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Olympian Hannah Teter Looking For Eco-Friendly SponsorsThe doyenne of extreme half-pipe winter sports is known as much for her lean, mean veggie-honed physique as she is for the shiny collection of bronze and gold medals she’s picked up during her impressive Olympic career, however, there’s a turbo-charitable side to the Vermont native that deserves equal praise.

Ms. Teter, who regular donates her Olympic prize money to non-profit organizations (most recently her entire $10,000 Park City Mountain Resort winnings benefitted a Haiti earthquake humanitarian relief fund) recently told the LA Times that she’s, “all about praying and sending positive energy to people who need it.” The only difference with her is that she really does put her money where her mouth is!

One example is through her partnership with World Vision, in which she channeled $10,000 from sales of her Hannah’s Gold maple syrup toward sponsoring the village of Kirindon, Kenya — construction is now underway to bring fresh water wells, a medical clinic and an effective water filtration system to its population.  She’s also hawking $18 Sweet Cheeks panties with the promise that $5 of the purchase price of her “Make Love, Not War” design will be donated to Doctors Without Borders’ Haitian relief efforts.

With all this giving going on ($200,000 in Olympic prize money to date), it’s almost a relief to learn that the snowboarder extraordinaire is seeking a little personal support of her own in the form of a few new carefully selected eco-friendly sponsors. The outspoken organic-lovin’ and green-livin’ enthusiast, who just joined PETA’s campaign calling an end to Canada’s annual baby seal hunt shows through all of her public endeavors that she’s definitely got a heart of green. Somebody help the girl out!

Via Sports Business Daily

  • don miguelo

    Way to truly break the stereotype of snowboarders as priviledged, brainless, adrenaline seeking slackers! Great job Hannah! Thanks for stating with your actions that it’s not about the money, and putting the money you do make towards great causes! “Stoked”

  • ecosurfer

    Hannah should check out ASEC Action Sports Environmental Coalition and she will find a host of “like minded” athletes and companies taking care of the “backyards” we all play in.

    Bravo Hannah for the crew at whale tails chips!!