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Ady Gil Gets Controversial, Wonders If Whalers Can Only Be Stopped With Guns [UPDATED]

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It’s safe to say that Ady Gil, the entertainment industry exec that helped the Sea Shepherd purchase the Earthrace, has become much more well-known since his involvement with the organization. In light of the sinking of the ship named in his honor during this year’s campaign, he’s been sought after by media for comments and opinions on what’s currently happening down in the Southern Ocean. In a recent interview with the Australian Courier Mail, he broaches a topic generally sidestepped by the very organization he’s supporting: the use of guns in defending whales.

“In Africa, it’s OK to shoot poachers in Kenya,” he says. “They tell them not to kill the elephants and they still kill the elephants. They say if you continue to kill the elephants, we’re going to shoot you – and they do. Is the next step for someone to go down there and shoot the Japanese? Is that where it needs to get to in order to stop it?”

“If I pulled a knife here and demanded money,” he says, nodding at the crowd of James St. Latte lappers, “there would be police here with guns. Guns are how you enforce the law – with power.”

Gil’s comments come amidst frustration over the Australian government’s reluctance to become involved in the issue.

“If you feel responsible for these whale sanctuaries as a country, then be responsible. Send your navy and go there and enforce the law. Don’t talk and say you’re going to go and do it after the election.”

“It’s either your policy or it’s not. Why wait until November? Is March not a good month?” he asks.

Check out the full interview here.

[UPDATE: The Sea Shepherd have responded to Ady Gil’s comments. “The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has never used firearms and has no intention of using firearms against illegal whalers,” said Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd president and founder. “We are proud of our record of never causing an injury to any person in our entire history. We may be aggressive, obstructive, and we may damage harpoons, nets, and longlines used by poachers, but we have never, and will never, injure a human being.” Full release here.]

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  • All parts of this story are hilarious 6 years later…
    – Bethune convicted of assaulting Japanese
    – Bethune successfully sues Watson for the $500k owed him for the boat
    – Ady Gil successfully sues Watson for conversion (wrongfully destroying his property)

    – US Courts declare Sea Shepherd a danger to Japanese lives, call them pirates, and issue an injunction
    – Watson violates the injunction and forced to pay ICR $2.5million
    – Watson loses legal insurance case b/c the coverage doesn’t include illegal and violent activity
    – Faroe Islands convicts several members for drugs, obstruction, confiscates boats — SS isn’t returning
    – Japanese customs refuses entry to anti-whalers breaking immigration laws. Working for an incorporated NGO is not tourism and requires a business visa.

    … it’s taken awhile, but all your lies and violence are finally bearing legal consequences.
    And we’re not done. Gil still has 2 more lawsuits. And the ICR case is just getting started. Violate the injunction again, say goodbye to your house Watson.


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