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Patrick Swayze’s deep connection to the environment was evident as much in his forest stewardship and hefty financial donations the Galinas River Watershed Restoration Plan as it was while engaged in the simple pleasures of ranch life along with his wife and a quirky menagerie of eight Arabian horses, peacocks, dogs and cats. Two sprawling properties in New Mexico and California afforded him the opportunity to get lost in the sheer majesty of Mother Nature and indulge in his earthy side as “a wildlife preservationist” and “battler of poachers.”

Preferring to be remembered as a man of the land rather than just as a dirty dancer, the pop culture icon was so deeply impacted by what he witnessed while on location in South Africa during the 2004 Hallmark Entertainment production of King Solomon’s Mines that he and his wife laid the foundation for an eco-documentary “based on (his) work with wild animals in the African bush and on a major safari into the Okavango Delta in Botswana.” Sadly, the project ultimately never came to fruition despite having award-winning documentarians and renowned paleoanthropological scientists on board.

Swayze first discovered the rustic landscape which would end up being his favorite place to hang his hat – the aptly named New Mexico property Rancho de Dias Alegres or “ranch of happy days” – while filming 1984’s Red Dawn. Completely enchanted with the terrain, it is there that his ashes were reportedly scattered following his untimely death on September 14, 2009 from pancreatic cancer.

Now, his understandably emotional widow Lisa Niemi intends to sell the sizable property where he rests because she’s having difficulty managing it on her own. In spite of having good memories of the place where she and Swayze shared their life together as well as an ongoing awareness of her husband’s spirit, she’s ready to move on and has been assured by a psychic that he’s giving her the thumbs up. It can’t be easy losing your partner after 34 years of marriage and then getting accustomed to living without them. Hang in there, Lisa.

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