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The World Is Definitely Enough For Eco-Activist Pierce BrosnanHardly turned off by the extreme environmentalist label that the public continues to place on him, Pierce Brosnan – who has made an indelible mark on the small and big screens in such blockbuster fare as multiple James Bond flicks and the upcoming Thomas Crowne Affair 2 – has continued to fight the good eco-fight throughout the better part of his adult life.  His support for environmental matters has spanned several decades, whether with his involvement in 1990s Greenpeace nuclear disarmament news conferences and his efforts to prevent a salt factory from being erected in Baja California Sur’s San Ignacio Lagoon or his successful campaigning which prevented a natural gas facility from being constructed off Malibu’s coastline.

Along with his wife Keely Shaye, the 56 year olds’ dedication to matters of the earth has remained strong and determined – in fact, the couple have reportedly contributed well over $1 million to worthy eco-causes and both were even inducted into National Environmental Hall of Fame back in 2008. Among their most favored projects are protecting marine life, conserving wetlands, pursuing clean air and water campaigns and partnering with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to prevent Navy sonar systems from being deployed since they are notorious for pushing already endangered seafaring creatures species over the brink into extinction.

To his own credit, the Irish-born actor – a recipient of the 2007 Goldene Kamera Award for his environmental work — also holds a position on Oceana’s Ocean Council, is a member of the Sea Shepherd’s Board of Advisors and has been a long-term UNICEF Ireland ambassador.

Appearing in the new film “The Ghost Writer,” Brosnan – who portrays former British Prime Minister Adam Lang – had a lot of time to wax poetic on what it might be like to take the world by storm as a political figure. In addition to rewarding educational professionals with well-deserved financial compensation, he said that he would continue to “fight for the forests and the oceans.” When can we nominate him for reals?

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  • Adri

    He and his wife are so classy. I know they have done a lot for marine mammal protection as well.

  • Clhrista

    Both of the Brosnan’s are real icons and easy to look up to. They make you want to do your bit too which can’t be a bad thing. Well done Pierce and Keely.