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Avatar-mania shows no signs of slowing down as fans of James Cameron’s epic-eco-blockbuster continue to wax poetic on its hidden symbology as well as its stirring condemnation of how far humanity has really strayed from the elemental connection that we have to Mother Nature. Following the much celebrated director’s recent acknowledgement that Fox Studio executives were hoping for a far less “tree-hugging FernGully crap” type of movie, it seems appropriate that we escape into a proposed prequel – heavy on the greenery and planetary peril — as conjured up within the mind of author Michael T. Klare (of Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet fame). His film title? Avatar: Earth’s Last Stand.  Behold the detailed and rather perspiration-inducing storyline after the jump!

Key Player

A healthy and able-bodied Jake Scully

Avatar Characters That Are M.I.A.

The blue-skinned Na’vi people


Planet Earth in the year 2144.


Imagine taking a mind-blowing, sensory stimulating exploration of our own energy-starved planet via the big screen (thanks to the wildly fantastic talents of Cameron’s art team and a liberal dose of 3D action). At stake – humanity’s struggle to survive (despite inevitable decline) as we witness the systematic degradation and depletion of our planet’s natural resources.

Plot Summary

1) Three great power centers exist: The North American Federation (which faces desertification in its southern half), Greater China and The North European Alliance (which now uses much of the resources available in the Arctic). The main focus of their perpetual warring is how they can best obtain valuable precious resources.

2) The only remaining deposits of natural gas and oil are confined to five areas – the melted Arctic, the Persian Gulf, Venezuela’s Orinoco basin, Russia and West Africa.

3) Earth’s few power centers employ individuals like Scully to enforce their will so that they may control the last remaining valuable resources left in the Earth’s crust (such as uranium, natural gas, coal, oil and copper).

4) Tropical and subtropical regions are virtually uninhabitable due to the crippling effects of global warming, resulting in water-submerged regions, increasingly scarce yet valuable raw materials and starvation.

5) Oil is so precious a resource that only the very richest segment of the population can have access to it as well as massive corporations, military, security and emergency services.

6) Living on the future planet Earth involves enduring a constant struggle for survival, from seeking out basic food and water to locating any type of valuable natural materials like gems and technology that are deemed worthy enough to trade for sustenance.

Closer To Life Than We’d Like To Admit?

Klare’s movie scenario is made all the more feasible given the fact that resource wars have been happening in our world quite regularly throughout the fabric of our history. Nigeria is currently sitting on what is believed to be the most sizable untapped natural gas and oil reserve in all of Africa, a fact that the European Union, America, Russia and China are all too well aware of as is evidenced by their acquisition of drilling rights. The African country has been embroiled in what seems like a never-ending battle to secure the benefits of their own resources, a struggle which continues to this day. Additionally, if we continue to degrade our planet to the point where the currently warming Arctic finally thaws to the point of no return, major oil and gas drilling companies will undoubtedly flock to the region, which happens to be home to Na’vi-like natives who will likely be launched into an all-out-assault as they struggle to protect the land that is a part of their cultural heritage. As Klare imagines, the icing on the cake might end up being that giant mining corporations will join “in a fabulously expensive bid to use space travel to replenish the planet’s resources, voyaging to distant Pandora to extract its precious supply of unobtanium, a miraculous new source of energy.” Oh brother…make mine a double and hold the glass. It would definitely be an engaging premise if it weren’t so eerily true-to-life.

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