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Proving that he’s better with money than science, Donald Trump today said that Al Gore should be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize because of the recent record-breaking snowstorms on the east coast.

The billionaire tycoon made the foolish remarks while giving a speech before 500 people during a business conference at Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, New York.

“With the coldest winter ever recorded, with snow setting record levels up and down the coast, the Nobel committee should take the Nobel Prize back from Al Gore.”

He added: “Gore wants us to clean up our factories and plants in order to protect us from global warming, when China and other countries couldn’t care less. It would make us totally non-competitive in the manufacturing world, and China, Japan and India are laughing at America’s stupidity.”

Trump obviously isn’t up to date with his science — as many articles have been published in the wake of the snowstorms explaining that such events do not disprove climate change — and may even be caused by it.

As one commenter on the HuffingtonPost put it, “Because everybody knows that the word “global” is defined solely by what happens in the U.S.”

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  • ASB

    Trump knows his audience: you can be sure that every carcass-ingesting, oblivious, over-consuming pie-hole in the room was laughing riotously in agreement.

  • Michael d'Estries

    Oh absolutely, ASB. According to one report, they all stood and applauded.

  • herwin

    so Trump and Friends only can be compatetive because their factories aint clean and pollute. Not because they are smarter. get it. hilarious and scary at the same time, these bunch of greedy powerful morons. And global warming doesnt lead to a homogenous warming of the planet, it rather leads to a changing weather patterns with more intens weather .. oh well.

  • Aquaman

    Trump may have a point to make. More importantly, what does the man do with his “talents” and money to improve things like sustainable agriculture? Basically the guy is a landlord. He thinks he is lord of the land yet he destroys it. And does he support farming on land or sea? Is there anything this guy does that is good?

  • Whoever…

    “It would make us totally non-competitive in the manufacturing world, and China, Japan and India are laughing at America’s stupidity.”

    Well, I don’t know about china, japan or India, but we in Europe (most of it anyway) sure laugh at America’s stupidity when such an idiot like this Illuminati guy is actually one of the richest men alive… Only in America :)

    Global warming (I’m not even going to get into the truth/hoax issue) doesn’t mean it will be warmer everywhere around the planet. It does mean that weather will become more extreme – cold or warm.

    One thing is undeniable – earth’s climate is changing and we definitely have played a significant role in that change. Only zombies and bribed scientists still claim otherwise!

  • Jim

    What’s astounding is that there are still some clueless dupes who take the “global warming” farce seriously, even after all the evidence to the contrary, and the obvious fraud committed by the “scientists” who promote it. The concept of “global warming” (and “climate change”) is so nonsensical that it’s downright comical.

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  • Jenn

    The “Global Warming” farce is just that a bunch of lies. The premise was taken from a college student who was just speculating.
    The have also proved that there is not “Global Warming” and that the earth is going thru its normal cycles.

    It is only the extremely egotistical types that continue to believe that man is reponsible for “Global Warming”. The only issues that man is responsible is for poluting the environment in which he lives.

    Pretty simple, lets clean up our world so we like living in it and leave the “Global Warming” to nature created and controlled by GOD!

    Grow up and stop believing the crap that liberals throw at us.

  • Jenn

    One more note.

    First Al Gore invented the Internet.

    Now he has invented “Global Warming”

    People, get a clue Al Gore is the idot not D Trump.

  • Paul

    Wow you people have some pretty strong opinions…as if any of you have enough knowledge to just write off the possibility that people could have a hand in climate change. Give me a break. Trump sounds like an ignorant dope if you ask me. I don’t give a shit if China or whoever the f— is “laughing at us.” They can laugh away. I laugh at them for their ignorance. (if they are even “laughing”, and of course many are- wherever they reside)

    All I know is there must be some pretty smart scientists working on this. To flat-out close yourself off to this to me is silly and extreme. My guess is that it is not all misinformation folks. I am not in a panic but I certainly have some concerns. I am sure anyone with some good sense does.

    Get it together people. Balanced views over extremist views. How about them apples.

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  • Colin Hall

    It’s a fatal mistake to exclude the comments of Donald Trump when he talks this way about Global Climate issues. He symbolizes the opinions of the very rich and the very influential, without who’s backing any initiatives to counter mankind’s effect upon global temperatures would just lead to nothing. Laughing at him will only harden his resolve, we need the cast iron proof that will show his that this world is heading for a catastrophe of such proportion that it will effect, even his, privileged life.