Even the IWC cannot give specific numbers on how many whales there are. The Japanese also kill more then 680 Minke whales. The last time they killed under 700 whales was back in 2004, and they have killed between 800 and 1200 Minke whales every year since 2004. Secondly, Gray whales and minke whales only have calves every two years. So your numbers are WAY OFF!

      • CBDunkerson

        The Japanese kill endangered Fin whales too… not just ‘threatened’ Minke whales.

        As to absolute numbers not mattering… pure nonsense. Genetic diversity and losses due to other factors must also be considered. Killing 1% of a species with only 100 individuals left is MUCH different than killing 1% of a species with a million individuals… likewise killing even one member of an endangered species which is facing habitat, food, and/or toxin threats to its survival is significant.

      • ddpalmer

        Thanks for agreeing with me CBDunkerson. It is the percentage of the population that matters.

        Yes the Japanese do take fin whales and aboriginals also take fin whales.
        2008/9 Japan 1, Aboriginals 14
        2007/8 Japan 0, Aboriginals 12
        2006/7 Japan 3, Aboriginals 11

        So the Aboriginals take almost 10 times what japan does. Again the Aboriginals have a much greater effect on the species.

        You are wrong about the Minke though. They are not threatened. They are least concern.

      • Jack

        ddpalmer stop trolling Ecorazzi and everybody knows you are involved with japans ileagel whaling fleet

      • Jack

        The japanese targeted fifty but got reduced by sea to three. Straight out youur facts ddpalmer

      • CBDunkerson

        DDPalmer, you need to learn to read. I specifically disagreed with your nonsensical argument that only percentage of the population matters and explained why.

      • ddpalmer

        No CBDunkerson. You need to learn to read what you wrote.

        “Killing 1% of a species with only 100 individuals left is MUCH different than killing 1% of a species with a million individuals…”

        That was exactly my point. Even though the aboriginals kill a lower number of whales it is a both a higher percentage and it is from a species with lower numbers.

        So you were agreeing with me.

    • ddpalmer

      So sorry try again.

      The numbers I used are actually from the IWC website, except the Minke population which is from Stanford University research just released within the last few weeks and it is less than the IWC number. If you have better numbers then let me know. But these are the best numbers available and there is no reason to believe that they have greatly increased or decreased.

      The latest IWC numbers say 680 Minke from the southern hemisphere which is where the 670,000 number is from.

      Japanese totals: 2008/9 1004 whales, 680 Minke from SH; 2007/8 951 whales, 551 Minke SH; 2006/7 926 whales, 508 Minke from SH.

      I haven’t been able to find one source with reproduction info on both Minke and Gray whales although all the individual sources I find agree that Minkes give birth every 13-15 months and gray whales every 22-26 months. But even if they were both every two years, the aboriginal hunt of gray whales still takes 5 times as much of the population as the research hunt of the Japanese.

      So your facts are WAY OFF. Do some checking before you spout off next time.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Look, there is no way we can know exactly how many whales there are, or how many of each species there are either. Its impossible to hand count every sinlge whale. It is just a guess, and guessing isnt reliable. The whaling dillemna isnt about the numbers. Whales are intelligent, gentle creatures that do not deserve getting brutally killed by the whalers. There is plenty of other food sources to replace whale meat.

        And CBR996, it is no use comparing whales to cows or chickens. Whales are wild and free creatures, just minding their own. Cows and chickens are genetically altered to be raised for meat (or eggs). You dont see cows running free, getting chased down by trucks with RESEARCH written on them. Even so, I am opposed to this. Really soon I am going to turn vegan, so I wont have to feel guilty when I look down at burgers.

      • Mick

        From MN, with hope….,

        “Look, there is no way we can know exactly how many whales there are, or how many of each species there are either. Its impossible to hand count every sinlge whale.”

        Yet the U.S. government has determined that the population of Bowhead whales is large enough to support hunting an average of 50 whales a year.

        “Whales are intelligent, gentle creatures that do not deserve getting brutally killed by the whalers.”

        So, why don’t you, SS or anyone else do something to stop the U.S. from “brutally killing” whales? Or the Russians and Greenlanders for that matter. Why doesn’t SS use “direct action” and “save” the whales that they are killing every year?

      • ddpalmer

        You are right. We can’t know the exact number of any species. That is why conservationists have developed statistics to estimate the numbers. these are the numbers that everyone uses to determine endangered status and for animals that are hunted the numbers are used to set quotas.

      • From MN, with hope…

        The Japanese kill by far many many many more whales than anybody else. Sea Shepherd has done work against those other countries, but they have moved it down to where they are needed most.

        Same thing I said to Hideyoshi, stop blaming what my country and people from my country have done on me just because my name says my location! The native Alaskans are the ones who are killing the whales. It is the US governments attempt to preserve a bit of native culture. Modern Americans do not eat whale meat because they have cows/chickens/ham and such. The natives eat them because they want to preserve their culture, as already said. Just because they allow 50 (wow, 50) whales to be killed each year doesnt make the whole 300 million+ of us a pro-whaling. We are a mostly anti-whaling country.

      • Mick

        From MN, with hope….,

        “The Japanese kill by far many many many more whales than anybody else.”

        Yet the Japanese are killing unendangered Minke whales while Iceland killed 150 endangered Fin whales and America killed 50 endangered Bowhead whales.

        “We are a mostly anti-whaling country.”

        Then why don’t you stop killing whales? Why don’t you protest the U.S. killing whales? Why doesn’t SS speak out about the U.S. whale slaughter? Is killing whales wrong or not? If it’s wrong it doesn’t matter who, where or why they are killing whales, it’s wrong and it should be stopped. If it’s not wrong to kill whales, then why are you attacking the Japanese ships?
        I just have one simple and straightforward question for you: Is killing whales right or wrong?

      • ddpalmer

        No the Japanese kill about twice what Norway does and about half the total whales killed each year.

        That doesn’t sound like many many many more. In fact it is about the same percentage of the total whales killed as Australia’s percentage of the total Southern Bluefin Tuna killed. And while the tuna are critically endangered, except or 2 or 3, all the whales the Japanese take aren’t even threatened.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Mick, killing whales is wrong, yet due to our extreme ignorance nobody even knows, nor cares, if whaling occurs. Sea Shepherd is an American organization.

        Anda again, you forgwt that I am not the once who is killing the whales, the indigineous peoples of Alaska are. If we had not purchased the land from Russia it would be the indigineous Russians killing whales. America tries to preserve the local folk cultures, which is why we have Amish communities. Those descendants of immigrant do not whale (or at least anymore). IT IS THOSE WHO WERE ALREADY THERE WHEN RUSSIA SOLD THE LAND.

        ddp, they are on the endangered species list, no matter the proposed numbers. And I did indeed look around a bit, and it appears that the Japanese target more specis, in higher total yields than Iceland or Norway. Sea Shepherd has intervened in Europe, and once they are done with the whalers in the Southern Ocean, they may possibly go and intervene again.

      • ddpalmer

        No they are not on the endangered list. Unless you made up your own list.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Fin whales, and humback whales are endangered, but minkes are not on the list. But why does a whale need to be on an endangered species list to be worth saving? Whales do not deserve to be killed anywhere. Its obviously not research anyways, so its illegal. If it was research it would be legal, but still not right. Whales are literaly Biblical creatures who are needed to balance the ocean. The ones that are endangered shouldnt be killed, ‘research’ or otherwise.

  • cbr996

    What’s all the fuss about? The Japanese are just harvesting traditional food sources. I never see the Sea Shepherds activists protesting when Aboriginals hunt traditional food sources in the Northern Territory. How would we react if Japanese protesters decided to inflict illegal damage on an slaughterhouse in any rural area of Australia? If they want to eat rice and raw fish and whale then let them just as the Japanese respect my desire to eat beef, pork and lamb.

    • Sheen12

      Okay really bud. What gives the Japanese the right to go down to Antarctica to hunt these whales. If they were hunting in their territorial waters then whoopdey doo to them. But the Japanese have no territorial claim to the Antarctic waters. And also, about it being a traditional food, we in America and in other countries have traditional foods that we used to eat but don’t now like eating duck. Also, the reason Sea Shepherd is attacking the Japanese slaughterhouse is because it is in international waters that the Japanese have no permission to use. An example is that if Japan was to make a giant slaughterhouse in Australia and then bring endangered reef fish there and killing them without getting permission from Australia to 1. kill fish from a protected reef and 2. to have a slaughter house in their country.

  • Mick

    A Japanese newspaper reported that the Japanese crewmens faces were swollen and painful where they had been splashed with acid thrown by SS in their attack.
    The ICR said the purpose of SS’s attack was in order to get footage for their TV show, Whale wars, and nothing else.

  • AnimuX

    This “acid injury” report was falsified by the Japanese whalers. As it turns out, Sea Shepherd has photographic evidence that the whalers accidentally exposed themselves to their own pepper spray due to unfavorable winds. The 3 whalers who sustained minor irritation and burns did it to themselves.

    Sea Shepherd activists have handled non-toxic stink bombs (butyric acid derived from rotten butter) on many occasions and have gotten it on themselves and in their eyes in the past. SSCS representative Steve Roest has publicly confirmed that none of them were injured by exposure to the stink bombs. Neither were the whalers. Japanese whalers are making false statements about injuries sustained to gain sympathy through disinformation.

    • isanatori

      That Sea Shepherd press release sounds more like a late attempt to deny that Japanese sailors have sustained minor injuries because of the toxic industrial butyric acid the so called environmentalists throw at the Japanese vessels.

      When I read SSCS, who are supposed to be vegans, saying that they use “rotten butter”, I believe it to be irony at best and in the line of Paul Watson’s rhetoric which is following the Joseph Goebbels school of propaganda in repeating a lie again and again until people believe it. (This is particularly true of all his legal rhetoric on the legality of research whaling in the Southern Ocean.)
      That a SSCS official has stated that he “gotten butyric acid on himself and in his eyes in the past” doesn’t mean much.

      Now, that picture on the SSCS website showing 3 Japanese crewmembers with tanks on their back is not dated. There’s no way to say it was taken on that day and on another. Also, nothing says what the tanks are containing. How could watson now it’s pepper spray? Does he have a sample?

      It all sounds like bullshit from SSCS to protect themselves.

    • Mick


      Nice spin. This is watson’s unsubstantiated opinion, at best. He has no evidence that the Japanese crewmen were spraying pepper spray. He is assuming that they are.

      “…Steve Roest has publicly confirmed that none of them were injured by exposure to the stink bombs. Neither were the whalers.”

      How can Steve Roest confirm no Japanese crewmen were injured? He is not on the Japanese ship and he did not physically exam the injured crewmen. Once again, no facts, just unsubstantiated assumptions.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Its rotten butter! How can butter hurt you!?! Its obvious this was accidentaly self inflicted, and like the Yushin Maru 3/Bob Barker incident, they shall blame Sea Shepherd. I think the Bob Barker ramming was an accident. The Yushin 3 got a tad too close to safely pull away, so in order to cover for their blunder, what better way than to blame the guys you hate! Always, year after year, the whalers say someone got hurt, and they blame Sea Shepherd for it. Obvious, this powder (pepper sray probably, they have LRADs which are for crowd control, these Ghost Buster guys must have other crowd control tools) was intended for Sea Shepherd activists, and instead the wind blew it back in their eyes. Did you see any butter thrown on the deck in the duration of the clip? No, it was accidcentally self-inflicted.

      • CBDunkerson

        Mick, the most concentrated butyric acid can be (which would take more effort than the Sea Shepherd’s method of just leaving butter out to ferment) is about pH 5. That’s less acidic than soda pop (pH 2.6)… or orange juice (pH 3.7)… or beer (pH 4.4).

        No, Sea Shepherd has not inspected the three Japanese crew members… but they don’t need to. Because it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to get ‘chemical acid burns’ from butyric acid. The Japanese claim is just plain STUPID.

      • ddpalmer

        Why don’t you people stop that stupid argument. The pH of butyric acid doesn’t matter. Lye has a pH of about 12.4 so by your argument it can’t be hazardous right?

        pH is just one consideration. Look at the information that the manufacturers of butyric acid provide. It says it is hazardous to eyes and skin.

        I realize the SSCS likes to use straw man arguments but it really gets old when they keep using the same ones that have been shot full of holes so many times.

      • CBDunkerson

        DDPalmer, your lies really are just as ridiculously idiotic as those of the ICR you know that?

        A pH of 7 is considered ‘neutral’. The further you get away from 7 the more ‘toxic’ the substance is… either as an acid if below 7 or a base if above 7. Butyric acid at pH 5 is only 2 below 7 and an extremely weak acid. Lye at pH 13 is 6 above 7 and a strong base.

        In any case, the video clearly shows the three Japanese whalers firing something at the Sea Shepherd inflatable, the wind blowing it back on them, and they then rubbing their eyes and scurrying away to treat their self-inflicted injuries.

        So even if we pretended your claims that something less acidic than beer was causing acid burns WEREN’T moronic… there is direct proof that the injuries were actually caused by the whalers themselves.

      • Mick


        No one stated that the three injured crewmen suffered from “chemical acid burns”. I stated that a Japanese newspaper reported that their faces were swollen and painful from being splashed with butyric acid.
        Your pH argument is nonsense. SS is not throwing butyric acid obtained from “rotten butter”. They are throwing commercial grade butryic acid obtained from a chemical factory.

      • CBDunkerson

        Mick, the stuff the Sea Shepherds are using is described as extremely slippery… that’s from the butter you say they aren’t using. However, even if you were right… as I noted in my previous message the pH of 5 is the lower possible limit with butyric acid. That’s at 100% purity.

        Please, look into it. Do some reading. By just accepting this nonsense you make yourself look like a fool.

        Want another fun fact on why this is the stupidest possible lie the whalers could come up with? Let’s ignore the whole pH thing. It is still painfully obvious that human skin is not harmed by butyric acid. Wanna know why?

        Because human skin PRODUCES butyric acid! It’s what puts the ‘O’ in ‘BO’ (body odor).

        And that’s still just ignoring the whole fact that there is video of the whalers spraying themselves;

        Seriously, is there NO point at which you people allow reality to penetrate the lies you choose to believe?

    • ddpalmer

      Let me make it simpler for you CB.

      Coca Cola Classic has a pH of 2.5.

      50% Hydrofluoric acid (HF) has a pH of 3.4.

      And it is your position that you would rather drink 5 ounces of HF than 5 ounces of Coca Cola Classic because the HF has a pH closer to 7 so it is less toxic. Of course before you try that here is an excerpt from the MSDS for HF; “Ingestion of an estimated 1.5 grams produced sudden death without gross pathological damage.”

      Still want to contend that just because something is closer to a neutral pH it is less toxic?

      • CBDunkerson

        DDPalmer, you can play all the games you like… everyone knows you (and the whalers) are lying with this claim of ‘chemical acid burns’ from butyric acid.

        Yes, hydrofluoric acid is dangerous stuff… not because of its acidity but because of the chemical bonds it forms. Cyanide and gasoline aren’t healthy to drink either… but like hydrofluoric acid it has nothing to do with their acidity.

        Butyric acid is NOT a dangerous substance, either as an acid or poison, and your repeated claims to the contrary show how completely devoid of honesty you are.

    • ddpalmer

      They aren’t my claims CB they are the claims of the companies that manufacture the butyric acid, they are the claims of all the government agencies around the world that put regulations on it, and they are the claims of the chemists that work with it.

      I like your comment on BO. Did you know that you were lying or are you just misinformed? The human skin does not produce butyric acid. “Butyric acid is one of the byproducts after sweat is decomposed by bacteria. (” So yes some of the smell from BO is caused by very small quantities of butyric acid produced by bacteria, not by the human body.

      Did you know that the human body does produce CO2? So again by your line of reasoning CO2 must not be harmful to humans. Except did you know that in the proper concentration CO2 will kill you?

      You are right about HF. The action of the fluorine ion is what causes the problem and it has nothing to do with the pH. And guess what butyric acid is hazardous because of its chemical properties and not because of its pH.

      Oh and just so you can get it right next time. They don’t throw the butyric acid to make the decks slippery that is methyl cellulose. Completely different chemical, completely different package. The methyl cellulose powder is thrown in paper or plastic bags designed to break on the deck. The butyric acid is in glass bottles, which is a hazard all by itself.

      I don’t know if you just find random statements that you believe support your position and don’t read far enough to realize they don’t. Or if you actually know you are lying and just don’t care.

  • cbr996

    Of course I am not worried for the safety of the terrorists. Do you worry for the poor Jihadists everytime your planes drop bombs in Afghanistan?

    They made a choice to become criminals and violate international laws. They put themselves in harms way (literally) and they must be prepared to reap the whirlwind.

    If these terrorists were attacking US vessels, they would have been dispatched to watery graves a very long time ago. However, you Westerners foolishly tolerates these criminals.

    IMAGINE the outrage if Japanese activists boarded ships on the high seas to destroy kangaroo carcasses en route to export markets. Imagine the response if the media in Tokyo praised the pirates. Australians would tell them to butt out — that we have killed kangaroos for centuries and do not need another culture imposing its ideas on us. So what allows Australians to accuse Japanese whalers of everything but murder, and for the media to sympathetically cover corsairs who try to sabotage whaling vessels?
    Nothing does. And it is about time the double-standard sentimentality that shapes popular opposition to whaling ended.
    Obviously, it makes no environmental sense to slaughter entire species, but hunting whales in sustainable numbers is what fishermen, sorry, fishers, have always done. Nor is there definitive evidence that the number of minke whales, which the Japanese mainly hunt, has dropped greatly over the past 20 years. If people interested in aquaculture want to worry about a species, they should focus on bluefin tuna, which is close to extinction in the Atlantic and has been over-fished, especially by the Japanese, in the Pacific.
    Just because some Australians attribute spiritual qualities to whales does not mean everybody else has to.

    The “Sea Shepherds” are eco-terrorists, plain and simple. Btw, so is green peace. There are other ways of protesting that do not endanger the lives of others. If they do not like the fact that the Japanese are acting with in their rights as dictated by international law, then they need to lobby to have the law changed. Harassing the whalers, and using terroristic tactics will not get the whalers to stop, it may just make them even more determined…And to all the Sea Shepherd supporters, do you practice what you preach? Do you drive an eco friendly car or take public transportation, follow a vegan diet, and recycle everything? Or are you just being a hypocrit, driving your SUV, tossing recyclables in the landfill, and stuffing your face with fat?

    • From MN, with hope…

      Hello Tim, I missed your complete nonsense posts.

      Ignore this guy. Same tactics as used by those paid by Mr. Inwood.

      and just for the record, I use public transportation every time I can, but when I do drive I do not have a guzzler, I have a small car I drive, and I try to drive as economically as possible. I recycle just about everything, and as said above, I am going vegan. Yet, this is not what I preach, I preach whaling is wrong. And why drag Green Peace into this? As far as whaling goes, they are out of the Southern Ocean, and on Japanese soil, trying to stop it in a quieter way.

      Now if you wont mind giving Mr. Inwood this message: Try less obvious rantings. These guys your paying arent doing their jobs right.

      • ????????? ????????

        Hi Gregory, glad you missed me.

        While I realise you have a cetain fascination with my identity and feel you see me everywhere you go, I’m afraid you’re just hallucinating again.

        Our friend, cbr996, while evidently intelligent and aware of the hypocrisy and lies of the anti-whaling industry, is not me.

        He raises some very good points though. You should try to engage with him and see if you can’t refute his points without resorting to hysteria, insults and bizarre claims as to his identity.

        Alternatively, if you realise that you are a hypocrite and have no rational argument, you could always take a leaf out of Paul Watson’s book and start telling lies and inciting racial hatred.
        Who knows, you might even get some sleazy celebrities throwing donations your way?

  • cbr996

    This is ridiculous! The Japanese are not breaking the law but the Sea Shepherds are! They are guilty of harrassment and endangering the lives of the people on both ships. If they don’t like what is going on…then put their energy into changing the law but DO NOT illegally harrass and endanger the lives of others!! We too would like to know what the true use of the whales is…, although that does not give the Sea Shepherds the right to do what they are doing. Two wrongs do not make a right!!!!

    stop racist!!
    save Japanese food culture?
    Do you know United Nation FAO report on livestock industry?
    20% of global warming is coming from livestock industry. BEEF and SHEEP!!
    How can you consume ton of BEEF while protesting green ?alternative,whale?dolphin meat?

  • AnimuX

    One commenter states the Japanese whalers are not breaking the law…

    Anybody who studies the history of whaling will clearly see that Japan has historically violated size limits, species limits, gender limits, seasonal limits, sanctuary boundaries and has even supported “pirate whaling” (that’s secret whaling done without reporting catches to the IWC and smuggling the meat to Japan).

    The first time Japan used the “science exemption” was in 1976 in response to an IWC decision. The IWC set a zero catch limit for Bryde’s whales and Japan issued itself a science permit and killed over 200 of them in a single season anyway. Japan’s current so-called science programs are nothing more than a thin disguise for commercial whaling which is prohibited by international agreement.

    Not to mention the fact that the IFAW has the results of 3 independent international legal panels that all stated Japan’s whaling programs continue in violation of international laws. And don’t forget the near-annual IWC resolutions against Japan’s continuation of “lethal research” programs. And last but not least, Australia’s Federal Court rulings that the whaling is in fact illegal in the Australian Antarctic Territory EEZ.

    Japan is a rogue nation when it comes to whaling. All for a few corrupt bureaucrats and amakudari who support the whaling industry in Japan. They keep the bloody industry propped up with tax funded subsidies, false nationalism and xenophobia in opposition to international whale conservation efforts and regulations.

    • cbr996

      It really makes me laugh to see misfit outcast zero drop-outs of West trying to pretend to be Heroes by attacking Asian fishermen.
      It’s lie, self-delusion and ultimately criminal act.
      Thug Shepherds should be arrested and tried in international court.
      They are pretend to be saving animals because they have nothing else to do. They are all unemployed in their own countries because they are disqualified for anything.

      • AnimuX

        And the exaggerations continue from those who compare protesters throwing stink bombs at boats to terrorists who murder thousands of innocent people.

        Meanwhile, the Japanese whalers who are supposedly out to carry on scientific research run down and nearly kill a group of 6 unarmed protesters in a small boat in the Southern Ocean.

        The fact of the matter is, if Sea Shepherd were a violent organization of terrorist thugs they’d be shooting machine guns instead of cameras and throwing grenades instead of stink bombs. Instead they’ve gone on for 30 years of intervention against illegal and environmentally destructive industries without killing anybody.

        Just as the whalers lied about the “acid splash” injuries (which video revealed to be the whalers shooting themselves in the face by shooting pepper spray into the wind) the Japanese representatives continue to belittle international opinion and subvert international conservation efforts and regulations.

        They’ve now stepped into the realm of attempted murder and are desperately looking for an angle to play in the media. They thought the acid splash lies would be enough and they were wrong.

      • ddpalmer

        One person goes into a store and takes a candy bar without paying for it. Another goes into a jewelry store and takes $5 million in diamonds. They are both thieves but one is on a much higher level.

        Just because some terrorists use machine guns and kills people doesn’t mean that others who don’t use machine guns and don’t kill people can’t also be terrorists.

    • ddpalmer

      Well lets us a favorite line of Paul Watson’s.

      If they are breaking the law why haven’t they been charged and taken to court?

    • Whoop

      AnimuX doesn’t know his @$$ from a hole in the wall!

  • Mick

    I’ve seen watson’s “video evidence” which proves absolutely nothing.

    First; watson has no way of knowing that the 3 injured crewmen and the 3 crewmen in the video are the same people.

    Second; there is nothing to indicate that the substance being sprayed is pepper spray and there is no way for watson to know what it is. He is simply assuming that it is pepper spray.

    And finally; the crewmembers showed no dramatic reaction at all. I was exposed to CS gas when I was in the ARMY. I’ve seen people break three kinds of speed records running to find water to wash that stuff out of their eyes.

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  • ddpalmer

    Take a look at this website.

    Meet the QWMBB12 Backpack fire extinguisher from Asia. Looks a lot like what the Japanese crew was testing. And as we all know Paul Watson fired flares at the Japanese vessels last year and has admitted to doing it again this year. And since flares can cause fire the Japanese may have wanted to be sure they could rapidly put out any fires the SSCS started.

    Also unlike with most of the other pictures the SSCS has posted, the pictures of the ‘pepper spray’ incident have had their exif data removed. Which would have shown when the photos where actually taken. Now why would these photos have that done and not others?

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