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SDW-000745Dog-owners wouldn’t be caught dead eating dog meat. So does that mean people with pet pigs should avoid pork?

Jessica Simpson is pondering this very question on Twitter, revealing: “I’m thinking about getting a pet pig. Does this mean I’ll have to give up pork?”

You might remember Jessica caused quite the controversy last year when she proudly wore the “Real Girls Eat Meat” shirt. Now, it looks like she’s having to decide whether she wants to honor the shirt or the animal.

Of course, PETA has some thoughts on this decision and told US Magazine: “Pigs, who are smarter than dogs and every bit as sensitive to pain and stress, don’t belong in Jessica’s stomach or carted around as her latest.”

What do you think about Jessica’s dilemma? Can she in good consciousness snack on a bacon sandwich while playing with her pet pig? Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • Evan

    I think Jessica should just stick with a dog. Quite frankly, I don’t see any connection between having a pet pig and having a bacon sandwich- case in point, we have apple trees at home, we take care of them and we eat their fruit. If Jessica is having this dilemma, I say go for the simple solution and just get that dog!

    • don miguelo

      Uh, eating a pig is a far cry from eating an apple! Pigs have central nervous systems and you wouldn’t cut down the tree to eat an apple either, for starters. But I do agree, if she can take care of a dog (…?) she should opt for that instead.

      Anyway back to why I went here to post anyway–

      Is the title here an intentional double-entendre? lol

  • Pamela

    She better adopt two pigs then, cause pigs get depressed if they are not in the company of their own kind.

  • Dgredy

    SHE SHOULDNT HAVE ANY ANIMALS! she is an idiot and if she “buys” a pig she will probably stop eating pork once she sees how smart and sweet pigs are or she will most likely end up giving the poor thing away! celebrities like her see animals as thing to decorated their ugly self!

  • georgina0912

    She should not adopt anything, specially a pig. Why? Because dumb people who look up to celebrities will go drooling to the next pet store and buy a pig that when not cute anymore will end up either really, truly unhappy that nobody goes to see him or on the concrete floor of a shelter waiting for his next home…would be better if she just started reading something worthwhile, or better yet, start reading about animals as sentient beings.

  • herwin

    thats pretty cool that at least she has these kind of questions, pretty openminded. people who look up to her might be stimulated to have similar questions about “meat” , “pets” and “foodanimals”.
    you know, most meat eating people do anything to avoid having such thoughts.
    anyway, dumb people can learn and if they do they deserve respect.

  • Penny

    This is actually how I became veg, I was given a vietnamese pot belly as a birthday gift! that was 20 years ago, they are so smart but mine was rather ornery and he grew to 120 lbs. Unless she has someone to look after the pig I wouldn’t recommend it, Georgina is right, it will become a cool celeb fad agian and I don’t think most people will be able to deal with a pet like that!

  • Chastity

    She seems very irresponsible and her purchasing a pig will spawn an unnecessary and cruel trend. If people want to learn more about animals, they should read about them, watch documentaries or visit a sanctuary. And of course, go vegan! If it’s a nonhuman animal who originates from another country, why not pay a visit to their home instead of making them come over here and be confined?

    What ever happened to unconditional love? Why must enslave nonhumans in order for us to understand and sympathize with them?

  • Cara

    If I have a pet pig, I think I will also lost my desire to eat pork because of the things I will imagine.