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Breaking news: Glenn Beck is a lunatic. Well, I suppose that isn’t really news, but…

Last week on Beck’s radio show, the demented pundit suggested that Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scientists participate in a mass suicide over errors made by a few of it’s members.

During the segment, Beck said:

“There’s not enough knives. If this, if the IPCC had been done by Japanese scientists, there’s not enough knives on planet Earth for hara-kiri that should have occurred. I mean, these guys have so dishonored themselves, so dishonored scientists.

“Hara-Kiri,” of course, referring to the ritual suicide performed by shamed samurai soldiers. Nice one, Beck. REAL classy!

Take a listen to the sound clip below and leave a comment with your thoughts. I dare someone to defend Beck…I dare you!

  • Rob

    I agree with Glenn, and I want that big fat blowhard Al Bore to lead the way.

    • krissy

      ok maybe youll be near the coasts when some of the inconvenient truth finally happens.

  • Joe Robertson

    This guy beck is a real case study… he loves to incite. He trashes anybody and everybody for his own personal gain. A shock-jock neocon masquerading as a libertarian and for what?

  • Mike Vail

    What Beck OBVIOUSLY meant was that the climate scientists who deliberately falsified data, should inherit some of the shame and personal dishonor that would cause a disgraced Samurai to commit suicide. But of course, the era of personal shame and chivalry is obviously over, and no disgraced scientist is ever going to “Fall on his sword”

  • Alex Burns

    Beck is a joke and has no idea what he is talking about. The guy should just stop talking!

  • krissy

    Glenn Beck is not very smart. He also said a snowstorm is proof that global warming isnt happening. Email him-

  • VeggieTart

    Gee, I guess admitting you made a mistake is not an option in Glenn Beck’s world? He’s been wrong so many times, that he would be dead long ago. Oh, wait, he’s not wrong, he’s DELUSIONAL.