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kathy mattea, mountaintop removal

Grammy-award winning artist Kathy Mattea was the keynote speaker last week at the fifth-annual “I Love Mountains Day” in Frankfort, Kentucky. A crowd of around 800 people showed up to condemn “mountain bombing” and urge legislators to pass a bill that would curtail mountaintop removal coal mining in the state.

“Since learning about mountaintop removal, I’ve had a deep ache in the pit of my stomach, a deep yearning for these mountains I know so well and love so much,” said Mattea. “Everyone is scared, she said. “If my house has turned from a quiet sanctuary into a living nightmare, I am in deep anguish. On the other hand, if I have a decent job, and suddenly I’m going to be without a way to provide for my family, I am in deep anguish.”

“How do we honor the deep human needs on both sides of this conflict?”

Supporters for the legislation say jobs can be created in Appalachia from a shift to clean energy projects. “It is my constant prayer that we can find a way to refrain from taking our pain out on each other and continue to work toward a vision of an economy and an environment where all people in Appalachia can thrive,” added Mattea.

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  • hebintn

    I applaud Ashley Judd, Woody Harrelson, Kathy Mattea, Daryl Hannah, and Robert Kennedy Jr. (I apologize if I’ve missed any) for their having the courage to take up strong positions against mountaintop removal mining. These folks often place themselves in veritable lions dens, e.g. Ms Hanna’s arrest, for something they believe strongly in. Celebrities are often criticised for such positions of advocacy with the criticism generally coming from the opposition. I see their participation as a huge asset in drawing attention to our cause, and I thank them for placing themselves in potential jeopardy, a position that most of us would avoid.

    I particularly like Kathy’s less adversarial position. As a person from Appalachia she seems to understand the human aspects of the other side and seeks a win-win solution. In my opinion, that is simple, halt all mountaintop removal operations and offer support and training to those individuals who might lose their jobs or not want to work deep mines in alternate energy professions such as wind and solar. The destruction of the mountains would stop and the people would have opportunity for long term sustainable jobs that they can feel good about.

    I find it interesting that Hollywood stars generally take positions on the left. I’m not aware of many that take positions on the conservative side, with the exception of Charlton Heston, may he rest in peace, and the NRA.

  • sophie sekoral

    WV needs infrastructure in the counties needing jobs such as better sewer and water systems. This can’t happen if counties choose not to do this. Small business grants are not made accountable. Nepotism occurs. You start a business and it fails in three years and start a new one. Taxes are a problem because of the elderly and poor and fewer workers. WV is not as business friendly as Ohio.
    WV residents may eventually move to gas for industry and heat, but their water has to be protected for this too.
    Solar and wind cannot produce enough electricity locally in WV.
    US contracts to build windmills and even military vehicles and planes do not stay in in the USA. Why does’nt Al Gore bring a business to WV or Robert Kennedy?
    People should unionize China, and get better working conditions over there, so businesses will stay in the USA.
    The maker of the Iphone and Ipad have workers who should have better working conditions in China, yet, those items are still made in China. The people who yell about environmental issues and worker issues, have resources to buy these items. They are celebrities.
    They could say something to Steve Jobs.
    WV would not need to provide so much inexpensive coal in
    to NY city and NC with their big cities, if they found alternative energy in the own communities.