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Both the Sea Shepherd and the Institute of Cetacean Research are reporting that Pete Bethune, captain of the sunk Ady Gil, earlier today boarded the Japanese whaling security vessel that hit his boat.

According to Paul Watson, Bethune boarded the Shonan Maru No 2 under the cover of darkness using a jet ski — most likely the same one that was on-board the Ady Gil. “His mission is to attempt a citizens arrest of the skipper of Shonan Maru No 2 for the destruction of the Ady Gil and attempted murder of six Ady Gil crew,” Captain Watson said.

He said Mr Bethune had a bill for $3 million to present to the Japanese boat’s skipper and a demand for surrender.

Watson added that he anticipated Bethune would be kept as a prisoner — but more likely is the fact that there’s no easy way to return him. In a press release, the ICR noted that a similar stunt by the Sea Shepherd two years ago ended when an Australian ship acted as a mediator and returned two activists that had illegally boarded.

“In this latest incident, there is no vessel available to act as a go between to return Mr Bethune,” the press release concluded.

More details as we get them.

[UPDATE: From a Sea Shepherd release]

Captain Bethune boarded the whaling ship under cover of darkness from a Jet Ski as the Shonan Maru 2 was travelling at 14 knots in the Southern Ocean. His first attempt failed when he fell into the frigid waters, but despite this the crew of the Shonan Maru 2 failed to see him and he successfully boarded the whaler without detection.

Captain Bethune’s breaching the security of the whaling fleet security vessel remained undetected for one and a half hours.

At 0800 Hours, once the sun had risen, Captain Bethune calmly knocked on the bridge wing door, entered the wheelhouse, and presented himself to the Captain of Shonan Maru 2 where he informed the skipper that he was under arrest for the sinking of the Sea Shepherd ship Ady Gil on January 6th, 2010.

All radio communications with Peter Bethune ceased at 0805. The Shonan Maru 2 did acknowledge that Bethune was onboard.

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  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Whilst this illegal boarding is yet another gross violation of international law, Mr Bethune is to be commended for surrendering himself to the research fleet. This fanatical thug can now be put on trial in a court of law for his many acts of violence, piracy and terrorism on the high seas.

    Paul Watson should similarly surrender himself to authorities for prosecution. Just as he was tried and convicted of violent offences in Norway, he should again stand trial for his heinous crimes.

    • posey

      You are obviously working for the ICR. How much did they pay you to say that? Give up. Your cause is hopeless.

      • Sagebrush

        Give it up posey. You SSCS fools are sinkig…

      • agent orange

        Strong language from an ICR puppet. Very easy to recognize…they use the same words over and over again….Criminals, Violent, Terrorists etc… Kimitake is obviously a PR forum troll.

    • agent orange

      Buthan is not surrendering you puppet, he is serving a citizens arrest warrant (and he is well within his right) to do so for the danerous actions of the whalers. Watson has no convictions.

      Nice name change Toyotomi.

      • animal.lover

        I hate to bring this up again but under what law does he have the authority? It is an ongoing investigation in NZ from what I understand so I assume he is acting under some other country’s law but I haven’t seen what country that is. Thank you.

      • agent orange

        Whatever law applies to the locale. If someone mugs you in New York or London, or rams your fishing boat in Sydney harbour – you can make a citizens arrest. So, Pete make your arrest. These whaling scum bags deserve everything they get: Prison

      • Tom Thumb

        Why would he surrender? He’s no coward like the Japanese are (who, surrendered back in ’45) after a series of bombings. Damn scum bags will never change.

      • animal.lover

        First of all, you have no idea what I do for a living. If I am not on a ship fighting whales, I am a coward? There are lots of people doing lots of brave things in the world that aren’t on those boats. In fact, there is a big group called the military, the police force, firemen… And that I have a family to take care of or am possibly disabled?

        Second, my question was relevant. There is a huge trial happening right now exposing the “dreadful Japanese regime” so I am curious to know what people think of it. I know you want to attack everyone who doesn’t agree with Paul Watson’s tactics but I don’t think it is fair of you to do so. People criticize PETA here all the time or stylists like Stella McCartney for not doing enough. Is it unfair to want a dialogue?

        I respect your passion and anyone’s right and desire to have a show and am happy it is opened up a dialogue. Maybe now I’ll want to give a grant to a group of researchers to look into the research claims. I understand you being defensive but it isn’t always helpful for the cause.

      • animal.lover

        I posted the above post in the wrong place.

      • whiplash

        No I don’t know what you do for a living. sorry for not taking an earlier interest.

        The Tokyo Two shows another angle doesnt it? It shows that the heavy weight ministers in Japan are part of the ICR or under control of it – somehow there is a strong link. It defintaley smells of corruption. The fact the TT (tokyo two) exposed the scandal and now have had the whole thing turn on them, and been arrested and are facing 10 years is just beyond belief. I guess in a way it is expected right? Japan isn’t really a democracy?

      • animal.lover

        whiplash – I really didn’t expect you to care what I do for a living so that is why I said my tone may not be so nice. Sorry.

        As to Greenpeace, I do find it fascinating. I have said it before but it is like The Cove or Food Inc. It could make for a good documentary about the industry, the Japanese culture, the Japanese judicial system… It exposes corruption or certain practices that may be illegal or considered immoral to some people. I personally can get behind this sort of activism because it is educational in nature and I think it will have a greater impact long-term. Obviously my opinion and I could be wrong. To many, SSCS is Whale Wars and while the show exposes whaling, the producers focus too much on the people. They have made the SSCS celebs whether they wanted to be or not.

        Nice talking to you even if we don’t agree.

      • whiplash

        animal lover – we are united against the whalers right?

      • animal.lover

        Honestly, as much as I hate to say it, I realize that my objection is purely on moral grounds. I do not accept it is illegal based on an Australian court because it is not Australian waters. The research side is hard for me because I have seen articles by unbiased sources arguing both sides. Is it likely that they don’t have to kill that many whales for research or maybe none? Sure but I don’t know how many is ok to me or even necessary. I don’t even know if it has to be lethal. There are scientists now going out there to figure that out so I know I am no position to say one way or another. There is also legitimate debate on whether the minke are extinct.

        And, morally, I honestly find this no more despicable than factory farms. I also suspect that the people on the whaling ships don’t think whales are glorious as some people don’t think cows are but they are to Hindus. I don’t get why we glorify the guys on Deadliest Catch but demonize and wish harm on the individual whalers (rather than the industry). And I do think there is too much made about them being Japanese. I don’t want those guys hurt. They are likely doing something they understand to be legal because it obviously is in Japan, subsidized by the government and perhaps it is like fishing to them. They are a country that relies a lot on the sea for food. There is no outrage Japan unlike here with factory farmers who know people oppose them and don’t change.

        I could go on. I am not defending what they do but it is far from black and white to me. When I was younger, it was and then I had kids and had to learn how to answer the why question and to defend my position.

        I want the practice to end but I want it to end in what to me is the right way. I hate that whales are dying in the meantime because I feel I need to stick to my principles but I hope other methods that do not directly demonize and attack the whalers will end the practice. I know Greenpeace’s photos didn’t work but maybe getting someone less divisive or more professional like the director of The Cove who by the way doesn’t support the SSCS direct action to do something will work. I think guys like him and Ric O’Barry are no less passionate than Paul Watson and as much as they would want to save each individual dolphin, they too feel they can make a greater impact by less direct action.

        Again, I hate seeing a whale die a death like that. Thanks for reading if you did.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Animal Lover, I applaud your use of reason and common sense to question the agenda and methods of Sea Shepherd. If only more people considered the serious moral implications of their actions, lives would not be endangered in the Southern Ocean.

        As for the morality of whaling, you are correct to question the elevated status of the whaling issue. Whales are animals like all others. Species such as the minke are abundant. In fact, they live lives of far greater freedom than the animals in factory farming. They do not experience the intense cruelty experienced by cows, chicken, sheep and pigs. So whale meat is the humane choice.

        Also, whale meat requires significantly less land, water and carbon to produce and harvest. It is actually the green meat.

        So you see, the moratorium should be lifted and regulated sustainable commercial whaling should be re-introduced. It is the greenest option and ensures the survival of the species.

    • Tiger Hall

      WoW Really, you should represent yourself a little better and act like a human being that is control of there own government eat some more whale meat and shark fin soup and kill some more animals in the name of your so called countrys rights of being stupid. My gosh your country has broken all laws of humanity and treaties of other countries it seems WW II has not taught you anything. May your country suffer a earth quake one day to really make your land the desolate place it needs to be with no morals or turpitude or respect of any creature on earth. Your so called Government and people continue to violate human and animal rights you will never change.

    • whiplash

      Pete, don’t forget to mention this:

      The Japanese are whaling in violation of the International Whaling Commission’s global moratorium on commercial whaling. The IWC scientific committee does not recognize the research that the Japanese are using as an excuse.

      “With well over 9,000 minke whales killed in 22 years and no useful data produced, Japan’s so-called ‘research’ in the Antarctic is an international embarrassment.”

      Somebody should have painted ‘Research’ onto the Enola Gay & Bockscar ahead of their scientific research.

      • ddpalmer

        Yeah Pete don’t forget that.

        Of course it is a lie but maybe if you repeat it enough times someone will actually believe it.

        The IWC scientific committee does recognize the Japanese research. They do questions some aspects of the research plan but they do accept and use much of the data the Japanese collect.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka


      Watson was tried and convicted in Norway in 1997 for a violent offence. Therefore, by definition he is a violent criminal.

      His actions to this date confirm this beyond any doubt.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        My correction,

        Watson was charged and tried in Norway in 1997 for an offence for which there was no law (yet). Therefore, the trial was quashed and no conviction was recorded.

      • straightedge

        Is that you Glenn?

      • whiplash

        Ginza Glenn Inwood? haha yeah I think it is or at least one of his diciples.

      • whiplash

        Yukio Mishima (1925-1970) – Pseudonym for Hiraoka Kimitake. Prolific writer, who is considered by…

        There you go, pretenting to be Japanese for more PR spin? Go to google and start typing something Japanesy…grab the name that pops up, sweet, got a fake name for fake ICR posts.

      • whiplash

        Sorry Agent Orange , I copied your post…couldn’t resist. Nice discovery about the fake posters…

      • Glenn Inwood

        No, I am Glenn. Yes, I have the time to sit around at ecorazzi waiting for anti-whalers to show up so I can chat with them.

        Yeah. You know its true.

    • whiplash

      How many international laws has Japan broken lately? Pretty much on a daily basis. The whole whaling fleet should be turned into scrap metal with the crews sent home.

    • agent orange

      Pretty funny how out of no where come the PR puppets of Glenn Inwood. Names like Hideyoshi Toyotomi & Kimitake Hiraoka spring up, posting in support of the ICR. Words like terrorists, criminals thrown around like crazy.

      We know its you Ginza Glenn.

      • Glenn Inwood

        No, I am Glenn.

    • Takashi murakami

      The sooner SSCS, Greenpeace etc sink the whaling fleet the better. I’m sick and tired of our government pulling the wool over our eyes and abusing the Japanese taxpayer over this whaling saga. Everything from the Tokyo two to the whale sanctuary violations.

    • no maru is a good maru

      “many acts of violence, piracy and terrorism on the high seas”

      Name them you PR prop man…

    • Rolf Larsen

      Posted by the associated press: “Donald Rothwell, a professor of international and maritime law at the Australian National University, said Bethune’s boarding was not illegal under international law, unless he planned to do harm to the crew or imperil the safety of the Shonan Maru 2. Merely making a demand or presenting a letter and a bill did not constitute terrorism or piracy.”

    • LeslieCz

      Inwood sold out his village to a Japanese fisheries company, then sold his soul to the ICR, but the majority of Kiwis are united in the protection of whales. We do see exceptions though.

  • come si come sa

    It is about time these Japanese morons were held accountable for their dangerous out of control bogus research. They are down there provoking all conservationist nations around the world with their violent actions. Actions of terrorists.

    Buthan has every right to be there serving the citizens arrest and handing the bill to the captain of the Shonan. He should be in Jail for attempted murder.

    Lets see, the Shonan maru fires a LRAD at the Ady Gil, then rams it and nearly kills the crew. That is attempted murder and the captain and crew of the SM2 should be arrested, handcuffed and put into prison immediately. All whaling ships should be seized and disabled.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Incorrect. He and his fellow terrorists have absolutely no right to board a foriegn vessel without permission.

      The Ady Gil incident is not attempted murder. Even if the Shonan Maru was responsible for the collision, it would have been a legitimate act of self defence. The Ady Gil was engaged in acts of violence and terrorism against the Japanese vessels and ought to have been neutralised.

      The simple equation here is that the research fleet is acting legally. The Sea Shepherd terrorists are acting illegally. That is a significant difference.

      • come si come sa

        Waiting for some real info from you Kimitake – not just ICR rubbish,


      • agent orange

        and dont forget the whaling fleet is there without permission, they rammed another ship, they are disobeying maritime laws and spouting propaganda in defense of their wreckless acts of terrorism.

        Serve the warrant, arrest the captain, Shut down whaling.

        While we are talking about neutralising, perhaps the Enola Gay should do a lap of the southern ocean and drop its payload onto the Nissin Maru.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        Funny, Hideyoshi Hiraoka or Kimitake Toyotomi…or what ever you’re calling yourself now, that you like to call the SS crew terrorist. Talk about taking sensationalism to a whole new level.

        I don’t see any of japanese crew members appearing terrorized in the least…frustrated, annoyed maybe, but terrorized?

        Come on, KermitTalky HiraOkyDoky, let keep it real! I’ve told you a million billion times…Don’t exaggerate! lol

        Calling the SS crew “terrorists” is like calling the girl scouts the green berets!

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Hi Gavin,

        Thanks for your comments. Your name calling was particularly hilarious.

        Yes, Sea Shepherd are indeed terrorists. They use violence to pursue their fanatical agenda and have no qualms in endangering human life. In this regard they are no different from Al Qaeda.

        And as with all terrorists, they should be neutralised.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        But there are degrees of violence. Pinching someone could be considered violent. Then there is the type of violence we saw on september 11th. Giving 911 a ten and giving a pinch a one, the ss level of violence would fall around a three at most.

        Kimitake, I dare you to answer this question honestly: If you were going to be attacked and were given the choice of who was going to attack you, and your choice was between A notorious street gang or the Sea Shepherd… who would you chose?

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Gavin, I will take you up on your “dare” and answer your question.

        I would sooner be attacked by the notorious street gang. The reasons for this are multiple:

        a) Sea Shepherd is a very well funded organisation that has at its disposal a vast array of sophisticated weaponry that it is prepared to use.

        b) Sea Shepherd is driven by an extreme and fanatical agenda that is essentially misanthropic. They hate human beings (themselves aside, it seem) and carry out violent attacks in accordance with this sick doctrine. Sea Shepherd disregards reason and fact in carrying out its violence. The street gang would presumably be acting more rationally in the pursuit of its agenda.

        c) Sea Shepherd are masterful liars. I would not want to be accused causing the attack after the event.

        I hope this answers your query.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        Actually,that was the disingenuous answer that I expected from you.

        You chose death over prevention, very interesting.

      • Blake

        Research — check!
        Terrorists — check!
        Fanatical — check!
        Voilent — check!
        Well-funded — check!
        Cash IRC check — check!

        Good job, Kimitake! You have fulfilled your purpose!

        I do have one, straight-forward question, however. What is the purpose of saying the SSCS is a well-funded organization? We all know the ICR is subsidized by the Japanese government to continue this (as of recently) unprofitable business. It seems the question of where the ICR gets their operating cash is of more importance than where the SSCS gets theirs.

  • From MN, with hope…

    Best of luck serving your warrant and invoice to them Pete! Its about time sometimes takes down the Shonan 2 for sinking the Ady Gil! Sea Shepherd is obviously saying that they aint going to take any more crap from the whalers!

  • billy jean is my lover

    Good work Pete. Long overdue too. Damn scum bag whalers. So much for their expensive anti-boarding tinsel. The Shonan Maru should be dispatched to the ocean bed and the crew arrested.

  • whiplash

    While you are there Pete, take control of the ship and ram it into the slipway of the Nisshin Maru.

    Filthy whaling pigs.

  • animal.lover

    Hi Michael — Thank you for the update. This blog has been a great source of news and so interesting for its comments as well. Will you posting anything about the Greenpeace trial? There are ton of posts here about the SSCS so I’m surprised it hasn’t been covered unless I’ve missed it. I know those guys don’t have a reality show and aren’t celebs like the SSCS folks (but maybe they would be considered notables?) yet it would be interesting to hear what people think about it.

    • whiplash

      Animal Lover? Really? In case you missed the last few years…

      SSCS has been going down to the Southern Ocean for years now – well before animal plant / whale wars. So stop your rants about SS being celebs / TV hoares. Leave the sarcasm at the door and post something useful.

      • animal.lover

        This website says it is for news about celebs and notables. I never said that they are not notables too but anyone on tv is considered a celebrity. That is not a slam against them in any way. I am sorry if you interpreted it as such.

      • animal.lover

        By the way, I never used the word hoares (sic) nor would I ever suggest that. I find that offensive and not even accurate.

      • agent orange

        Leave whale wars out of it. That is simple an opportunity that came knocking that would be silly to knock back. I mean, you get more exposure, funding etc to assist you with what you live for, what you are passionate about. Plus it exposes the dreadful Japanese regime that is the ICR / whaling fleet.

        Paul has been into this well before whale wars / TV came along. So bag him all you want,no one cares. He is doing important urgent work – while people sit on front of their keyboards talking tough. I’d like to see you cowards out there doing something instead of typing.

      • agent orange

        sorry re: hoares.

        Someone else called SS media hoares. Perhaps it was Mick or ddpalmer etc…

      • From MN, with hope…

        Agent O, I called Paul a media whore. He has that “any pubilicy is good publicity” mentality to the extreme. I love Paul! He craves the attention, and he truly is a media whore, raking in the attention to raise awareness. That was in no way meant as an insult. He is right to love the attention drawn to the whaling debate. Its what helps make Paul great, and so defiante and confident when he has the world talking about whats up!

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Actually, the “Whale Wars” program is very relevant to this. It is a vehicle through which Watson solicits the publicity and money to which he is so hopelessly addicted.

        It is significant because Watson knows he needs to make the show interesting to attract viewers. Viewers in turn mean money.

        After failing to disrupt the research mission this season, he knows he has to pull illegal stunts to provide footage for the television program. As he gets more desperate, his stunts become more violent and further endangers human lives.

        This vicious cycle of publicity, money, violence and greed has only one ending. That ending is human tragedy. Therefore, he and his fellow criminal thugs must be stopped before they hurt someone again.

      • Tom Thumb

        Look, sure Paul uses the media – who wouldnt? The world media is obsessed and nutso!

        Back to important issue. The whalers have been served, Lets hope they get arrested for being criminals.

      • animal.lover

        Posted this in the wrong place initially. Apologies for the tone but I hate accusations when we all are on the same side to some extent.

        First of all, you have no idea what I do for a living. If I am not on a ship fighting whales, I am a coward? There are lots of people doing lots of brave things in the world that aren’t on those boats. In fact, there is a big group called the military, the police force, firemen… And that I have a family to take care of or am possibly disabled?

        Second, my question was relevant. There is a huge trial happening right now exposing the “dreadful Japanese regime” so I am curious to know what people think of it. I know you want to attack everyone who doesn’t agree with Paul Watson’s tactics but I don’t think it is fair of you to do so. People criticize PETA here all the time or stylists like Stella McCartney for not doing enough. Is it unfair to want a dialogue?

        I respect your passion and anyone’s right and desire to have a show and am happy it is opened up a dialogue. Maybe now I’ll want to give a grant to a group of researchers to look into the research claims. I understand you being defensive but it isn’t always helpful for the cause.

      • From MN, with hope…

        You’re kidding right? Whale Wars came when Discovery channel wanted to film the plight of Sea Shepherd. If Paul truly cared about attention why would the cameras have arrived only three years ago when now it is their sixth campaign. Now, I’m no math major, but I’m pretty sure that means Sea Shepherd went 3 years without cameras. And thats just their fight in the Southern ocean. They have other areas they work in. Think the cameras are going to follow them to the Mediterrainean? No. And if you think they dont have enough film after 70 days for several 1 hour episodes of Whale Wars after the whalers sank the Ady Gil, rammed the Bob Barker, deceived the whalers when the Bob Barker made its debut, after being chased by the Shonan MAru 2 in the beginning of the season (and so on with examples) than you are very very very mistaken. If he cared about ratings why were there all those episodes where nothing happened? They obviously dont care about ratings. And its obviously not research, so stop calling it that.

        Say hi the Glenn for me!

      • animal.lover

        I didn’t realize they approached him. Not that it matters as I have no criticism for him making a show. I disagree with other stuff but anyone has a right to have a show. And while my question was genuinely about the Greenpeace trial and directed at Michael, thank you for that information. I actually read somewhere that he had approached networks for the show and not the other way around. Lots of misinformation out there.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        Speaking of Mick or ddpalmer…where did they go? Did these chumps take on new identities? Or did they run away to avoid the proverbial “egg on their face”?

      • ddpalmer

        Well Gavin you do realize most people do spend part of each day sleeping? This article was posted at 11 PM EST, I am in the EST zone so is that hard to figure out that I may have been asleep?

      • Gavin MacQueen

        Oh, I was under the impression that the ICR had three employees working under the ddpalmer handle, each working an eight hour shift. My bad.

  • Valerie Vomit

    Well finally the Japanese have had the warrant served. Im sure they knew it was coming because they know darn well what they did was dangerous, illegal and is tantamount to murder.

  • Tom, Sydney

    I’m an SS surporter, but in this case, I think they’ve taken it too far .. too dangerous, too illegal. It may possibly work against them, exacerbating their reputation as cowboys. Arguably an unnecessary action, especially with the recent release of ‘The Cove’, and the world watching the trial of the Tokyo 2, not to mention all the Toyota recalls etc., Japan is already getting all the bad press they don’t want.

  • DesertToad

    Just curious… how does one issue a NZ citizen’s arrest in International waters?

    Didn’t Paul Watson recently say that they successfully chased the whalers out of the sanctuary (and into International waters) after their last clash? I understand that under NZ law, Kiwis can form a charge and issue a citizen’s arrest on their own, but I thought that the jurisdiction only extends within NZ’s borders and waters.

    I am also wondering how Watson can call Pete Bethune a prisoner if Bethune vowed that he would not leave the Shonan Maru without the Japanese captain in custody. Doesn’t that make him a squatter instead? He is staying by his own choice, given that statement. If he refuses to leave the ship (by zodiac, jet-ski or whatever), I fear that he will be in for a long ride back to Tokyo….

  • ddpalmer

    Even if he has an right to serve a citizens arrest warrant, that is supposedly based on NZ law. So if he isn’t in NZ territory he has no right to serve any warrant since NZ’s laws only apply in NZ.

    • Rolf Larsen

      Gonna post this again.

      From an associated press article: “Donald Rothwell, a professor of international and maritime law at the Australian National University, said Bethune’s boarding was not illegal under international law, unless he planned to do harm to the crew or imperil the safety of the Shonan Maru 2. Merely making a demand or presenting a letter and a bill did not constitute terrorism or piracy.”

    • ddpalmer

      I am sure that experts could be found that would say something different. Although I will say it appears that Prof. Rothwell is unbiased on the whole whalers vs. SSCS issue.

      A better question though is what obligation does the Japanese vessel now have to Mr. Bethune? His claim of an obligation to return him to NZ or Australia because of the Ady Gil distress call is just too funny for words. Does he forget that the Steve Irwin already returned him to Australia after the collision? His choice to go back to sea negates any need for further ‘rescue’. But do the Japanese have to provide him with food, water and shelter until he decides to leave? As long as they don’t impede his exit I would think he is a squatter and they have no obligation to even acknowledge his existence, much less feed and shelter him.

  • Ed Hartz

    This man and others from the Sea Shepherd have guts. They are patriotic and they refuse to let down from politics, money, and greed. I commend his bravery and constitution. The Japanese and anyone else who insist on destroying these animals are wrong. They deserve to be on trial. And if I had my choice to save their lives or the life of a whale, I would chose the whales to stay and them to go. If I was young enough and had no children to take care of now in my life, I would go to the sea with them and protect the whales. When I have some additional cash, I will support them financially to do the job they are doing. I would only hope that they sink and destroy their ships.

    The whales are like what the Americans were like at Pearl Harbor. Ask any war veteran what it felt like to be at Pearl. Ask them how it felt to be attacked n a sneaky cowardly manner. Asleep in your bunker while the Japanese attacked on the sneak. A whales life is as valuable as a human beings’ life, especially when the human being is not in harmony with nature. especially when a human being is a thief, a corporate corrupt individual, a murderer, or a human with the emotional intelligence that is so low that it could not be measured or seen.

    We support Sea Shepherd and will continue to do so. Keep the news coming. Anyone with “True Grit” would stand up and fight these clowns. All the news is good, but action is needed.

    If any of you love the ocean, love sea life, and our planet; you will understand the magnificence of the sea and these magnificent creatures. I have been swimming all my life in the ocean. Since I was a child. A few years ago, I had my longest ocean swim in rough waters off the coast of Long Island. It was a 15 hour swim-non stop. The feeling is awesome. The ability to do this is from the mind and the need to feel and connect with the ocean. It connects with you. And it returns a feeling natural higher than any other human endeavor or activity or experience that I had. Others feel the same way. Imagine what it is like to swim with a dolphin, a whale, a shark, a sea turtle, schools of fish. I had done this and so have some of you. Anyone who has done this will realize that what the Japs or anyone else are doing to the whales is wrong. They must be stopped. Anyone who wants to do something significant in their lives should help this cause.

    Bob Barker and others have given to the cause. They are to be congratulated for their support. If I was a rich man, they could have more of my money. JUst to see their vessels stopped and know that some more whales live would make me and others very happy.

    If the Sea Shepherd comes to New York Metro for an event, please let me know. We can be there. The Titanic recently had an exhibition in New York.If the Titanic had a show and it was a success here, then Sea Shepherd would also be a hit. I am sure. I can bet that if New York or Boston on the coast had an event with the Sea Shepherd; people would go to show their support. Try it, it could work.

    Go Sea Shepherd! Thank you.

    Aquarious Aquaman

    • http://google Catherine

      Great work Sea Sheppherd and to all the crew; the daring to those who are peeling potatoes; you are all vital in protecting the oceans. There should be more of you. What I do find appaling is our cowardly govenments. For the sake of commerce, they do not change laws and erase the loop hole that allows whales to be slaughtered for so called ‘research’. Maybe some of us that are supporting you could get to work to prompt that change.

  • Brazil

    Brazil says GOOOO SEA SHEPHERD!!

    Japaneses can’t simply go down to antartica and fish whales as they were fishing in ther own cost. That’s against rules, laws. THAT’S WHY SEA SHEPHERD WON’T LET THEM DO THIS. GO SEA SHEPHERD, WE SUPPORT YOU!!

    • ddpalmer

      Yes they can. And it is not against any rules or laws. That is why the Sea Shepherds are committing criminal acts when they try and stop the whalers.

      If you have proof that I am wrong, then post the actual applicable laws that the Japanese are breaking not just regurgitated lies from the SSCS.

  • Pingback: How The Sea Shepherd Secretly Boarded A Japanese Whaling Vessel (w/VIDEO) « :: the latest in green gossip()

  • Ari

    Why protest if you can take them to court?

    “For those who accuse Sea Shepherd of being criminals, Captain Paul Watson has only this to say: “If we are criminals, either arrest us or shut the hell up. I’m getting pretty fed up with whiners who can’t back up their ridiculous accusations with the law. Cite a law that we have broken, cite a violation. The truth is that there have been no violations and we have not been charged with a single criminal act or maritime violation in six years of opposing these poachers.”

    • ddpalmer

      “For those who accuse the whalers of being criminals, Captain Paul Watson has only this to say: “If they are criminals, either arrest them or shut the hell up. I’m getting pretty fed up with whiners who can’t back up their ridiculous accusations with the law. Cite a law that they have broken, cite a violation. The truth is that there have been no violations and they have not been charged with a single criminal act or maritime violation in six years of being opposing by the SSCS.”

      • Tom, Sydney

        Don’t worry ddpalmer, their time will come. The case will be brought to the international courts. The whalers will be stopped.

      • ddpalmer

        Yeah, we have been hearing that story for 3 years and nothing has been done yet.

      • Tom, Sydney

        Sure, but don’t count on it staying that way forever.

      • ddpalmer

        Nothing stays the same forever. Like this year it appears we will see an SSCS member taken back to Japan for trial.

    • Tom, Sydney

      .. and the world will be watching.

    • ddpalmer

      I am sure the world will be watching. Just like they are watching the ‘Tokyo Two’ thieves get sent to prison. And maybe fanatics will start to realize that just because you think you are right and are doing it for a good cause, if you break the law you end up in prison.

      Richard Reid and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab thought they were doing the right thing. And they believed that they were morally correct in their actions. And just how far did that get Reid in court? He is currently serving life without parole and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab will probably end up with the same fate.

      You can have strong beliefs and maybe even be morally correct but courts, especially criminal courts, deal with the letter of the law. And I really doubt any country will protest very strongly because they know that if these types of actions are allowed they will have loads of people doing the same type things in their country. The US already sees it with people like Scott Roeder and they really don’t want to encourage more like him.

      • Tom, Sydney

        Now you are drawing a comparison between the Tokyo 2 and convicted terrorists? Richard Reid and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (on the terrorist watch list) carried bombs onto planes! You are tedious dd.

        The Tokyo 2 trial will re-commence on March 8 – there is nothing to watch right now. The incident has raised awareness of the whaling issue, google: 66,800 results for Junichi Sato, Toru Suzuki, and that’s only in English.

        Just out of curiosity, do you have Aspergers? Just so I know what I’m dealing with here. (Absolutely no offence to those on the autistic spectrum, my beautiful nephew is on the highly functioning end of the autistic spectrum).

      • billy jean is my lover

        It might go beyond aspergers, I think he could be on the ICR payroll as well or up Inwoods backside.

  • Poacher News

    Corruption in the Japanese Whaling Industry?

  • Poacher News

    Whaling troubles for the japanese?

    • ddpalmer

      The trials have nothing to do with whaling.

      The trial is about two people who broke into a shipping company warehouse and stole a box. They are thieves, they admit to being thieves. But they try and say that they had a good reason to be thieves. I don’t know of any country where that explaination works.

      If they knew of criminal activity they should have reported it to the police. If they say the police and courts are corrupt, then why did they turn the ‘evidence’ over to them once thay had it?

      Greenpeace is trying to make this about whaling but it isn’t.

      • Poacher News

        A more humane approach to research. What the Japanese Poacher don’t want you to know…

      • Tom, Sydney

        “They are thieves, they admit to being thieves. But they try and say that they had a good reason to be thieves. I don’t know of any country where that explaination works.”

        Had to re-read, thought you were talking about the whalers.

  • Tom, Sydney

    “Japan’s commercial whaling operation currently targets around 935 minke whales and 50 endangered fin whales each season in the Southern Ocean, under the guise of scientific research. A review of this programme by the IWC’s Scientific Committee found that it has failed to reach a single one of its objectives. The IWC has stated that it does not need the data produced by this programme and has repeatedly asked Japan to call it off”.

    Now they’re killing humpbacks as well… hmm.

    • ddpalmer

      No they originally had humpbacks on their quota but when asked they removed them.

      The Japanese are ultimately doing research for their purposes so the IWC stating they don’t need the data the Japanese produce doesn’t matter.

      • Tom, Sydney

        You are right there ddpalmer, of course it wouldn’t matter to the Japanese.

      • ddpalmer

        Yeah just like the US doesn’t care that so many countries condemn the fact that they still have the death penalty.

      • Tom, Sydney

        What the hell are you trying to say? 2 wrongs don’t make it right.

        Unlike Japan, the US in NOT in the Southern Ocean which does NOT belong to Japan, or US or any other country ie. it is belongs to the world. Therefore, the whales in it are the world’s whales, not Japan’s! Whales are endangered and therefore protected, NOT to be commercially hunted. Is that so hard to understand?

        Japan’s ‘scientific research’ quota = xxxx
        Japan’s commercial hunting quota = O

        Don’t you get it!?

      • Tom Thumb

        Funny DD how you cherry pick and seem to copy/ paste the same old arguments whenever the ICR is mentioned or the whale santuary.

      • ddpalmer

        Sorry Tom you are wrong. International waters are open to use by every country.

        Minke whales are not endangered and therefore not protected.

        The Japanese are research whaling so their quota is whatever they decide to make it.

        I use the same argument because it is the same situation. Maybe you give different answers each time you are asked a question, but I tend to give the same answer. Maybe someday people will actually look up the facts for themselves and I wont have to keep explaining it to them.

      • Tom, Sydney

        Ok and that quota includes endangered fins and humpbacks, pregnant females (nearly a third of total), including pregnant humpbacks. Also, lactating mothers. Uhhuh.

        What kind of ‘scientists’ are you gathering gruesome useless data that can be found without the killing? Why don’t you call it what it is ie. commercial hunting. Because commercial hunting is banned and illegal??

        Rotten, stinking, filthy lie.

      • ddpalmer

        No the quota doesn’t include pregnant and/or lactating females. The quota is for whales and they take whatever individuals they encounter. That is how random sampling works. And that is how a research project gets representative data.

        Much of their data can’t be gathered with non-lethal methods. I would like just one person to explain how you can sample a whales liver non-lethally or how you can examine a whales ear plug non-lethally.

        And the fact that they collect young whales as part of their research backs up their claim of it being for research. If they were hunting just for food they would try and take the biggest whales possible. They wouldn’t waste their time on small juveniles.

      • Tom, Sydney

        So they need to take app 1,000 whales a year including endangered humpbacks and fins for ‘research’? And how long have they been doing this for? They’ve eaten too much mercury if they haven’t learnt the biology / psysiology / chemistry of whales by now. Seriously .. give us a break.

      • Tom, Sydney

        ..looks more like a very efficient meat factory than a science lab to me.

      • ddpalmer

        Gee Tom don’t you understand the situation?

        They are doing research to try and show that whaling can be done sustainably. But the IWC keeps saying they don’t have enough info. So the Japanese go and gather even more data. If the IWC would listen to the Scientific Committee and implement the RMP the sampling would stop.

      • Tom, Sydney

        Hmm .. so what you are saying dd, is that time and time again, the research data gathered by the Japanese has proven useless & ineffectual .. gee I think get it!

      • ddpalmer

        With your powers of spin you must work for an ad agency, Tom.

        What I am saying is the IWC refuses to listen to their own scientific committee and implement the RMP. Instead they keep saying they need further data. So the Japanese gather and supply that data, then they say they also need this other data, so the Japanese gather and supply that data. The IWC keeps moving the goal posts in a desperate bid to avoid their responsibility and their charter. Japan keeps accepting their challenge and meeting their new requirements only to be presented with even more new requirements.

        The data the Japanese supply is exactly what the IWC asks for, they just keep changing what they want. Kind of like the anti-whalers.

      • Tom, Sydney

        Pity ..

  • Poacher News

    Japanese views on whaling…

  • Whoever…

    Again, both sides are debating the ‘research’ (*cough* bullshit!)/’illegal (allegedly) SS methods’ issue but none is approaching the real issue – the whales!!

    They are not given the choice to decide their own fate because humans continue to see animals as mere objects or resources and not sentient beings just like us. Who says we’re smarter than them? Just because we can build nice ‘gadgets’? They too have a language, they too have memories, they too feel and have needs… So where’s the line that makes us superior to them?

    If people answer that we’re part of nature (and I don’t question this) and that in nature animals eat other animals (and then we’re just like them, not better), then I ask those same people the following – do you think it’s okay to kill a group of animals whose population is growing too much and depleting all the surrounding resources? Most likely you will reply that we should hunt them in order to protect the ecosystem. Then if we’re part of nature just like all the animals, if a population of animals that is growing too much should be controlled, then what should we do to the human population? I mean, talk about over-population and depletion of resources! Accordingly to your line of reasoning, we should start killing humans all over the planet….

    I’m just saying!

    To the rest of the evil defenders (those who defend whaling, hunting, factory farming, wearing fur, etc.) who say that activists are terrorists and that they should be killed, talk about looking in the mirror – you defend evil, you defend killing animals, you wish something bad happens to activists, and yet you accuse activists of being terrorists and complain that their methods are violent.
    What a paradox – whalers (in this particular case) can torture whales to death and you think it’s okay, when whaling ships ram SS you think it’s okay and you also would like to see activists drown or something like that… and yet if activists fight for what they believe in they are terrorists, they are braking the law (interesting how no navy ships have gone after SS to ‘arrest’ them; besides laws aren’t always morally right – remember Apartheid or slavery for instance?) and they are violent people.

    Therefore you’re just like those you’re attacking and insulting – the only difference is that when it’s ‘your’ side you’re okay with everything that goes on; when it’s the other ‘side’ they’re the evil ones.

    This argument could also be used on our ‘side’.
    However, and this is the real difference between us, what we’re defending is that animals are left alone (we don’t need to eat them to have a healthy life), that we respect nature and each other, and what you’re defending is that killing is okay (animals and humans – I’ve read numerous comments in several posts of people wishing that the activists were killed), and that the most important thing is money! Yes, because this all comes down to money! If whaling wasn’t profitable for a specific and powerful group of people, whaling would have ended a long time ago. Don’t be so naive… research my ass!

    Oh, and to sum it up, the same people you’re defending (the elite of this world) are the ones who don’t give a crap about you or your family. They wouldn’t think twice about ‘terminating’ your or your family if that served their agenda/plans/projects/whatever…
    Think about that!

    Proof is all around you – the financial crisis (the richest got richer and more powerful…), the flu scam (even mainstream media ‘briefly’ talked about how the WHO was pressed by pharmaceutical companies to create all this fear in people in order for them to sell millions of vaccines!)…

    WAKE UP!!!

    • ddpalmer

      Was there a point in there somewhere?

      I see you lumping people together like everyone on the two sides think exactly alike.

      I see you make broad analogies that don’t fit.

      I see you rambling about great conspiracies.

      But I don’t see you making any statements that apply to the topic or even reach a coherent point on any topic.

    • Gavin MacQueen

      ddpalmer, It appears that humanity, compassion, empathy…just don’t register contextually for you. Not surprised! I thought “Whoever…” made his points very clear.

      I think I’m on to your MO, ddpalmer. I have noticed that when someone makes a good point, you either ignore their post all together or you come back with the old canned, “what’s your point” …sometimes adding a comment that desperately attempts to make the post come off convoluted. Standard straw hat arguments.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        *straw man

      • no maru is a good maru

        Well said Gavin exposing the truth behind DDpalmers empty cherry picking.

    • ddpalmer

      Then maybe you can explain it without all the grand conspiracy babble?

      Do you understand what a straw man argument is? It doesn’t appear that you do. If you really worked at it you could maybe make a claim for an ad hominem argument but even that would really fit.

      Of course your MO is definitely to use ad hominem attacks. Along with never posting facts and responding to weeks old posts expecting the original poster will never see your comment then claiming you somehow won.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        I am very familiar with the meaning of “straw man” arguments. I went into it in great detail with your counterpart “Sage”.

        When I used “straw man” in my last post, I was talking about your method of debate in general. You did use a touch of straw man in your reply to whoever… and if you don’t see it, then you obviously don’t now it’s meaning.

    • ddpalmer

      Lets see straw man requires ignoring a persons actual position and substituting a distorted or misrepresented version. Then attacking that position that the person never actually espoused.

      I never restated or misrepresented what he said. Heck I never attacked his position because I couldn’t understand what position he was trying to present.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        You don’t listen. I said I was referring to your arguments in general. This means your posts outside of your reply to “whoever…” as well.

        And I said you used a portion (“You did use a touch of…”)of the straw man augment tactic.

        You did make an attempt to misrepresent “whoever’s post by stating that it didn’t make a point, when in fact it made many points. Your remark not only misrepresented his argument, it was also an attack, all in the same line…Aren’t you efficient.

    • ddpalmer

      I asked if there was a point in his post, I never said there wasn’t. And even if I had that isn’t a straw man argument. It may skirt close to an ad hominem attack but even that would be a strech.

      You don’t seem to really understand what a straw man argument is.

      And the point still stands that his post has nothing to do with the topic of this article.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        Asking if there is a point IS implying that there isn’t point.

        Nice try, better luck next time!

      • Gavin MacQueen

        You’re also the king of semantics.

      • whiplash

        I don’t get any of your shallow empty points ddpalmer….maybe you should spend more time looking out of the window.

      • agent orange


        You know when a man resorts to being condescending, you know you are dealing with a short man with a superiority complex. Trying to trip people over on semantics and pedantics is something a “know-it-all” annoying kid in school would do (a sign of desparation). It is screamingly obvious you have not got anything better to do than to echo the PR nonsense that is pumped out of the ICR and its band of puppets (Glenn Inwood & those suspicious Japanese posters)

        Perhaps you are a child? If so, maybe you could be forgiven to some extent for you ignorance?

      • ddpalmer

        You right agent orange but I will over look the fact that Gavin, whiplash and you do that. I figure sooner or later you will actually try and use some facts to support you positions.

      • Valerie Vomit

        Maybe you should check your posts for correct grammer before posting since you insist on being so pedantic all the time ddpalmer.

  • kyle russell
    • Gavin MacQueen

      Broken links. You will have to copy and past the link directly into your browser’s address field in order to get to the facebook page.

      Thanks Kyle!

  • Mick

    According to a news article on Yahoo Japan, Bethune apparently made two attempts to board the SM2. They reported that his first attempt failed and he fell into the water.

    • billy jean is my lover

      Typical ICR propaganda.

      The Japanese knew nothing until he was already on the ship. I suppose he violently assaulted the Japanese crew and tried to take control of the ship. Perhaps he has a weapon too? yeah come on ICR….and the PR weasel inwood.

      • Mick

        Actually, no. According to the article they got that information from Sea shepherd.

      • ddpalmer

        When did Paul Watson start working for the ICR?

        I guess some people are a little to quick to make accusations. Maybe someday you will learn to check facts before you post lies.

      • billy jean is my lover

        ddpalmer, facts?

        you certainly are relentless in your PR Pro-whaling campaign. I guess in your view, the whalers can do no wrong yeah? It is twits like you that stymie progress. Stymie conservation efforts and the like. Whether or not you are paid by the ICR, Inwood or just a bored sea man who likes to argue, shows your true soul: Hollow

      • ddpalmer

        Look Billy you screwed up and just immediately assumed that because the news made the SSCS look bad it must have come from the ICR and it must be a lie, because you assume everything the ICR says is a lie and that the SSCS can do no wrong. But in this case the news actually came from the SSCS. You just showed that you are a fanatic and will believe and back the SSCS no matter what. You just showed that you are a brainwashed cultist.

      • Tom, Sydney

        Look ddpalmer, if you truly believe the ICR lies, you’re the one who’s been brainwashed.

      • Mick

        Tom, sydney

        The news article stated that the information that Peter Bethune fell in the water when attempting to board the SM2 came from SS, not the ICR.

      • Tom, Sydney

        Mick, I wasn’t referring to that incident in particular. So Bethune fell into the water .. so what?

      • Chris, Sydney

        “With well over 9,000 minke whales killed in 22 years and no useful data produced, Japan’s so-called ‘research’ in the Antarctic is an international embarrassment.”

        Got you on that one Japan.

        Now, let’s hope that captain and crew get arrested for ramming the Ady Gil. Leaving the scene of a maritime accident which they caused.

      • ddpalmer

        No its OK Tom. I go to numerous places to check the facts.

        I actually went and read the UN World Charter for Nature and see that Paul Watson is lying about it giving him any enforcement powers.

        Or that the IWC Charter allows research whaling and requires use of the meat.

        Or that the Antarctic Treaty prohibits the Australians from establishing a sanctuary, doesn’t prohibit refueling and doesn’t ban military personnel.

        So no I don’t just believe what the ICR says. Can you say the same thing about what the SSCS says.

      • Tom, Sydney

        Good for you, but I have only become an SSCS fan since the Ady Gil was hit, so pls pardon my ignorance – when and where did Paul Watson say the UN World Charter for Nature gave him enforcement powers?

        Yes IWC allows SCIENTIFIC research, that is not in dispute. The dispute is in whether what the Japanese are doing can be qualified as scientific research (as opposed to commercial R & D, or culinary science), and if indeed it can, it must be deemed a failure and a waste of human, energy and whale resources, because as you have said so yourself, the data provided by the Japanese does not meet the IWC objectives whose purpose is “to provide for the conservation, development, and optimum utilization of the whale resources”, nor the Japanese objectives of proving that whaling can be done sustainably.

        The Antarctic Treaty neither recognises nor denies not only Australia’s but seven nations claims to territory. The Antarctic Treaty defers to the IWC when it comes to whale management issues, and in 1994, IWC member states designated the waters surrounding Antarctica as the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. (Sanctuary meaning a place where wildlife can breed and take refuge in safety from hunters). And no, the Antarctic Treaty does not ban refuelling or military personnel, but too bad for the Japanese eh, that they, lacking in military might, have to use the “tools of diplomacy and promises of development aid” (Maseyuku Komatsu, head of Japan’s Fisheries Agency) to strengthen their position on whaling.

        No I don’t just believe what the SSCS says, but I do like what they’re about. Oooh!

      • ddpalmer

        I didn’t realize you were new to the debate. As you have probably seen people on both sides can get a little carried away and defensive. I try to control myself but we all slip.

        I know that there is a good chance you wont ‘change sides’ but whichever side someone is on I believe they should at least have the info.

        This link gaves the SSCS stand on why the UN WCoN gives them enforcement powers. Most indepent experts that I have seen don’t agree with the SSCSs reading of the WCoN but those are the kinds of disagreements that keep courts and lawyers busy.

        I never said the “the data provided by the Japanese does not meet the IWC objectives,” I have said that the IWC keeps saying they don’t have enough data and giving the Japanese a different reason why their current data isn’t good enough. So they have to go back and get new data for the new goal that the IWC set.

        I am glad you quoted from the IWC objectives “utilization of the whale resources”, sounds like the IWC was establish on the basis that whales are resources to be used.

        I agree the Antarctic Treaty doesn’t recognise or deny Australia’s LAND claim. The problem is the treaty said that no country may make new claims while the treaty is in effect. When the treaty was signed a nations waters were 12 nm from shore. It wasn’t until about 20 years later that a nation was allowed to claim a 200 nm EEZ. So Australia extending their water claim around Antarctica is a new claim that is specifically prohibited by the treaty.

        And yes the IWC did ‘establish’ a whale sanctuary. But there are two problems. The easiest one is that Japan filed an objection to the sanctuary, so it doesn’t apply to them no matter what. The second is that the IWC violated their own regulations to establish the sanctuary so even if Japan hadn’t objected, the sanctuaries legal existence is in question.

      • Tom, Sydney

        Thanks for the link and more detailed response .. I understand your point of view just a little better and am now convinced, Sea Shepherd will be getting more of my charity dollars.

        But interesting chatting, you take care, get out in the light a bit you know .. ciao.

  • Poacher News

    Help Captain Peter Bethune. Sign the “Free Sea Shepherd Captain Peter Bethune” Petition.

  • Tom, Sydney

    Um .. not sure Capt Bethune wants to be freed?

    “Mr McCully said his understanding was that Mr Bethune boarded the Japanese ship to make a point, “knowing there would be consequences from it and that he is not only not seeking to be removed, but is refusing to be removed”.

  • Matthew Williams

    Heres the final line. This was a brilliantly thought out idea by Sea Shepherd. Why, because Bwethune will now go ona very public trial in Japan and massively increase awareness to the Whales plight. This is what the Jap govt and the whalers wanted to avoid. Now it will happen. Last time people sneaked on board they just got released, no press. This time MEGA PRESS. hooray Sea Shepherd, the japs are foolish to have not seen this coming. Bethune will probably be quite happy to serve Jail time in the cause to stop whaling. This will become a major international story. WIN.

    • ddpalmer

      Just keep repeating that Matthew.

      The Tokyo Two thought the same thing. But since their crime was theft the whale issue hasn’t been and won’t be brought up in court. The trial is barely mentioned in the news and when it is the whaling issue is barely mentioned, except at sites like this one where about the only people that read it are already knowledgeable about the situation.

      Bethune’s trial will be the same. He will try and bring up whaling and the court will shut him down as it has no bearing on his crimes. He will try and bring up New Zealand citizens arrest and the court will shut him down as he wasn’t in New Zealand or their waters.

      If they had really thought this through they would have gotten a US citizen to be the captain and make the boarding. At least then the mainstream US press just might be interested enough to print some coverage. Nothing against New Zealand or the people of New Zealand, from my one short visit they are a great group of people, but in my opinion most of the world media won’t be interested in some obscure captain from New Zealand on trial in Japan.

      • Bucky Goldstein

        I disagree. I wasn’t even aware of the whole whaling issue until I caught the news about the Ady Gil being hit by the Japanese whaling ship.

        I believe that you are gravely underestimating the increased exposure to whaling that the Bethune’s trial will bring forth.

      • ddpalmer

        So one person who read it on this site.

        You just strengthened my point.

      • Bucky Goldstein

        “So one person who read it on this site.”

        Please, humor me and elaborate. Your retort makes no sense in light of the context of my post.

        The point I was trying to make, is that I wasn’t even looking for news about the Ady Gil, and it presented itself out of the blue on a CBS news broadcast. In light of that, I’m sure that most of the world media WILL be interested in some obscure captain from New Zealand on trial in Japan.

        Another thing to point out is the fact that the Ady Gil issue is not so obscure, and with Bethune’s association with the Ady Gil, he will inevitably be lifted out of this obscurity you speak of.

      • ddpalmer

        Well then maybe you should have mentioned CBS in your original post. It would have helped make your point if you had actually mention the main point you were trying to make.

      • Bucky Goldstein

        My apologies. I must have taken you for someone with a higher IQ.

      • ddpalmer

        No you must have thought I was someone with psychic abilities.

        How would intelligence help me with knowing where you heard about the Ady Gil?

      • ddpalmer

        Bucky you sure do spend a lot of time trying to prove that I am human and make mistakes sometime. Rather than trying to prove any of the facts I post as untrue.

      • Bucky Goldstein

        “…Rather than trying to prove any of the facts I post as untrue.”

        Funny that you mentioned that. Ask, and you shall receive:

      • ddpalmer

        What is your point with a South Park episode?

        How does that disprove any fact I posted?

        Have you just completely lost it? I gave my opinion of what happened in the South Park episode. Are you implying that you have somehow proven my opinion wrong?

      • Bucky Goldstein

        ddpalmer, I have to say it’s getting quite annoying having to explain everything to you. You remind me of Sage. What a scatter brain she was.

        Ok, here we go…

        You said, “…Rather than trying to prove any of the facts I post as untrue.”

        So I gave you a link to the article where I posted something about your getting the facts wrong about Paul Watson seeing something get pulled up the slipway of the factory ship. My bad, I should have anticipated that you wouldn’t read the thread thoroughly and only catch the South Park bit.

        So, in response to your quote above, I did in fact prove that some facts that you posted were untrue.

        Damn, are like a child? Must I write an explicit set of instructions with every post I make to you?

  • Jae

    Whales are food too!
    Sea Sheep are nothing more than yuppie approved hate merchants.

    The whales were saved even before Watson started his side show to bilk the gullible for some dollars and paint himself as a hero for the dumb hippies.

    We’re in the middle of a food diversity crisis. Why is EcoRazz supporting scum bags like the Sea Sheep?

    Whales are food too!

    • Poacher News

      “Whales are food too” according to you!

      According to the Korowai tribe, humans are food, and according to some koreans, dogs are food.

      Are you a dog owner,Jae?

      • billy jean is my lover

        I doubt Jae is, but his rant proves he does not think before posting. People like him stymie environmental progress…

  • Gavin MacQueen

    Documented proof that ddpalmer can be full of hot air:

    (ddpalmer, December 16, 2009 at 3:12 pm)

    “The Ady Gil is stuck in port. Seems the SSCS didn’t get the necessary permits. The permits can take up to 90 days to be issued. Looks like the futuristic stealthy secret weapon may sit out the campaign.”


    Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be a lot more incorrect calls from ddpalmer.

    • no maru is a good maru

      Yep – incorrect calls, word twisting, Public Relations diatribe, biased remarks, unsubstatiated claims, non-impartial/objective commentary etc etc all coming our way soon.

      PLUS the other puppets/morons who repeatedly use the words Criminals, Violent, Aggressive, Eco-Terrorists [when referring to SSCS], Same as killing cows, cultural traditions, Whales eat into our fish stocks, Minkes prevent recovery of larger whales, whales are just big fish, etc etc [in defence of the whale poaching]. Plenty of posts with a complete disregard to their actual definitions.

      Similar tactics were used by hitler when pulling the biggest con job on his own people in history.

    • ddpalmer

      Do you have a comprehension problem? The SSCS reported that the Ady Gil was stuck in port because of a New Zealand permit issue. I said they ‘MAY’ sit out the campaign, because the SSCS said it may take 90 days to get the permit, they got the process sped up, so my guess turned out to be wrong. That is not hot air that is reporting what the SSCS said. Now if you want to say the SSCS was full of hot air I may agree with you.

      And of course the Ady Gil did end up sitting out most of the campaign, at the bottom of the ocean rather than in port but same result.

      But nice try. Maybe you will do better next time.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        And that’s what I was alluding to…The fact that your guess was wrong!

        That’s what a “call” is, merely a guess, an educated guess, or how one predicts the result of a situation or an event.

        …do you have a comprehension problem???, or just a problem with the definition of simple words?

      • ddpalmer

        So you went back through two months of posts to find one where I made a guess based on info from the SSCS that turned out to be wrong. And you think that somehow discredits my other posts?

        It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        LOL, what’s pathetic is the World According to ddpalmer.

        What’s also pathetic is that I’ve notice every time that you have jumped to a conclusion about me, I in turn replied with clarification of the matter, and just about every time I’ve done so, you disappear from the thread, rather than posting a reply admitting to your error.

        And so, here I go again. First of all, I didn’t go through two months of posts to find one where you made a guess that turned out to be wrong. At the top of the page you’ll see links to “related posts”. I happened to notice one that I wasn’t familiar with, click on it, and read the article and preceded to read the post. I’m sure there are many more articles that I haven’t read through yet and hope to eventually get to.

        You’re pretty fortunate that I don’t have the time to put as much into all this as you do. I’ve been pretty much battling you with one arm tied behind my back, and even with that, you’re still not much of a challenge. Maybe sometime soon, when I have more time and can become as much of a fanatic about anti-whaling as you are about whale poaching, I’ll intellectually knock you out.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        I keep telling you, you guys are debating a moot point. Step back and view the bigger picture.

        Many species of whale are not endangered and therefore may be sustainably harvested by those wishing to do so. The moratorium is a historical relic that should be lifted accordingly.

        Sea Shepherd act in violation of international law and should be prosecuted as Pete Bethune shall be. They should be denied access to ports and flags accordingly and their operations in the US and Australia investigated and shut down.

        Greenpeace should refocus their effort on real environmental and conservation issues, not the emotive non-issue of whaling.

        Problem solved.

      • Tom, Sydney

        The international moratorium allowed some whale populations to recover. The blue whale has not recovered and is highly endangered estimated at about 1% of its previous population. Only the grey whale is thought to have recovered to its original abundance.

        Some populations of the Japanese Minke is endangered. The new minke estimates are half the old 1990 estimates in every area that has been resurveyed. The IWC’s scientists do not understand the reasons for this and so far have not been able to agree to a new estimate.

        DNA tests on whale meat in Japan found that many of the samples on the market were not minke but humpback, fin, and blue whales.

        Greenpeace focuses on real environmental and conservation issues – whaling being only one of them.

      • ddpalmer

        You keep telling yourself that Gavin, whatever gets you through the day.

        Reality is you post opinions and lies. And at some point I get tired of your complete lack of an ability to discuss a topic and I give up on you.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        What a pitty ddpalmer…and just when it was getting fun.

        ddpalmer: “And at some point I get tired of your complete lack of an ability to discuss a topic and I give up on you.”

        Translation: “And at some point I get tired of pushing my pro japanese poacher propaganda with your over powering ability to see through my BS…I give up and will seek out weaker prey”

  • sidewinder

    It is an uphill battle against these pro-whaling drones.

  • billy jean is my lover

    You can’t really take anything that twit from Lake Eries says, since he posts the same pro-whaling rants across a broad spectrum of news/post articles.

    and thanks Mick for the usual biased diatribe.

    Does any of this look like important legal science? Does it really look like Japan is honoring international conventions in good faith? The Australian Federal Court didn’t think so and it recently ruled that Japanese whaling in the Australian Antarctic Territory EEZ is illegal. Pete Bethune should be free and exonerated of any charges. The Japanese whaling industry should be shut down and the Shonan Maru 2 captain, the real pirate, should be arrested and put on trial.

  • lisa

    ddpalmer can you imagine yourself as a whale and swimming freely in the Southern ocean whale sanctuary. then a large ship with a harpoon comes to shoot you in the back and you die 25 minute painful death before being processed on a factory ship how does this make you feel about whaling.

    • ddpalmer


      I have been asked a similar question before. But as Baaah said, it probably is not much different than other animals that are hunted. Of course as compared to a domesticated animal at least the whale has had its life up to that time free to range wherever it wanted. And if the whale was smart enough I would think when it heard the ship from miles away it would change course and/or dive to escape.

    • Gavin MacQueen


      You would be wise to not listen to ddpalmer. He will do his best to distort reality in order to support japanese whale poaching.

      First of all, ddpalmer is not capable of imaging himself in the position of tortured dieing whale, or any other living entity for that matter…other than possibly himself. He lacks empathy and compassion. What’s important to him is trying to prove people wrong, and of course. his paycheck.

      ddpalmer: “at least the whale has had its life up to that time free to range wherever it wanted”

      First of all, that is pathetic! It gets me thinking what ddpalmer’s epitaph should read after she has been kidnapped and brutally tortured to death.

      “Here lies ddpalmer, at least she had her life up to the time of her vicious death, free to range and blog lies all over the internet…or wherever she wanted”

      How much time did this cafe have?:

      As much as it is unfortunate that our creator has supplied us with food that must be killed in order to eat…the one thing we do have is choice. We can choose animals which can be humanely killed, and there are plenty of them, which makes it extremely unnecessary to poach whales. And the slaughter houses that are not humanely slaughtering livestock are just as bad as the japanese whale poachers.

      So, don’t let ddpalmer’s lies fool you. The difference in how domesticated animals are slaughtered is extremely different than the way it’s done by japanese whale poachers. But don’t take my word for it:

  • ddpalmer

    Gavin there are many people that will eat meat if it was ‘free range’ but not if it was raised at a factory farm. So to some people the fact that “at least the whale has had its life up to that time free to range wherever it wanted”
    actual does make a difference.

    Just because you don’t feel that way doesn’t mean that nobody does.

    And did you see this yet? Apparently some people only care about the whales in their backyard but are perfectly willing to let Japan commercially hunt whales as long as it is far away.

    That could throw a kink into the SSCS’s operations.

    • Gavin MacQueen

      Nothings set in stone yet, but what ever gives you a woody!

      ddpalmer: “So to some people the fact that “at least the whale has had its life up to that time free to range wherever it wanted” actual does make a difference.”

      ddpalmer, look up the word, “rationalization” then put the words, “lame, cold blooded, lack of heart” in front of it.

      Your “some people” happen to be cold hearted, it’s all about the money, fools like you.

  • Poacher News

    Could this be another bad season for the japanese poachers?

    “I think we can guarantee now that the Japanese whaling fleet will fail to get their kill quota by 30% to 55% based on past observations of Sea Shepherd disruptions,” said Captain Watson, “They will not be seeing any profits for this season.”

  • Poacher News

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has issued a November deadline for Japan to bring a halt to its so-called scientific whaling program in the Southern Ocean.

    Read more:

  • Poacher News

    New Zealand’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully: “I am simply trying to make sure that we win friends and influence people.”

    “We’ve managed to see meaningful discussions with the parties that hold opposite views and that’s very welcome,” he said. The only way to quickly stop whaling was by diplomacy, he said. “All of the alternatives involve time, expense and frustration. We may have to go down that path [legal action], but before we choose it, we should exhaust the diplomatic process.”

    Read the full article: