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Did Mother Earth provide yet more inspiration for Cameron’s Avatar?

A Reddit user recently posted photos of a “Common Gliding Lizard” that looks very similar to the flying dragons in Avatar. According to Wikipedia, they are relatively common in forests and in urban settings such as parks and gardens. They are found in Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra and Borneo.

“The crazy part is that those lines you see running through the wings like veins are actually its ribs,” wrote the user Biophilia_curiosus. “Evolution did a number on these guys. They can expand and contract their chests at will to glide great distances. We were only able to catch females as they were laying their eggs. All we could do is watch as the males soared overhead.”

Incredible, right? Some more pics below after the jump.



via Treehugger

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  • Rad_Rosa89

    Wow that’s amazing!!
    They could be the link to prove that dragons existed at one point.

  • nathan

    how retarded(thats right sarah palin) im 25 and ive known about those lizards since i was 5. did zoobooks quit publishing or some shit?

  • Experimental

    Not to start a controversy but if their enviroment changes in such, like moving them to a certain point, they could actually evolve into fully fleged flying lizards, but that would take a complete enviroment and lots and lots of time. Its just a theory but I think its possible. =D


    LAUGH @ NATHAN, and his sentence fragments… LAUGH!!!

  • Andy

    Those cannot fly it can only glide