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It’s official: Governor Rick Perry is on Mother Nature’s list!

The Texas governor recently announced plans to sue the Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of the state over it’s decision to regulate greenhouse gases as a pollutant. I mean, really? REALLY?!!

During a press conference, Perry stated that regulating such gases would be an act of “federal overreach,” and accused the Obama administration of  “using sweeping mandates and draconian punishments to force a square peg of their vision into the round whole of reality.”

2 points for using the word “draconian.” -4 points for this ridiculous lawsuit.

Talking Point Memo suggests Perry’s motives may be political, stating:

“Perry is currently locked in a heated GOP primary battle for re-election. He enjoys a healthy lead over Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), but the race has lately been shaken up by Debra Medina, a far-right darling of the Tea Party movement, who has taken off in recent polls.”

What do you think about Perry’s decision to sue the EPA? Is he a good witch or a bad witch? Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • Sonia

    I hadn’t heard about this and I’m from Austin. I’ve never liked the guy and he’s obviously not helping change my mind with this bullcrap. Suing the EPA, really?

  • william

    Its about time that someone had the balls to stand up to eco-alarmist community. The EPA declared CO2 to be a pollutant. Really?! All life on this planet is dependent on it and there is, so far, no scientific evidence that it’s harming the world. No, calling someone a “denier” is not evidence. Science is experimentation whose results can be repeated over and over again. If AGW is a case for science. Someone, ANYONE send me the experimentation that I can duplicate. If I can prove for myself that the science is settled then I will get on the AGW bandwagon. I don’t think this will ever happen because this not about the climate. It’s about people like Maurice Strong in the Club of Rome that would like nothing better than to destroy the West and our way of life out of fear for planetary over-population. AGW is simply a tool for these people to do it. Half the world is falling for it. It’s Jonestown on a global scale!

  • theguy

    I don’t support Rick Perry for several reasons – and that’s speaking as a Texan-born SOVEREIGN. However, I am GLAD to have found this article – I mean, HOW in the HELL can anyone justify, in ANY manner, that a gas that plants need for survival (to CONVERT into Oxygen, I might add) is dangerous? The very idea is as laughable as it is foolish. Again, I’m not voting for your sorry behind but I support the lawsuit wholeheartedly – true Conservatism (for which Perry is not famous) means CONSERVING the environment – NOT radically changing it (which is what the VERY definition of LIBERAL adheres to – radical change – in the wrong direction).

    • prairiedoglawyer

      Let me spell this out: Every year humans add over 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by natural processes such as exhaling and by burning carbon-based products and fossil fuels for energy (among other activities). This represents a thirty percent increase since the mid-1700s.
      Forests and other wooded areas are natural carbon sinks, meaning that as trees absorb carbon dioxide, and release oxygen, carbon is deposited into the trees.

      As you point out, through photosynthesis, plants do convert carbon dioxide, water, and other minerals into oxygen and other organic compounds; however, this process occurs less and less with decreasing green spaces (i.e. deforesatation) on the earth’s surface, and as a result, less carbon dioxide can be recycled. Further, as we cut and burn down trees, burn more fossil fuels, and the earth’s population increases, excess carbon is released into the air where it bonds with oxygen to form carbon dioxide, and is trapped in the atmosphere, adding to the greenhouse effect.

      Now do you understand?