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Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Honored In Latest Sea Shepherd Assault

Honoring the man for whom their flagship is named after, the Sea Shepherd launched a unique type of attack on the Japanese whaling fleet yesterday in memory of Steve Irwin.

Dozens of fake crocodile eggs were thrown onto the flensing deck (where whale blubber is peeled off) of the Nisshin Maru. Each of these eggs was sponsored by Sea Shepherd supporters on shore who paid $50 to inscribe a message on the outside of the egg. When these eggs make contact with water, a baby crocodile emerges from the egg and expands rapidly. Just like those “Grow in Water” toys you might have played with as a kid. Or last week.

A few of the eggs were signed with messages from Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin.

“I cannot think of anything more appropriate for the Steve Irwin to toss onto the bloody flensing decks of the Nisshin Maru than crocodile eggs and baby crocs,” said Captain Paul Watson. “Before his tragic death Steve wanted to join us in our efforts to defend the whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary,” said Captain Paul Watson. “Because of that, we asked Terri Irwin for permission to name our ship in his honour.”

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  • ddpalmer

    So the Sea Shepherds charge their supporters $50 to spread pollution in the Antarctic?

    • From MN, with hope…

      Its not pollution! They’re sponge-like. Besides, the whalers constantly refuel in the sanctuary, spilling fuel into the water, endangering the penguins and other windlife in the area. I suppose you also believe the Ady Gil sank while still leaking fuel. Get off your high-horse, and go where people actually value your opinion! Here you’re just a nuisence.

    • From MN, with hope…

      … and they expanded on the Nisshin Maru’s deck, and maybe once the whalers push them off their deck Sea Shepherd will retreive them.

      • ddpalmer

        Yeah right. The SSCS is going to run around picking up sponges while the whalers go hunting.

    • Valerie Vomit

      Yeah dd palmer, would not expect any less from you. Down right pitiful miserable sod.

    • billy jean is my lover

      *sign* words of an ill-informed tool (as usual) ddpalmer, always out to impress, but ends up looking real stupid.

      • ddpalmer

        Lets see, throwing plastic and sponge into the ocean isn’t pollution? So just who is ill informed and stupid?

    • lamie

      so your saying its bad to drop a few sponges into the ocean but using a gernade tipped rocket powered harpoon to kill 1000 whales in a sanctuary is ok

      • ddpalmer

        The harpoons aren’t rocket powered. They don’t kill 1,000 whales and the sanctuary doesn’t legally exist.

        And yes throw extra crap into the ocean for no reason is a bad thing. Why increase the damage being done?

      • From MN, with hope…

        So its okay to dump heavy crude oil into the ocean, but its not okay to throw some sponges onto the deck of a ship, that will eventually shrink away once they are removed from the water spray? If the sponged end up in the sea its the whalers fault for not caring enough to clean them up, so they just throw them away.

        Unfortunately it isnt illegal to throw junk into the ocean, but I do believe that letting your oil into the water is. Sea Shepherd cant be under the legal gun, but why the whalers havent been charged with anything is beyond me.

      • ddpalmer

        When did the Sea Shepherds dump heavy fuel oil into the ocean? I don’t remember every hearing about this.

        No if you throw your trash into your neighbors yard it doesn’t become his problem, it is still you you are responsible. And you can be sure that none of them miss the target and just fall straight into the ocean?

      • From MN, with hope…

        Sea Shepherd has never dumped fuel into the ocean! The whalers have! Many people have said it, and you never said anything pertaining to teh Nisshin Maru spilling fuel into the ocean, you just store it away from that.

        Yeah, some might have fallen into the ocean, but as far as legality, its not illegal. Yes I do agree, little plastic eggs in the ocean are bad, but the sponges probably arent going to be as big of a problem as the eggs. And we arent talking about neighbors, we are talking about the Steve Irwin and Nisshin Maru. The two subjects are nothing alike. Sea Shepehrd throws them onto the Nisshin Maru, and its up to the whalers to clean it up. Why would you care about some sponges (that could be used as, guess what sponges!) but not some rotten butter or cellulose powder?

      • ddpalmer

        Gee do you have a problem reading. I never said the ‘eggs’ were illegal. I said they were pollution and as others have said they could be swallowed by sea creatures who could end up dying.

        No the ones that land on the Nisshin Maru are still the SSCS’s responsibility.

        And yes I am concerned about the cellulose and butyric acid, you can call it rotten butter all you want but you know you are lying, But those have been used for years and discussed many times. These ‘eggs’ are new and this article is specifically about the ‘eggs’.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Uh, do you have a problem thinking? I was just restating that throwing garbage into the ocean isnt illegal as to avoid that discussion!

        The litter could be swallowed, and kill an animal, but chances are low. Very few creatures live there that would end up swallowing plastic eggs.

        Fine, if its Sea Shepherds duty than they can just waltz onto the Nisshin Maru and pick it up without being harrassed. Oh wait! The whalers make a big deal if Sea Shepherd gets within 1 mile of their ship, so obviousy that isnt going to happen! Sea Shepherd has been throwing their ROTTEN BUTTER and cellulose powder onto whaler ships for a long time now, and just now its becoming an issue. And if you are pro-whaling why do you care about the sea creatures? Why should you care about them, and not the whales? Doesnt make much sense to me!

        Yes, it is about the eggs, but think about the billions of people who everyday throw their trash into the ocean, and get away with it, without having some prick whine about it on the internet. Its just 50 thin plastic eggs, that if the whalers cared for sea life, would be picked up by the whalers. And again, I know some might not have made it (even though they were thrown from very close by probably) its probably nothing compared to what is already floating around there. and if the shells are thin enough to be broken by a growing sponge chances are its thin enough to be cracked and crushed by any animal that may want to eat it.

        Why would Sea Shepherd bother buying surplus butyric acid when it occurs naturally, and cheaper, in butter? Just let it rot! They just want to make it any unpleasant work environment, and to taint the whale meat, without harming the whalers. The rotten butter does just just that. Its not pure, concentrated acid.

      • ddpalmer

        “Uh, do you have a problem thinking? I was just restating that throwing garbage into the ocean isnt illegal as to avoid that discussion!”

        So you say I have a problem thinking because you said something to avoid a discussion that no one even hinted at? I think you have your finger pointed the wrong way.

        But since YOU brought it up. It actually is illegal. Releasing garbage in the Antarctic is specifically ban by the Antarctic Treaty System, you know one of those treaties the SSCS say they are enforcing. Although how you enforce a treaty by intentionally breaking it I don’t know.

        Look I realize that you are slow. But the SSCS even says they buy butyric acid from a chemical supplier. It is not rotten butter. Rotten butter isn’t a liquid, which is what is in the bottles they throw.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Really? Well think about it like this for a second, if you have an attention span long enough to read more than a sentence. I have whats called a life. They are really magnificent, you should try getting one. I wake up early, get to where I am needed, I do what I need to do, spend time with friends, get home, finish up my work there, do some stuff on forums, THEN I check on ecorazzi to see what new trash you have thrown up. I dont go on ecorazzi while I’m on the clock. You, on the other hand, have NO life. You post-whore on an environment-based blog, when you obviously dont care for the topic, and call supporters of Sea Shepherd morons when they have too much to do to do anything more than voice their opinions. You are the complete opposite. You sit at your computer, on a boat in the middle of the Great Lakes, looking up needless information on a topic you dont care about, always saying “I’m right, and anybody who goes against what I say is a complete ignorant moron who needs to agree with me.” Guess what dude, NOBODY CARES!!! Gt off your high horse, and GO TO WHERE YOU ARE ACTUALLY APPRECIATED!! Nobody here gives a wink about what happens to you, so stop post-whoring get off this site, and get a life!!

      • ddpalmer

        I have a life too, but thanks for your concern.

        No calling people names and believing that is how you win a debate is an SSCS tactic.

        I do care about the topic. Just because I am on the other side of the debate doesn’t mean I am not interested.

        “I’m right, and anybody who goes against what I say is a complete ignorant moron who needs to agree with me.” Now you are putting words in my mouth. I post facts and expect people to either believe them or show they are wrong. But as you said the SSCS supporters post their opinions.

        I realize many people are insecure so they only want to be around people who think the same as they do. Wouldn’t want to have to face other opinions because it might make you think about things and that just hurts your head.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Most other people dont have time, and dont believe the first Google result. You cant change people. You cant change their opinions, you cant change their personalities, and if you knew about the thing called feelings you would know that they dont take kindly to being called slow, stupid, or a retard.

        Again, you say something that immediately applies to yourself. I got a bit angry when you called me slow. I am not one of those people with a high self esteem, or ‘inflated ego’ like you may have. I dont care if I “win” the debate over these little plastic eggs, I am just angry that after I said “do you have trouble thinking?” you flew off the handle. I called you that after you asked if I had trouble reading. Obviously you dont like your tactics being used against you. You too are using SSCS tactics by calling others idiots, and expecting that they’ll leave you alone, and add to your inflated ego.

        If you truly knew who I was, you would know that whole bit about being around people who think the way I do, is about as truthful as saying the Great Lakes are red, and the sky is made of wood. I am around people who hate me just because I dont believe what they believe, and I have proven them wrong in several occasions. Others dont even have a reason to hate me!

        I suffer from low self esteem, and this is not the way I cope with it. I have NEVER had a very high self esteem. Stop saying I’m slow, stupid, or retarded. That is what got me a tad angrry. Since you dont know who I am it is very possible that I am smarter than the people you sit around with on that boat. Now than, since I have a real life, and a time to keep, I will leave it like this:

        I will always support the SSCS. I dont care what you do, say, or think. I just want you to stop calling me an idiot. Leave little ‘ol alone so you can stroke your massive ego. Obiously you cant see logic through the thick mist of fog you call your ego.

      • ddpalmer

        Oh so you tried to use a straw man argument by claiming I said something I didn’t then got upset when I called you on it. But you don’t have an ego issue. OK.

      • From MN, with hope…

        What didnt you say that I claim you did? Look, the only reason I got mad was because I am so tired of your condescending, your “I’m better than you” attitude, your post-whoring, your hipocracy, and you calling everyone stupid because its not possible that you are wrong in any way because you are on a boat in the Great Lakes, and we are on land with actual things to do.

        And you know NOTHING about me, so dont tell what I do and dont have.

      • ddpalmer

        Oh but you can tell me what I do and don’t have.

        Just who is the hypocrite?

        I post facts backed up with citations to the documents they come from. that is not a ““I’m better than you” attitude,” that is a ‘here are the facts read them for yourself’ attitude. If people don’t want to know the truth then that is their problem. But don’t say I claim a superior attitude because I show the facts that backup my position and most other posters have no facts or use proven lies.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Answer my question, what did I say you said that you didnt?

        I know those ‘here are the facts…..’ people, and most of the time, its completely untrue. One person with that attitude claimed something every self-aware human would know was a lie, but he didnt cave, he walked away stubbournly, as I assume you would if I was talking your face. But over the keyboard we get a bit too confident.

        I am judging your attitude from your posts. You cant tell someones self-esteem via post, but you can tell attitude. Now you are going to ignore my question and refere back to where you think I judged your self-esteem, well just shove it! You obviously arent accomplishing anything by doing this, so I suggest you drop it. I am getting a bit tired of arguing with someone in a dead topic.

      • ddpalmer

        You claimed low self esteem so I was trying to be considerate, but if you insist.

        “I’m right, and anybody who goes against what I say is a complete ignorant moron who needs to agree with me.”

        Show me where I said that. Or even something really close.

      • From MN, with hope…

        If anybody opposes what you say, you immediately come back and say that they are wrong. To you everything Sea Shepherd says, is wrong, anything that is right, you either twist the words to make it wrong, you change the subject, or you ignore it.

        And I was judging the ego thing by how you normally resond to me. Again, its the way it was perceived/received/context in which it was delivered.

    • billy jean is my lover

      ddplamer: You are spreading lies and filth – so that is pollution too you lamer…

      • ddpalmer

        What lies do you claim I am spreading this time?

        Sooner or later you may actually answer a question or post something that is true.

    • Dgredy

      are u serious this was one of the coolest ideas ever!you really dont know what u r talking about!!

    • Tom Thumb

      What does the ICR charge the Japanese tax payers?

      Those poachers have no right to be there. What do they do to poachers in Africa?

      • ddpalmer

        The ICR doesn’t charge the Japanese taxpayers anything. The elected representatives of the Japanese people vote on funding just like in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

        And they aren’t poachers. Their whaling is completely legal.

  • behrtbhj

    How is that pollution

  • mia

    lol.. SSCS is hillarious. Too bad they are violent liars or I might actually agree with them,

    • agent orange

      Violent liars? You are talking about the whalers right? SS violent? Where? When? you twit.

      • Mia2

        Let’s see… launching flares, throwing bottles of toxic chemicals, ramming into other ships (don’t tell me they’ve never rammed – it’s painted right there on the side of SI). Those behaviors aren’t violent? You’ve got to be kidding me. lol

      • Valerie Vomit

        Toxic chemicals?

        Are you talking about the dumping of agent orange into foliage/villagers during the Vietnam war?

        SS does not use toxic chemicals. Check your facts and think before posting mia2. Pathetic

      • ddpalmer

        Butyric acid is toxic. You may want to check your facts.

    • whiplash

      You are the hilarious one mia. Violent liars? Karma will get you for spreading lies…

  • Iron Man

    Duh Duh Palmer whines about pollution when the whaling fleet routinely discards oil and fuel into the pristine waters of the Southern Antarctic Ocean.
    Time to get your priorities in gear and stop making a complete ass of yourself Duh Duh.

    • timmy

      Japan’s vessels haven’t spilled any oil. However the Sea Shepherd cockroaches failed to take care of their plastic boat when the idiots parked it in front of the oncoming Shonan Maru 2 vessel that they had been harassing and had it smashed. Then they declare that the oils leaking from the Ady Gil were deliberately dumped by the Japanese for propaganda purposes. Only a Sea Shepherd moron would ever believe this, like Paul Watson’s “they shot me and my bullet proof vest and my badge saved me” lies.

      It would be funny if these incompetent, un-sea worthy idiots weren’t messing up the marine environment. The Japanese are only taking small amounts of whales, not dumping trash and garbage. Besides the trash the Japanese are documenting them dumping I wonder how much else they are getting up to.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    More acts of violence from the Sea Shepherd thugs.

    Michael, please desist from referring to Paul Watson as a captain. He is not registered as a captain and to refer to him as such is misleading.

    Paul Watson was convicted of a violence criminal offence in Norway in 1997, however, and may be referred to as a violent criminal.

    • ICR puppet

      yeah yeah Kimitake, more PR nonsense you spout. Trumpeting same old BS…we grow tired of it. Find something else to do.

      I’d say the Crew of the Shonan Maru 2 are serial violent terrorists the way they ram ships and fire weapons.

    • From MN, with hope…

      Wow, oh my gosh tiny water-growing toys that are shaped like crocodiles! Everyone panic! We’re all going to die at the hands of childrens toys! Run for your lives!

      Right, violent. Might I bring up how violent the whalers been. Oh, no I cant because you work for Glenn Inwood.

      Michael can call CAPTAIN Paul Watson captain if you wishes. He has been captaining vessels for over 30 years.

      Paul has scuttled many vessel before and the Norwegians pulled out in front of his ship. How they took it is their issue, but Paul had no intention to ram the Norwegian K/V Andenes.

      • whiplash

        Well said. Take that you fake Japanese PR puppet.

        If you are calling SS violent because of some rubber sponge crocs, I’d hate to think what you would call someone that rams a ship in half nearly killing the crew and sinking their vessel?

        Here comes more propaganda from Kimitake….

      • DesertToad

        I agree that the toys are harmless toy pranks (provided the eggs didn’t hit people in the eye when they came down on the deck), and is even a little charming, as it brings a little levity to a bitter situation.

        The problem I have, however, is with what happens to the toys that don’t make it to the deck. I’ve watched the Whale Wars show on TV, and I have seen quite a few bottles hit the sides of the ship rather than make it on deck, because it is usually too difficult to aim well with such rough waters.

        A soft foam toy is innocent enough, and the SSCS’s intent towards wildlife is not destructive, but it is unplanned consequences that gets animals killed in horrible ways. No one thought that six-pack ringers were a threat to animals until we saw birds entangled in them. Yogurt cups were just funny-looking cups until we saw animals get their heads caught inside them. These examples are innocent enough in their designed application (as are foam crocs), but when you present them to animals, bad things happen. Foam toys are not made with natural sponge; they are usually made of polyurethane, a synthetic material that’s highly toxic when burned.

        I’m just worried about the smaller animals eating the artificial sponge toys that don’t get picked up. If Japan washes the toys overboard, then they are certainly responsible for picking those up, but the SSCS guys also have a responsibility to pickup the toys that fell into the ocean when they missed the deck.

        Whether or not the SSCS is right or wrong in harassing the whalers is irrelevant in this case, but they are certainly not going to help their cause if they inadvertently hurt smaller animals to protect the larger ones. There’s enough death going on down there – let’s not add to the casualties, please.

  • ddpalmer

    Thank you DesertToad for being reasonable and using common sense.

    From your post I am not sure but I get the feeling that you don’t support whaling, although you may not support the SSCS’s methods either.

    But you are willing to look at the whole situation and realize that even if someone believes that whaling should be stop, doing things that endanger the very same wildlife they claim to be protecting is still wrong. There are other methods to protest whaling and try and get changes made.

    • sidewinder

      If I had the resources, I’d just torpedo the Nisshin Maru in the Japanese port where it resides (foul floating death star). This is the same ship that dumps enormous amounts of offal, blood and pollution into the pristine oceans.


      • Erik

        doggone all that blood and offal…
        I do hope all the sea life don’t over gorge themselves on the free food they get.
        And since you seem to justify violence, what is your view on the loss of the ady gil ?

  • Poacher News

    Help Captain Peter Bethune. Sign the “Free Sea Shepherd Captain Peter Bethune” Petition.

  • quix

    Japan kills over 1,000 whales and 24,000 dolphins every year. They are driving the overfishing of bluefin tuna. It’s just a resource to them and when its gone they’ll move on to the next one.

    • Erik

      yo quix…. they may BUY the majority of the bluefin, but did you know that is is aussie fishers taking 42% of the southern bluefin to sell ?
      and here we have cap’n crunchy using terror tactics to “try” stopping legitimate, lawful whaling of a completely sustainable RESOURCE.
      methinks using your logic you just want to blame the japanese, else… you’d be out there attacking the aussie fishermen for doing the actual fishing, much like watson is doing on the whaling fleet, OR you’d be blaming the japanese consumers for eating whale, like you do for the tuna…make up your mind. Consistency is the goal here, you don’t get to have it both ways at the same time.