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We all know that real fur is the opposite of cool, but what if you want the look without all the nasty brutality and environmental destruction? Well, we’ve found a great option for you!

Imposter is a brand new faux-fur line that has invented a new symbol to showcase compassion. The IM symbol, found on each garment, proudly shows the world that no animals were harmed in the making of your outfit.

Imposter will also donate 10% of all online sales to saving animals via contributions to charities like: The HSUS, Farm Sanctuary and the ASPCA.

According to their site:

“Saving animals is Imposter’s inspiration and brand identity – to the core. The lives of countless animals will be saved on both sides of the initiative. Each garment bearing an IM logo has an exponential impact on the industry.”

A slew of celebrities have already come out to support the new line, including Carrie Underwood, Angie Harmon, Emmy Rossum, Jessica Lownes (90210), and Olivia Palermo (The City).

We’re sure Imposter is going to help create a lot of awareness about the brutalities of the fur industry and quickly become a celebrity fave! Wanna know more? Check out Imposter4Animals.com and tell us what you think!

  • Chastity

    I really don’t trust faux fur.

    –Ex faux fur lover

    • http://imposter4animals.com Jaclyn

      Don’t trust faux fur in general. That is why Imposter Faux Fur is CERTIFIED. We have introduced a universal certification & security label for industry-wide use. The IM Imposter labels cannot be counterfeit & are individually numbered.

      Imposter’s internal security label is not your average garment label. Imposter uses the most advanced security and anti-counterfeit label technology available in the world.

      Imposter is certifying animal friendly products from the inside and outside, and giving animals a well-deserved share of the products they have inspired.

  • Robyn

    Totally applaud the effort, but don’t think that symbol is enough to show people the products are faux.

    • Jonathan

      I disagree. As the symbol becomes more recognisable, it will instinctively be recognised as Faux. I live in New York and the movement is certainly growing here. I have seen several people in the high end clubs wearing Imposter. With the great publicity it is getting, I think it could really become universally recognisable and save a lot of animals.

  • Adri

    This stuff is great, but they should expand the line and offer some items that are not faux fur, too (but are also vegan, obviously). I hope they succeed! This is a great idea.

    • http://imposter4animals.com Jaclyn

      We certainly will!!! Imposter will not be limited to faux fur. Many other items coming this Fall =)

      Thank you for your kind words about the idea!!!

  • Krystine

    I would love to see them make a pair of faux fur vegan mukluk boots – that would be amazing! Please make some! I have been looking forever and no one has done it right.

  • georgina0912

    While i love, love, love looooooove the fact that faux fur is that, fake, i do not love, love, love looooooove so much the idea of wearing it. What about the message one sends when wearing faux fur that looks like the real thing? And why would i want to wear something that looks like it came from an animal?

    Just my personal opinion.

    After i became a vegetarian i have not worn once my leather and suede jackets because i felt i had blood in my hands…or my back.

    I hope Imposter also educates the people that buy their garments about the cruelties of skinning animals for fashion.

    Kudos to Imposter though for not using animals to create clothing, and for sticking to their beliefs.

    • Chastity

      georgina, you made a great point. Fashion is a very physical endorsement of animal exploitation–faux or not. I also read that faux fur is made of dogs and cats and that their fur can dyed, braided, and/or shaved down to make it appear as if it were fake. I definitely dropped my faux fur obsession after that.

      I’m vegan so it makes no difference to me whether it’s dead cow skin, dead sheep fur, dead worms or dead dog fur.

      • http://imposter4animals.com Jaclyn

        If you don’t wear faux fur already, please don’t start now – at least until the symbol is widely known. We could use help with awareness of the symbol though. Please tell people about the new option, especially if they wear real fur!!!!

  • Bencat1000

    Imposter will have to educate the world that IM stands for faux. We will not buy imposter fur. It looks real. There is no way that we will walk around informing people that our real-looking fur is not real. I would rather put anything else on that doesn’t look like it is associated with violence. Wearing faux fur is a responsibility to educate fur lovers or fur haters…. we just aren’t interested. There are too many options for clothing to join this controversy with faux. On the other hand, we are happy that there is an option for those who must wear the skins of animals. But in the end, if we care about animals and do not tolerate violence of any kind, we have to make choices with our dollars that go against anything that resembles cruelty.

    • http://imposter4animals.com Jaclyn

      We will need all the help we can get to raise awareness for the symbol. If anyone has ideas, just let me know!!!! lol

      There is far too much at stake to be intimidated by the problem.

    • Candice

      We should be intelligent enough to know that faux fur does not involve violence of any kind, does not promote violence of any kind, and resembles something that we find beautiful. The fact that the brand is incorporated into the look and is promoted as cruelty free, not wanting to fool anyone into thinking it is real, is enough. I have shirts with flower prints, appreciating the look of the flowers, I would wear FABRIC resembling fur, knowing full well what it is. I hope this line expands and becomes easily recognizable as a statement of non-violence to animals.

    • Jay

      People who love animals love to touch them and feel how nice they feel. People imitate animals by making stuffed animals that feel soft and furry and giving them to their children or friends. Faux fur clothing can give people that same sensual touch without involving a real animal. It’s a nice alternative.

  • Calla

    Am I the only one SUPER stoked? Of course the swish sign didn’t start out synonymous with Nike, but it is now. In the same way, the plan is for IM to become synonymous with Imposter. It might take a few years, but if I had $200 to blow on one of those vests, I would sure as hell help spread the word!! Can’t wait til Christmas :)

    You are somewhat confused. #1 Products that have a retail value of less than $150 (I think that’s right, it might vary from state to state) that are labeled faux fur can actually be real fur because of loopholes in the labeling laws. These products cost more than that. #2 Yes, a lot of fur is actually dog and cat fur. This isn’t unique to “faux fur.” It is more common that dog or cat fur will be labeled rabbit. #3 Imposter is a vegan company who is donating 10% of all proceeds to animals rights/animal welfare organizations. There stated mission is to SAVE animals, not skin them. They are not a giant corporation trying to pass real fur off as fake in order to increase profits. Their fur is not real.

  • Chastity

    Calla, I am not confused. Perhaps you are confused by my words. Yes, I am fully aware that Imposter is a vegan company. However, after knowing the facts about “faux” fur, I decided that there is no reason to go spending time and energy making sure that faux fur products are vegan. Besides, wearing it–faux or not–endorses the usage of fur (and the skins and feathers of animals). Not to mention it reinforces the notion that animals are to be utilized by us. In addition, I do not support animal welfare. I fully reject animal slavery and animal welfare is still animal slavery. I support the abolition of animal exploitation–from breeding to murder. I’m not saying that Imposter does that but I would rather not go around and fetishize a cycle that so urgently needs to come to an end.

    Also being vegan is about thinking and seeing nonhuman animals as the individuals they are, not the end products they are–including the supposedly cruelty free alternatives.

  • Chastity

    By the way, Jaclyn, I appreciate you commenting but I don’t appreciate you trying to push your product onto others and I. If you understood our concerns as vegans, you would not continue aggressively marketing something to us that is making us feel uneasy.

    Just trying to be direct.

    • http://imposter4animals.com Jaclyn

      Hm, was I not direct?
      If you are not a fan of faux fur, don’t wear it. I don’t believe that is aggressive marketing.

      There is a divide in the animal protection movement about this issue. I am well aware and have been for years. There is also a divide about meat alternatives that taste like the real thing – not to mention the new technologies surrounding “happy meat.”

      Saving animals is not a black and white path. Arguing about “animal welfare,” vs “animal rights,” vs “animal protection” is divisive and too often a waste of energy. In my opinion, the only important question is how to save and improve the lives of the most animals.

      You want to bring the “cycle to an end?” How? Do you have an idea for something that could shatter the fur industry? Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on anti-fur campaigns over the past 20 years. They have been designed and launched by many of the most intelligent, passionate, driven people in the animal rights movement. These campaigns have done incredible things, but the fur industry is still strong. The problem is this: there are tens of millions of people who DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE SUFFERING OF ANIMALS. Until we can reach these people and everyone in between, fur will remain strong and 80 million animals will die each year.

      In case you think fur is dead: Fur Makes a Comeback at Fashion Week – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/02/15/fur-makes-a-comeback-at-n_n_462148.html

      Though I respect your views, I am driven by one thing: what could save the most animals. Imposter could beat the fur industry at their own game and give animals a royalty share of everything they lose. We did not invent faux fur. Imposter was created to solve a major problem that already exists within the industry.

      Chastity, you are entitled to your own views. But instead of simply raising issues maybe you can offer solutions. What should we do to shatter the fur industry? How do you reach people who don’t care about your cause? Demand changes the world, so this is where I have focused my energy.

  • Krystine

    I happily wear faux fur and am happy to educate people about how NO animals were harmed in the making! I love animals, and think that their fur is beautiful – but it belongs to them. NOT me. So I don’t take theirs. If I can wear something just as beautiful why not?

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