barbi twinsCelebrity is a funny thing. Quirky looks and a lack of discernible talent notwithstanding, there are still certain people in the public eye who manage to become household names. Of course, it certainly helps if you’re of the female persuasion and you happen to be one half of a set of twins with blonde hair, blue eyes and a ginormous set of… animal rights goals.

Identical twin Playboy centerfolds Shane and Sia Barbi – who are known as much for their two record-breaking covers as they are for their cheesecake calendars and Sunset Boulevard billboards – are interested in taking advantage of their mainstream popularity in a decidedly more constructive way. Amid Superbowl commercials, chats with Howard Stern and an endless stream of modeling gigs, they have managed to prioritize their time within the last few years by becoming quite outspoken on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves.

After losing their cat several years ago when it ingested melamine-tainted pet food, the sisters founded the website which directs all monetary donations to animal charities – they also made a point of holding a vigil for all of the other pet deaths that occurred around that time as a result of the same pet food poisoning tragedy. Additionally, they have rehabilitated/walked shelter dogs, lobbied animal bills, participated in many anti-vivisection and animal rights protests and used 100% of the profits from their Eco Anti-Diet book and their Pinup Pets calendar to help aid animal charities and animal rescue efforts in regions struck by natural disasters.

The Barbis, who recently told Extra that they are trying to use their “18th minute of fame to do something good” may not be terribly adept at quoting Andy Warhol’s 1968 statement, but sometimes matters of the heart outweigh the importance of citing accurate pop culture references any old day. Interested in speaking out for animals who lack the ability to stick up for themselves, the buxom ladies are now making a splash in Shannon Keith’s eye-opening documentary Skin Trade, which explores how the fur industry keeps the dirty secret of how fur is actually made under wraps.

Premiering on February 25th, the film is already causing major buzz thanks to its accompanying promotional poster which features Shane and Sia sporting a bloodstained, rather gruesome look. Skin Trade’s promo image offers a stark contrast to the fashion industry’s euphemization of their business practices. It may be a difficult film to watch, but Skin Trade will undoubtedly help consumers to become far more educated regarding what wearing fur really entails.

Via Extra TV

  • Dgredy

    If anyone lives in new jersey i want to start an cool animal group! my email is
    and fur is taky and there is no humane way wen it comes to kiiling an animals for its beautiful fur!! is their fur no ours when is the world going to get it

  • Evan

    Wow. Looks and sounds like a scary film. what’s good about it is that it actually has a good point.

  • deena

    Wow is right. This is amazing. These girls are the real deal and I appreciate the hard and heartbreaking work they do. Hopefully the people who need to see this will and stop supporting this awful trade.

  • quarrygirl

    can’t wait until this film is released! everyone needs to see it…

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