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Just days before jetting off to Jamaica, Amy Winehouse called an animal shelter and asked them to collect her cats.  Winehouse had previously given two felines to her goddaughter, singer Dionne Bromfield, but it was reported that the “Rehab” singer had as many as 11 cats at one time.

“Amy was pretty upset about it because she loved them dearly, but she had to give them up,” a source told The Sun. “They were climbing all over the place, breeding and generally getting out of control.”

Earlier this year, Winehouse received the moniker “Catwoman” after bringing more cats into her London home.  The Sun reported, “She loves cats but doesn’t know when to stop. Controlling that many is proving to be a disaster.”

Typical of her addictive personality, this is the second time Amy Winehouse has collected a gaggle of kitties just to turn and give them away.  Last year she dumped her furry companions with friends before heading to the Caribbean.

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    Ugh she is freaking horrible!!!

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  • SG

    Love her CD, it is really a classic, but this is f’n unacceptable. Um, if your cats are breeding, try getting them fixed you ignorant fool.

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    If you can’t look after your pets, then don’t keep having more, simple.