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Plant-based power is a real thing and taking the world by storm!

In the new film Forks Over Knives Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn examine the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by adopting a plant-based, whole foods diet. Read: the greenest diet on the planet!

Featured in the film are a plethora of well known doctors and experts…and even appearances by some of our favorite vegan powerhouses, like UFC Fighter Mac Danzig.

Forks over Knives is slated to be released in Summer of 2010 and we’re pretty sure it’s going to take the world by storm! Sound cool? Check out the trailer below and visit ForksOverKnives.com to learn more!

  • pierre

    right on.

  • animal.lover

    I am looking forward to seeing this. I hope it is in the vain of some other recent documentaries — (that is, educational and not too preachy) so as to reach to a wider audience. Thank you for the information

  • Susan

    Can’t WAIT to see this.

  • VeggieTart

    I can’t wait for this either!

  • Chastity

    This looks awesome!

    “I am looking forward to seeing this. I hope it is in the vain of some other recent documentaries — (that is, educational and not too preachy) so as to reach to a wider audience.”

    animal.lover, unless it is an actual religion (which it isn’t), there is no such thing as being preachy when trying to passionately spread the message. It’s going to be shocking no matter how gently things are said. It’s up to the viewer to dig deep down and to re-examine what they learned.

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  • Samantha

    Awesome. This is the same guy who compiled “The China Study” and I’ve been wondering how to get this message more widespread ever since I read it.

    Can’t wait. I’m making sure everyone I know sees this.

  • Fallopia Tuba

    I got to hear T. Colin Campbell speak the other night, and he was totally amazing; if only I had heard him years ago, I would have saved myself a lot of grief.

    In truth, I have no idea if this movie will have any more impact than “Earthlings” “The Milk Documentary” “The End of the Line” or any other promising documentary of recent years, but our message is getting louder.

    The reason people continue to eat animal products is that even if dairy is toxic (and it is) it doesn’t kill you instantly, so people rationalize that it’s a “good source of protein and calcium.” Wish people knew they could make their lives better and longer by ditching the dairy.

  • http://www.herbspecialists.com herbert

    Ive been vegan for about 9 months now. Ive lost about 30 pounds of body fat, my health has improved, thru not buying packaged foods and composting food scraps our “trash” disposal has been reduced significantly. By shopping at the local farmers market I support a real farmer and not a MegaloCorporateEnvironmentalyUnfriendlyFactory”Farm”. I find great Joy in preparing colorful organic daily meals that are delicious and healthy.

    There are so many reasons to make the change.

    Hooray for Vegans!!

    I cant wait to see this documentary.

  • elle

    I am interested in seeing this but there is way too much evidence that points to a low carb diet being healthier. I personally have been on a low carb/high protein/high (healthy) fats eating regime along with regular exercise for months and lost 20lbs of pure body fat in a little over a month. My body composition has completely changed from “skinny fat” to toned and healthy.

    Some places and ethnicities whom are almost all vegetarian or vegan have the highest rates of heart disease. That evil evil meat is not was causes diseases and obesity; it’s mostly contributed to processed foods and hydrogenized oils… people have only been eating this way and consuming processed oils for a short amount of time (looking at the big picture) and this is when we started becoming fat and heart disease became our biggest killer.

    and to the poster who said dairy is toxic…that is an -ism that vegetarians/vegans like to spread. And is a complete and utter myth. I bet you didn’t know that soy milk has a highly toxic amount of aluminum in it either..

    • Samantha

      Wow. I’ve never seen so many misinformed points at once! The countries with the highest rates of heart disease, cancer and stroke are in North America with a vegan population of approximately 2%.

      Read The China Study. You’ll find how grossly misinformed you are.

      • elle

        Yes and it is a fact that there is no correlation between heart disease and eating meat, or heart disease and saturated fat. American’s consume a ridiculous amount of sugar and processed food (the word “natural flavors” is code word for MSG, just FYI), aspartame, genetically modified foods, and processed oils, are all recent compared to the human species existence. Heart disease and cancer only became rampant after processed oils were introduced into our diets. When in our history have we ever consumed processed oils? It’s not like you can squeeze oil out of corn, it’s chemically extracted…

        I’d suggest you research different viewpoints, before you blast off calling me misinformed. I’ve done way too much research, from both sides of the equations, talked to many specialists, and have used my body as my own dietary experiment. I’m not saying one diet is bad, it depends on the person, however there is no study whatsoever that proves saturated fat or even cholesterol causes heart disease.

        Until one of your family members come down with diabetes only after following the advice to take meat, dairy, etc. from their diet, please don’t bash my points. This same family member of mine, after cutting out carbs down to only 110g per day, and raising their protein and saturated fat intake, reversed their diabetes in less than a month. In only one week they were already off half of their medications.

        Humans have been eating animal products for far longer than heart disease and cancer has been rampant.

        Do a little research into how your body converts glucose and uses cholesterol.

        Did you also know that Whole Foods “organic” produce comes from China, where there is no regulation over it?

        Thank you for a mature discussion, though.

    • http://vegan--japan.blogspot.com/ herwin

      “Some places and ethnicities whom are almost all vegetarian or vegan have the highest rates of heart disease.”
      please be more specific in making claims. “some place” and “once upon a time” are okay for fairy tales but not for discussions.
      The veggie places and ethnic groups that come to my mind are very healthy, like Okinawa (southern tropical japanese island) which has a legendary health record and worlds highest population of people 100 and older. Their diet included fish but mainly rice and vegetables, and no meat.
      hydrogenated oils saturated fats white sugars, so much new ingredients that are also very unhealthy, besides meat, dairy, eggs…

    • rick

      I did a decade of low carb, high protein/fat and ended up with a X6 bypass. After a year of veganism in the style of Dr. Esselstyn (no oil -not even olive oil) my fasting glucose is in the 70’s for the first time since I began measuring about 15 years ago. I am not “skinny-fat” and have regained all of the muscle mass I lost in the immediate post-surgery aftermath. I do curls with 50 lb. dumbbells -not too shabby for a 62 year old vegan.

  • Samantha

    Well, most of your points I don’t see worth responding to except that you referenced family members and diabetes. Well, many people in my family are diabetic. They also have diets high in animal products, low in processed foods.

    I was diabetic for years. After approximately 8 months on a vegan diet I no longer showed any physical signs of diabetes, and have never had any issues since. I still eat processed and fatty foods, and have only cut out animal products.

    I am not the only case this has been proven true for.

  • Sarah

    I cannot wait for this documentary! I am currently in nutrition school and find it so amazing that finally people are becoming aware of food and healthy disease prevention! The china study along with others regardless of dietary restrictions promote HEALTH and MODERATION! It doesn’t necessarily mean stop eating meat…as it does to slow down look at your diet/excersise as a whole! So excited about this and I hope you are all as well!

  • Warren

    Any cardiologist will tell you that atherosclerosis and type 2 diabetes is heavily connected. My grandfather is 91 and lost a part of one leg to diabetes over six years ago. His carotid arteries must be now relying on collateral vessels to supply blood to his brain, as he was told by his cardiologist that he was completely blocked. ( he’s had severe heart disease for over 35 years.) He manages to keep his blood glucose levels in a very favorable range on a low-carb diet, but he’s been moving like an old man since he was in his fifties, and I have no desire to emulate him.

    I would recommend following Dr. Fuhrman’s “Eat To Live” to avoid degenerative disease.

  • Marty

    I loved the book The China Study and I look forward to seeing this film find more people that will take up the crusade to spread the word. My wish is that our children will live a healthier vibrant life because of the courage people like Dr. Campbell, Dr. John McDougall and many others.

  • Jason

    Dairy is not what it used to be, for decades the government has allowed a certain amount of pus and blood in cow milk along with some other mysterious fluids. Hmmm anyone for a cold glass of cow milk? No thanks, I’d rather have a cold glass of almond milk or hemp milk and most recently coconut milk.

    Quinoa is a complete protein I was fortunate to recently discover through all the brainwashing mainstream media.

    Can’t wait to learn more about a plant based diet in Forks over Knives when it hits theaters March 2011. Oh yeah baby!

  • Karman

    It’s interesting how very personal meat-eaters become when you touch their sacred cow (pun intended). Given irrefutable evidence, some still hold on to the mentality that you need a rare stake, and two eggs mixed in a glass of milk to be healthy. We know better, and Dr. Cambell’s China Study provides proof. Given the level of pure protein contained in a bowl of beans, how could anyone ignore the benefits of a vegetarian diet. As one actor said in a famous movie, “Just because someone tells you that Sewer-Rat tastes like pumpkin pie doesn’t mean that I have to eat it.” Given the apparent health risks, it’s safe to assume the same applies to other meats.