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dunst“You know what, I don’t hate on people that wear fur, obviously, but I just, as an actress I know that I repre — like, people go, ‘Oh, she looks cool in that,’ and it’s not my fave. I don’t want animals being killed for — it’s not my favorite thing.”

–Kirsten Dunst, in not so many words, explaining how she’s not into the fur explosion currently happening during NYC Fashion Week.

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  • andrew powell

    i think its wrong to make animals into fur coats

  • herwin

    NYC isnt alone, same happened in amsterdam with a recent fashion show and a fur comeback with no anti fur protests. me thinks too many people think its inevtibale that fur disapears and no need to protest. unlike these sleepy heads the fur industry never sleeps nor isnt that naive. its time for good old red paint and some night action on the hollywood boulevard to desecrate some stars from fur hags. sorry me english no good you understand yes ?

  • Dgredy

    I TOTALLY AGREE! i think more things need to be done! i just dont get im sure all these digners know the cruelty behind fur! so why do they still use it. so sad