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It’s bad enough that any animal has to suffer in a circus — but how about when they finally have a chance to escape…and find themselves stuck in the middle of downtown Atlanta? That’s like going from one circle of hell to another.

Such was the sad display that happened yesterday after a Barnum & Bailey zebra escaped from its enclosure and galloped to freedom down a major commuter thoroughfare. Atlanta’s finest went hot in pursuit — and 40 minutes later eventually rounded up the runaway; returning him to the circus and a lifetime of animal therapy.

PETA should be all over this one in 3..2..1.. [Update: Yes, they are.]

Video below:

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  • Rad_Rosa89

    When will people realize that exotic animals belong in the wild…

  • Dgredy

    this event should be a wake up call!! but it wont be, its funny today i sent a letter to my town regarding a billboard promoting ringling brothers and their saddest show on earth i hate them so much.. i live in new jersey and i cant wai to march to prostest agaist those idiots..

    BTW I WANT TO START A REALLY COOL ANIMAL GROUP IF ANYONE LIVES IN NEW JERSEY MY EMAIL IS just put about animal group in the as re. thank u