And the dubious winner is…Catherine Zeta-Jones!

The 40-year-old actress has been crowned PETA’s Worst Dressed for 2010, with the group saying that “her creepy cow-skin pants, ugly fox coat, and icky alligator bag” make her look like she’s “working her way through Noah’s ark with a knife.” (You may not agree with PETA, but you have to admit they come up with some clever insults.)

Zeta-Jones’ starring role in the Broadway revival of A Little Night Music is now the main focus of PETA’s wrath. Yesterday afternoon, a protest was staged outside the theater with people holding signs that read, “Catherine–Shed the Skins!”

Coming in behind Jones on this year’s list was Jennifer Lopez, Aretha Franklin, Rihanna, Jessica Simpson and mother and daughter duo Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. You can see all the finalists here.

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  • whitney

    “Oh, no! I’m not gonna wear fur ’cause PETA might call me icky!! *changes way of life*”

    I’m glad PETA is bringing all this negative attention to fur wearers, but it seems something a little more serious needs to be said/done.

  • dave

    Yea peta does a lot of good things for animals but gets carried awayin their actions against things. Would be more with them if they where all vegitarions and wore nothing made from animals at all. Like no leather shoes poor cow that died for that. hipocetes.

  • Petabread

    Lets save the animals and Skin PETA!!

  • Jen

    There’s nothing clever about PETA.

  • Nathan

    I have to agree with “Whitney.” PETA helped educate me in my transition to becoming a vegan, but they have become almost irrelevant to the fight for animal rights in 2010. They are synonymous with ridiculous publicity stunts that equate themselves with the insane man on the corner holding the “End is Near” signs. Really? No matter how many times I see the crazy man holding the sign, I am not going to believe that the end is, in fact, near.

  • Allen Sneed

    In the scheme of things to be upset about (animals being skinned alive so old women can wear them as hats vs PETA acting a little nutty to get the news interested in something other than Brittany Spears) I think I have to side with PETA. Besides, PETA is at least entertaining, unlike Catherine Zeta Jones.

  • ratking

    it’s not clear if zeta jones is wearing fake or real fur! in internet you can read the two versions! anyhow – the most horrific fur hag is mary j. blige and nobody is ever mentioning this point! she is shameful and a really mean character – when i think through which horror these innocent animals have to go and i’m outraged that on this eco-site there are still silly stupid people dumping peta, an organization which is fighting the good fight with all their heart! continue that way – stupid folks – this planet is anyhow coming to it’s near end! continue – continue – continue stuffing your bellies with hamburgers and steaks and foie gras and frog legs – putting big fat furcoats of trapped and breeded animals – consume this world consume it and declare yourselves ecologists and green and what the hell you like!!!

  • Kamal

    I would think that most people who visit this site are ecologically minded.

    Therefore, it is surprising to me that that there are so many PETA haters here (and other eco sites) considering the loss of bio-diversity, waste (use) of resources issues, etc. that animal clothing products raise.

    I don’t support all of PETA’s tactics but they do more to raise awareness than some other eco-organizations.

    • Nik

      I think why there are so many PETA haters is because PETA often promotes unecological activites.

      Lets face it, furs can be obtained through hunts that minimize animal suffering and that ecologically sound, thus these furs would be eco-friendly products.

      Furs can also be converted into products using ecologically sound methods as well.

      The alternatives to furs are all petrochemical products, their creation greatly increasing pollution (both global warming and water pollution).

      Also fur products generally last longer, so there is less need to consume more (in my eyes extravagant consuption is the greatest threat to planet).

      I personally don’t support PETA because I’m worried about the ecological stability of the planet in a grand outlooks. I find they get blinders to the grand scheme of the ecosystem and human needs and are thus poor representatives of green causes.

      • Whoever…

        I don’t even know how to begin addressing your ridiculous comment…

        “furs can be obtained through hunts that minimize animal suffering and that ecologically sound, thus these furs would be eco-friendly products.”

        Really? Tell that to the animals who are skinned alive for their fur!

        “Also fur products generally last longer, so there is less need to consume more (in my eyes extravagant consuption is the greatest threat to planet).”

        Accordingly to your ideas then everyone should wear fur! Hello… Are you living in the same planet as the rest of us? Have you ever heard of animals led to near extinction because of their fur?

        I mean, do you truly believe in what you’re ‘saying’? :(

      • Dgredy

        i think you dont know what you are talking about… real fur is far from eco-friendly… animal fur is organic so that means they have to use lots of chemicals to make no organic so it can last for along time… and in china they use tints and chemicals to make dog and cat fur look fake so about 80% of “fake” fur from china is actually real cat and dog fur… and there is nothing ecofriendly about that…

  • ecomaniac

    Hey all,
    I love animal skins and all animal products. They are designed to be really useful. Let’s have more leather, more skin bags and more fur hats.
    Kangaroo leather is particularly useful – long wearing and durable. Hate plastic clothes! Love leather seats and chairs, Catherine Zeta Jones is my hero.

    • Dgredy

      and you are useless to society!! and why are you in this website???? i think your brain doesnt prosses some information and you should be in so thaks for visithing this website you can go now.

  • raffaello

    it’s definitely clear that up here we don’t have just green people but a hipe of emotionally amputated freaks and cloned hellraisers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jae

    Keep Fur real.
    PeTA is fake for fake minds!

  • esther

    shame on all furrers and animal torturers!