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Sensible Issues Give Ben Stiller A Lot To Tweet About!After revealing that he prefers to use Twitter in a sensible manner rather than just as a means to record every minute detail about his personal life, Ben Stiller has found himself in the spotlight as the press continues to make light of the funny man’s rather practical side. In a world stuffed to the gills with “reality TV” and incessant celebrity ramblings about the minutiae of their purportedly average lives, it’s actually nice to see one Hollywood fixture choosing to wield his power for good rather than solely to stoke the flames of his ego.

The star of the new indie dramedy “Greenberg” — which focuses on an unemployed man who is less than motivated to find a job and not quite sure how to pick up the pieces of his scattered life – may be known for his quirky sense of humor and knack for delivering left-of-center performances but there is even more depth to Stiller than meets the eye.

Son of the infamous showbiz couple Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, he has grown beyond his comic breeches to take an active role in various charitable endeavors, most recently via his newly launched partnership with Save the Children. The result of this collaboration is the StillerStrong Organization which is focused on highlighting the Ceverine Community School Project in Haiti through awareness and fundraising efforts.

As he told Entertainment Weekly just a few months back of his new project, “With Save the Children, because I assume they know how to save kids, we are raising money to expand the school, dig a drinking water well there, and set up a self sustainable crop field to help the residents keep the school going for years to come. It’s only one school, but hopefully our efforts will lead to greater awareness for the education needs of the children in Haiti.”

Regular readers of Ecorazzi may also recall Stiller expressing exasperation regarding the wasteful and entirely un-green attitude of NBC regarding Conan O’Brien’s now defunct Tonight Show set.

Stiller says that he enjoys using Twitter to spread positive and inspiring news to the public, particularly when it’s charity-based, “You have direct contact to your fans and can stop when you feel it’s too much. After the catastrophe in Haiti we were able to start a few charity actions really quickly for example.” Just don’t expect him to regale you with the blow-by-blow deets of his next global burger dining experience anytime soon.

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  • Missy

    I’m a HUGE fan of Ben Stiller, love his movies and comedy style. Glad to hear, he’s not all PUFF.


  • BanTheFurTrade

    Why is Owen wearing pink pants??

  • Aquaman

    It is nice to see that the people who made it in Hollywood can be with heart and soul.

    Ben, I will go to see your movies, good or bad. Keep up the good works.