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Photo: Sea Shepherd


New video shot by the Sea Shepherd appears to disprove Japanese claims that three of its whaling crew members were injured by rancid butter bombs. On February 11, during a five-hour clash at sea, the Institute of Cetacean Research claimed that three crew members received “acid-splash chemical injury to their eyes and face”.

Proving once more the advantage of having a film crew on-board, the Sea Shepherd released video that shows three Japanese crew members being injured by their own pepper spray. “However the wind was not in favour of this Japanese tactic and the pepper spray is blown back into the faces of the three crew, who can be clearly seen rubbing their eyes,” the Society said.

Even before this new footage, Sea Shepherd spokesman Michael Dalton said the acid projectiles were “harmless” butter bombs with a pH less than lemon juice. “If Japanese Fisheries Minister Hirotaka Akamatsu has any sense of honor and dignity he will apologize for the lies that the Institute of Cetacean Research have made in accusing Sea Shepherd of injuring three Japanese whalers on February 11th,” said Paul Watson.

Check out the video below:

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  • steph

    Bwhahahahaha! Nice try you murdering scum. Your days killing whales are numbered. I think they will be out of business in no time after this campaign.


    • jack

      I totally agree Steph. And ddpalmers will have to find a different cause to troll.

    • ddpalmer

      Sorry steph you are wrong. What the ‘murdering scum’ do after this campaign is go back to Japan unload tons and tons of whale meat. Then they get a break, followed by going back to sea for the Japanese whale hunt in the Northern Pacific. You know? The one that the SSCS and Paul Watson don’t even try and do anything about. I guess the whales in the Northern Pacific just aren’t cute enough for the SSCS to try and save. Besides this year they have to take their summer vacation in the Med.

      Oh sorry I mean they have to save the endangered Atlantic Tuna rather than the critically endangered Southern Tuna that the Australians continue to deplete to extinction.

    • agent orange

      Yukio Mishima (1925-1970) – Pseudonym for Hiraoka Kimitake. Prolific writer, who is considered by many critics as the most important Japanese novelist of the time…

      haha. Not hard to google some Japanese names is it now?

  • ddpalmer

    And just what is this video supposed to prove? There is no indication of what was in the tanks. If it were pepper spray only two crewman may have been affected not three. And from the short clip provided it looks to me like at the end they were examining the spray equipment and comparing them. As if there may be an operational issue. Why doesn’t the video continue for another 10 or 15 seconds so we can really see their reaction? I got a face full of military pepper spray in boot camp and nobody in my recruit company acted anything like the crewmen shown. And I have seen numerous videos from riots or even on the TV show Cop’s and again the reactions are not what is shown in the video.

    Mr. Dalton’s continued straw man argument about butter bombs and pH is really getting old. They are glass bottles, hazardous in their own right, with commercially produced butyric acid; butter is not involved in any way shape or form. And the hazardousness of a chemical is not based on its pH; it is based on all its chemical properties. Hydrofluoric acid has a pH less than lemon juice, but ingesting just 1.5 grams can kill you within an hour because of the chemical action of the fluorine ion. But by Mr. Dalton’s reasoning hydrofluoric acid must be safer than lemon juice because its pH is less than lemon juice. The longer the SSCS keeps using this totally discredited argument, the worse they look. Or if they actually believe it, the stupider they look.

    • Hufingraz

      Ddpalmer – Could you get your tongue any further up the ICR’s asshole? Currently, it is so far up their ass, you could lick their small intestine. So what do YOU think is in the tanks? Right after both guys fire a spray out of the tanks, all three people can be seen trying to cover their faces and then running away. It is not like they got directly sprayed in the face, like they do in police training. So I wouldn’t expect them to fall down on the ground in agony. Where is the video of the bottles of rotten butter hurting the Japanese crew? The whalers record everything, so you can’t tell me that they don’t have video of it happening. After seeing several of your posts, I can tell that you are truly in love with the Japanese whalers. You should volunteer on the whaling ships. I am sure they would love to have you. You could wear a wig and a dress, and they could really treat you like their little bitch.

    • ddpalmer

      No you see three people trying to cover their face then run away. I see one person leaving and the two men with tanks looking at their equipment like they are discussing something. Why doesn’t the SSCS video continue for another 15 or 20 seconds?

      Plus how do we even know when the video was shot? It could have been weeks ago when the first encounters occurred. Why did it take the SSCS over a day to produce the video?

      Nice straw man argument there with, ‘Where is the video of the bottles of rotten butter hurting the Japanese crew? The whalers record everything, so you can’t tell me that they don’t have video of it happening.’ First since there is no rotten butter there obviously couldn’t be a video showing any rotten butter. If you are asking about the butyric acid, well then we get to the second point. Where is your proof that the Japanese record everything? Or did you just pull this out of thin air? Most of the video that I have seen that the whalers have shot is of the SSCS. Except for the video of the two criminals that boarded the ship two years ago and some from the flensing deck of sampling operations. I haven’t seen the whalers recording things happening on their ships.

      I know you believe that all Orientals always have a camera around their neck, but that just isn’t true. Some of the crew is actually doing work. And it is also possible that if there were a cameraman recording in the area when the incident happened that he was ducking for cover and missed the action just like the SSCS cameraman on the Ady Gil.

    • jack

      Ddpalmer beer is less toxic then beer or even a banana. So are you telling me that having a bite of a banana can kill me?

    • ddpalmer

      Well bananas have elevated levels of potassium. And some of that potassium is radioactive. So eating bananas increases the level of radioactivity you recieve. And since radiation exposure can cause some cancers. Then yes eating a banana can kill you.

      • jack

        Other things that are less toxic are lemons, beer, ketchup and many other things that all people across the world consume daily. Are you saying that this stuff can kill me too.

      • ddpalmer

        Listen you obviously have some mental issue.

        You said ‘beer is less toxic then beer’, what the heck did you mean. How can something be less toxic than itself?

        Then you asked about bananas for some reason. And I told you that bananas do have more natural radioactivity than most other foods so they do increase your risk of cancer.

        Now you have a new list of things that are less toxic than something you don’t say what.

        If you have a question dealing with the SSCS, whaling, pepper spray or butyric acid I will try and answer it, but so far your posts are virtually impossible to understand. If English isn’t your native language I apologize, it isn’t my native tongue either, but if I can’t understand what you are asking or what it has to do with the topic then you can’t expect me to answer.

    • whiplash

      good one DDPalmer – good one. NOT

      A well placed torpedo will put an end to these whaling scum bags once and for all.

    • sidewinder

      vid proves you are an idiot DDpalmer – amongs other things…

      • ddpalmer

        What video would that be? The SSCS video doesn’t prove anything. If it started a minute or so earlier and lasted another minute then it might prove something but as it stands it is open to different interpretations

    • Gavin MacQueen

      Interesting how you couldn’t be this objective when criticizing the Whale Wars scene…you know, the one where you imagined Paul Watson seeing something get pulled up the factory ships slipway…

    • ddpalmer

      Gavin do you have a life or have you just decided to stalk me online for a living?

      You go back and comment on 8 day old posts that aren’t even related.

      The clip I was talking about was a short continuous clip where more of the clip at start or end may have shown what was really going on.

      The Whale Wars clip was a much edited piece of entertainment. We can’t even be sure the video of the Japanese vessel match in time to the video from inside the Steve Irwin. For all we know the whale was already on the slipway when Paul saw it. I don’t think it was but without raw footage we can’t know.

      Rivr Media edits the footage to tell a story and get ratings. If you watch the show you have seen were the same clip is inserted multiple times to make a scene longer (the helicopter footage of the whale being shot). And in the misidentified whale footage it looks to me like they use the same footage of the Japanese vessels interspersed with the bridge footage at least twice. And since Rivr Media makes money by selling the footage and the SSCS could kick them off the boat at anytime, they have a vested interest in keeping Paul and the SSCS happy by not making them look too bad.

      The two clips aren’t comparable.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        Very good ddpalmer! Actually I do have a life, which is why I don’t have the time to keep up with the multitude of posts there are to go through. Unlike you, who obviously is doing this for a living.

        Also, I’ve notice quite a few posts that have great rebuttals which I’ve noticed you’ve conveniently walked away from, (ooops, I better not us a figure of speech since you’re likely to take it literally) …conveniently ignore.

        I’ve given up on Kimitake Hiraoka, since this person is obviously a computer programmed for utter moronic, nonessential rants. You should take that as a compliment :)

  • animal.lover

    Seems like this “war” has jumped the shark, so to speak. While the issue is still as relevant as ever (whales are being killed) and the new season of this reality show will get more viewers, I don’t think anyone is changing opinions or cares anymore about what either side says. Season 3 will just be more drama but I expect with the focus on all the SSCS new toys and these latest incidents.

    Most people are against whaling. Most people have their position as to the tactics employed by SSCS. Both sides lie. Except in certain papers, it seems that the media no longer trusts either side and the public doesn’t care if either get hurt (see Ady Gil, “hostage” situation, “shooting”). SSCS complains about the whalers lying and using the media when they admittedly did the same with the so called “hostage” crisis. The more SSCS runs to the media, the more it looks like a reality show.

    No one is really reporting on whaling being halted these past few weeks but just on the drama in the high seas. I think the SSCS succeeded after these past two seasons in creating a media event but now it is just about the fight down there and demonizing the whalers and not about whaling. For example, a team of scientists went down to study the whales and Paul Watson basically said he supported it but why waste your time because it won’t change Japanese minds. He may be right but that gives off the air of not caring about the science and wanting the attention on himself. Almost as if he is now the czar of whaling. While probably not true, it gives the impression that he cares more about being the one who ends whaling (“winning”) then ending whaling.

    • From MN, with hope…

      Paul Watson is indeed a media whore. If he gets some attention it means more people know of the whaling issue, which means in most cases, more support. I think the world is a bit more fascinated by the Toyota recalls, Pakistan saying they want to handle the Taliban, Sarah Palin writing on her hand, and the olympics. Dont think Sea Shepherd can fit, but then again activists like Sea Shepherd get no attention unless metal gets bent, broken, or something goes under. Even then nobody cares, unless they’re online waiting for the news like the people here. Most just really dont care.

      • animal.lover

        I completely agree. For someone like me who in the past would have given money to anyone saying they saved whales, these stories have made me more interested in looking at the actions of the SSCS. Also, when I hear there’s fighting between Greenpeace and SSCS, I am forced to look further at their methods and have to choose one or the other (or likely neither). And being in charge of a family foundation that is now heavily focused on donating to conservation/animal causes in the form of scholarships, donations, grants to universities, nonprofits, etc means I better do my research.

        Unrelated, but I am glad factory farming is getting attention this year. While the public already knows that whales live free and die brutally, many may not be aware that factory farm animals in their own country live in brutal conditions and are only free when they die.

        On a funny note, I just went on that ICR website and they titled a press release “Dutch ship pirates still short of Animal Planet reel quota.”

  • jack

    ddpalmer you ass is filled with a bunch more crap if you seriously think that sea shepherd caused those injuries. The japanese crewmembers obviously didn’t know how to use the pepper spray shooters so they injured themselves. ddpalmer as hufingraz says what was that sparay. What do you think cortizone. I would like to know what you think from your bitchy mouth. please respond.

    • ddpalmer

      I believe they are fire extinguishers to defend against the SSCSs launching of flares.

      If you would read the posts I have made you would know that as i have already give my explaination.

      What proof do you have that it is pepper spray?

      • Jack

        The flare that SSCS fired was a warning to the japanese because they were coming close to the ship. In addition to that it was shot straight up into the air so it would have landed on the STEVE IRWIN and not the SHONAN MARU 2. And the “Fire Extingushires” were pointed at the waves. It was obviously not a fire extinguisher also because the spray of fire extinguisher is pure white while the stuff that the japanese shot is tanish white. Ddpalmer respond with another stupid comment

      • CBDunkerson

        Fire extinguishers?


        I have to take it back. I was wrong. You are not on the same level with the ICR when it comes to idiotic lies.

        You have totally eclipsed them. Left them completely in the dust.

        Yes! They were using fire extinguishers! To put out the… OCEAN! See… the ocean was going to burn because the Sea Shepherds had a flare… so the brave whalers used their fire extinguishers over the rail of their ship into the water and thereby prevented the oceans of the world from burning away.

        My god… the depths of stupidity people will go to. It is simply amazing.

      • ddpalmer

        Gee some people just aren’t happy if they are not trying to tear down someone else. It must really hurt when you can’t even do that.

        It is a good idea to test a fire extinguisher before you use it to make sure it works.

        Different fire extinguishing agents are different colors, I have seen purple to white to tan and just about anything in between.

        They have fired flares directly at the whalers not just up in the air.

    • billy jean is my lover

      Thanks animal lover so glad to hear how important you are and that you are in charge of donations, wowee. Good for you. Want a medal?

      and ddpalmer, bit of an uphill battle eh? pedalling propaganda isnt easy. Maybe twits like animal lover and mick and those fake japanese bloggers might echo you, but for the rest of us, you just look like a bored fool.

      • ddpalmer

        Thanks billy jean is my lover so glad to hear how important you are and that you are in spokesman for the rest of the posters on this site think, wowee. Good for you. Want a medal?

  • ddpalmer

    I do have to apologize. My post about the fire extinguisher hasn’t shown up yet because it has a weblink and requires moderation.

    Use google and search for ‘QWMBB12 Backpack’. Then go to the first link. The translation calls it a ‘Backpack Transformer Pulse Mist Gun’ but when you read the description you will see it is a backpack portable fire extinguisher. And you will see that it looks very much like what the Japanese crewmen are seen to be wearing.

    • Rolf Larsen

      and then you can do a google search for “M33A1″

      • ddpalmer

        Yes I can and I did. The QWMBB12 looks more like what they have. Black plastic on the top and bottom of the cylinder. Top of cylinder flat. pumping handle on top of the cylinder. Pistol grip near the middle of the barrel. Barrel 1-2 inches in diameter.

        The M33A1 has a rounded top, all metal, no handle/connection on top, grip at rear of barrel, barrel 1/2 inches in diameter, range of 50 feet, over 30 years old.

        No I think the QWMBB12 is much more likely over the M33A1.

    • jack

      The color is different, the size is different. An those were pepper spray guns.

      • ddpalmer

        What are you talking about?

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    I do not understand why the researchers insist on playing these silly games with the Sea Shepherd terrorists.

    They should switch to live ammunition and take steps to address the human population problem Sea Shepherd seems so worried about. Starting with Paul Watson himself.

    He’d make for a fair few tins of dog food.

    • Jack

      That would be highly illegal because shooting Paul Watson is a Dutch citizen so that would be murdering. Also they would be firing on a dutch ship so that would go against maritime laws. So Japan would go to court and get convicted.

      • ddpalmer

        Paul Watson is not a Dutch citizen. Japan wouldn’t go to court, if anybody did it would be the person who fired the shot and possibly the ship’s captain. And they may or may not be convicted.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Neutralising Paul Watson would be a legitimate act of self defence. He is a violent criminal who takes pride in regularly endangering human life by ramming ships and hurling acid at unarmed civilian mariners. There is nothing he won’t do to solicit the publicity, ratings and donations he so desperately craves. It is in the interests of humanity that this grotesque misanthropist cease to exist.

        Mr Palmer, you mentioned earlier that English is not your first language. Might I enquire as to your mother tongue?

        Your knowledge of the whaling issue is truely remarkable. Your dedication to truth and fact are to be commended and I thank you for your continued effort to expose the lies of the Sea Shepherd criminals.

      • ddpalmer

        Well my ‘mother’ tongue is Dutch but my ‘father’ tongue is Afrikaans. I grew up with both and a smattering of English. Then we moved to the US when I was 8.

        I didn’t know much of anything about whaling just 2.5 years ago. But when I saw the first episode of Whale Wars I couldn’t believe how poor sailors they were and how many maritime laws they were breaking. So I started researching exactly what the SSCS said the situation was and what the Japanese said the situation was. Then I went to the actual UN laws, IWC regulations, CITES, etc. It quickly became apparent that the SSCS where at least bending the truth and very often outright lying, and some of the lies were so blatant that they had to know they were lying and not just mistaken. Not that the Japanese don’t do some bending of their own.

    • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

      Yes – dog food is important for all us Tokyo salarymen to feed our little expensive dogs. Whale meat is perfect for dog food. Kimitake – you are just as fake as me.

      Don’t mention all the other screwed up issues affecting Japanese:

      – No freedom of speech/free media (look at the Tokyo two)
      – All us Salary men who have school girls on the side and cheat on our wives and treat them with contempt
      – Our suicide rates
      – our selfish, screwed up national pride
      – Our superiority complex
      – The huge chip on our shoulders ever since the end of WW2
      – Our messed up economy (at lease used girlie panties are cheaper now from every vending machine on every street corner)

      Whaling is just a re-enactment of WW2. Someone should give the whaling fleet the Rainbow Warrior treatment and put the ships to the bottom of the ocean. Scum bags.

  • Mick

    I’ve seen watson’s “video evidence” and it proves absolutely nothing.

    First; watson has no way to know that the 3 crewmen injured by the butyric acid thrown by SS and the 3 crewmen in the video are the same people.

    Second; there is nothing to indicate that the substance being sprayed is pepper spray. In addition watson has no way to know what the substance is. He is simply assuming it’s pepper spray.

    Thirdly; SS’s attack lasted for hours. He has no idea when the 3 crewmen were injured. So there is no way to determine from a few seconds of video that is when and where the injuries occured.

    And finally; there was no dramatic reaction from the crewmen in the video.

    • agent orange

      Yo dick,

      I mean Mick.

      Wonderful comments pal. Really helpful and of great use. What I don’t get is how you pee brain manages on a daily basis.


      • Mick

        Typical SS response. When presented with facts and common sense that proves watson’s statement is based purely on assumptions and speculation, the response is childish insults and name-calling. Of course, insults and name-calling is all SS supporters can do because they don’t have facts or anything else to back-up their claims.

      • agent orange

        I’m not SS Mick,

        However, I do see when you post silly comments, you are going to get silly replies.

        Your comments are typical of the ICR. You keep repeating yourself over and over like a broken record wanting to be put to sleep.

        Seeing the incredible audacity of the so-called research mariners is like watchig a sick manga cartoon. These Japanese are just freaks man.

      • Mick

        agent orange,

        “I’m not SS Mick”

        I see. Your constant posting of emotional rhetoric, lack of factual information and failure to present a logical argument to support your position lead me to the conclusion that you were a member of SS or a supporter.

        If you disagree with the facts I have posted, you are free to present a rational argument to refute those facts.

      • agent orange

        Where are you facts Mick?

      • Mick

        agent orange,

        “Where are you(r) facts Mick?”

        Right here.

        First; watson has no way to know that the 3 crewmen injured by the butyric acid thrown by SS and the 3 crewmen in the video are the same people.

        Second; there is nothing to indicate that the substance being sprayed is pepper spray. In addition watson has no way to know what the substance is. He is simply assuming it’s pepper spray.

        Thirdly; SS’s attack lasted for hours. He has no idea when the 3 crewmen were injured. So there is no way to determine from a few seconds of video that is when and where the injuries occured.

        And finally; there was no dramatic reaction from the crewmen in the video.

      • come si come sa

        You call those facts Mick? That is just commentary that you are making. Something a lawyer would say in defence of a guilty murdering child rapist. The old, theres no way to know this… or to know that…. We are just speculating here… etc… etc

        Im sure Agent Orange is still waiting for you to bring something useful to the table.

        Whatever they sprayed into their own eyes highlights how pathetic these ‘Research mariners’ are. Hopefully it stinks as much as the ICR propaganda.

      • Mick

        come si come sa,

        “You call those facts Mick?”

        Yes, I do. If you believe otherwise please present evidence to refute these facts.

        What evidence is there that proves that the 3 injured crewmen and the 3 crewmen in the video are the same?

        What evidence do you have that proves that the substance that was sprayed is pepper spray?

        What evidence is there that proves the 3 crewmen that were injured were injured at the time the video was being filmed?

        What dramatic reaction was exhibited by the 3 crewmen in the video?

        If my statements are not factual or “silly” as angent orange said, they should be very easy to disprove.

      • agent orange

        well mick, you are just speculating. There are no facts there…just like I can speculate and we can post all day long.

      • Mick

        agent orange,

        If what I posted are not facts, then provide evidence to prove me wrong. Of course, you and I both know that you cannot provide even a shred of evidence to disprove what I have posted.

        By the way, if you look up the definition of the word “speculate” you will find the only person speculating is watson, not myself.

  • jack

    ddpalmer do you seriously the solution to this problem is to violently murdering people. Sea shepherd has cut the japanese quota of 935 whale in half for the last five years. The Japanese whaling industry has lost billions and will lose a ton more this whaling season.

    • ddpalmer

      Where did I ever condone murdering people?

      Again if English is not your native language then you may be misunderstanding what has been posted.

      No Sea Shepherd has not cut the Japanese quota. Since the Japanese set their own quota they are the only ones who can change it. The quota was 935 this year, last year it was lower and the year before that it was even lower. And the Japanese have never taken less than 60% of their quota.

      But you don’t seem to understand what a quota in this situation means. It means they can take up to that number, if they get all the data they need with fewer whales then the stop before they reach their quota. Take the Ohio deer hunt as an example, the State of Ohio sets a quota for how many deer can be killed, and in the past 20 years the quota has never been reached. Not because someone prevented it or saved any deer, but because not enough people were interested in hunting that year or maybe the weather was extremely bad so fewer people went hunting and the deer were harder to find or the economy was bad and people had other things to spend their money on rather than hunting equipment or any of a hundred other reasons.

      First off the Japanese whaling industry can’t lose money because it is paid for by the Japanese government, if they don’t sell enough whale meat to cover their costs then the government pays the difference. Secondly the amount that the government has had to cover over the last 24 years (since the moratorium) is less than $100 million, last year it was $5 million. So no they haven’t lost billions.

      • come si come sa

        What this clip shows is how pathetic the whalers are and just how much propaganda they put out.

        Absolutely disgraceful, and yet hilarious at the same time. The audacity of them is beyond belief.

        Keep trashing your reputation abroad Japan.

      • billy jean is my lover

        How do you know they have not taken less than 60% every year???

        Seems fishy that you seem to purport to know everything about the whaling industry, supporting it in everyway – and yet you are what? some guy working in the USA who gets bored between long shifts down at the docks?

        Very fishy indeed.

      • ddpalmer

        Not down at the docks. Onboard a freighter, docks don’t have engine rooms.

        How do I know that percentage? Easy I can read. They report their numbers to the IWC where they can be read by anyone who knows how to read.

        Very fishy indeed that you couldn’t figure that out. I have to assume you just read and believe what the SSCS puts out and don’t do any independent research.

      • whiplash

        Interesting how you believe everything the ICR reports to the IWC isnt it?

        Talk about hypocrisy on your part and the Japanese whalers part.

        Those whale meat markets are full of whales that are endanagered. you can’t really believe a thing that comes from the great propaganda machine that is the ICR and its load of paid bloggers with Japanese names.

        So you are a dutch african? whooppee friggin doodah’s.

      • ddpalmer

        Interesting how you believe everything the SSCS reports isnt it?

        Talk about hypocrisy on your part and the Sea Shepherds part.

        Why would the Japanese lie to the IWC? They set their own quota so they could take 100,000 whales of any species they want. So what possible reason would they have to report false data?

        So now you have a problem because someone asked me a questions and I answered it? Do you have a problem if I eat breakfast this morning? Do I need your permission to do anything?

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    News just in – Sea Shepherd terrorist has illegally boarded a Japanese research vessel.

    Yet another act of criminal piracy by these violent thugs. Put this degenerate on trial, lock him up and throw away the key.

    • agent orange

      About time those violent whalers were served with an arrest warrant for their criminal acts – ramming other ships etc. They should all be arrested and charged with breaking every maritime law there is. Scum bag criminals. Who do they think they are slaughtering whales in a declared whale sanctuary.

      • ddpalmer

        Do you mean the IWC sanctuary that was established in violation of the IWC charter so that it doesn’t really exist or the Australian sanctuary that is only recognized by 3 countries so that it doesn’t really exist?

      • come si come sa

        The ICR and Japanese whalers do not understand anything when it comes to respect.

        They are cowards and now criminals hiding behind their mesh of spikes and military grade weapons.

    • come si come sa

      Not illegally you fake paid ICR puppet. The captain is wanted on charges of attempted murder. He should be arrested and taken to prison.

      • animal.lover

        I forgot about the whole Ady Gil incident. So they charged the captain? I am assuming it was the NZ authorities? I recall there was to be some investigation but never followed up. Were there any other charges? Off to google…

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      I can’t tell if you actually believe what you’re saying or if you’re just lying.

      Either way, you’re factually mistaken. No charges have been laid against any Japanese captain or mariner, because they have not committed any crime or done anything illegal. The boarding by the Sea Shepherd criminal is very much illegal. As is much of what the Sea Shepherd terrorists do.

      This is just the latest in a series of crimes these thugs have committed in the name of soliciting publicity, ratings and donations.

      Watson and his thugs should be put on trial for terrorism in a military commission just like the terrorists who committed the 9/11 atrocities.

      • whiplash

        wow Kimitake,

        Drawing references to 9/11 now? Lots of big word there: Criminal, Thugs, Terrorists

        Talk about a messed individual you are Kimitake.

        The captain of the Shonan Maru 2 is a criminal – that is pretty obvious you drone.

    • billy jean is my lover

      Since he has not been found yet, he should disable the ship immediately since it is now classed as a weapon with an unfit/unseaworthy captain – who has attempted to murder people.

      So much for all the anti-boarding effort/expense when one can slip under there at night time. Another huge embarassment for the Japanese whaling flotilla. How much are they willing to cop before some fat Tokyo minister says enough is enough can cancels the ‘Research’.

      • animal.lover

        Just saw the post below. If the Captain wasn’t charged, then I’m confused. If the NZ authorities said they would investigate, why not wait until the authorities came to a determination? Unless NZ has and has decided not to press charges then SSCS was the one who asked NZ to investigate and they are doing so. What law are they claiming he violated? Where would they take him to if he surrendered if no country has charged him?

      • whiplash

        Citizens arrest.

        Authorites arent coming, so time to take matters into your own hands.

        These scum bag whalers have done enough and must be stopped.

      • animal.lover

        But under what law? It is an ongoing investigation in NZ, I thought, as I haven’t read anything indicating that they will not press charges. Sort of a shame that they did this on the day that there is a ton of news about the Greenpeace trial. It has attracted a ton of international attention it seems and has been succeeded in bringing condemnation from various human rights organizations.

  • come si come sa

    Good to see these morons shooting themselves in the face. I wonder what propaganda they will purport from this? Oh the SS shone lasers into our eyes and hit us with rotten butter. Our crews are injured. boo hoo friggin babies.

    But yet they can fire a LRAD into the Ady Gil, incapacitating the captian and then ramming the ship. Thats an act of war. That’s attempted murder. Good to see the arrest warrent being served on these crooks of the oceans. Arrest the whalers and seize their ships!

    • ddpalmer

      Can you please stop trotting out that rotten butter lie? When you keep repeating something that even the SSCS admits is a lie, it just taints everything you say.

      You do realize the UN and IMO both suggest ships use LRADs against pirates and by the UN law of the Sea Article 101 and 103 the Steve Irwin is a pirate vessel?

  • herwin

    this is a hilarious video ! :-P

    • ddpalmer

      Yeah SSCS trying to pass off a month old video as new is pretty funny, not to mention their explanation that doesn’t even fit what is shown.

  • Tojo Himura

    Until I see video and picture evidence which the ICR can clearly take as proof of being scalded and “poisened” and hit by butyric acid directly everything the ICR has to say will be ignored by most of the public. If they want the publics support at least show the whalers injuries from the Butyric Acid…if they even have any. Until then most people will see them as a propaganda machine rather than a research company

    • David

      First what gives you the idea that the ICR wants the public’s support?

      Second, if they did show a video you would just claim it is fake like the video of Paul being shot.

      • Cho cho ma

        Well considering they hired their own PR people I would have to say they want the public support.

      • Michael Raymer

        If any whaler was actually injured, they would set new records for getting pics and video out. They release vids of rammings, they released their whiny little vids about the laser pointer. No, if they were telling the truth (not that they know what truth is anymore) about crew injuries, there would be something to look at. But, as we see, they are just as clueless as the minions who try to represent them.