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C’mon, you’re not really that surprised, right?

Always one to take advantage of people in the news, PETA is shopping around a new billboard that ties Tiger Woods’ sex scandal with spaying and neutering your pets. The ad features a pensive Woods and the words “Too Much Sex Can Be a Bad Thing… For Little Tigers Too. Help Keep Your Cats (and Dogs) Out of Trouble: Always Spay or Neuter! PETA.”

Um, ok — we get it. Tiger Woods had a lot of sex with many different women. But the lowest cheap shot of all from PETA may be the fact that they’re attempting to run this Billboard near Wood’s home in Windermere, Fla. Guy’s got kids, PETA!

Virginia Fort, a campaigner with PETA, told the Orlando Sentinel that Woods would “appreciate” it, since it’s in good fun and “turning his sex scandal into something positive for little tigers.” Um, what? Does she really believe that?

Thankfully, no company had yet stepped forward to run the billboard.

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  • spiderwoman

    why should it be the lowest cheap shot??? i think it’s a good idea to have tiger woods done the ad – furthermore it’s tigers own private life to decide about the number of women he wants to have intercourse or to help PETA or not! let these people alone and in peace! it’s just ridiculous that he has to apologize in public for his ‘fauxpas’ – as if he was the only man in the world to act like this! go peta and tiger – show the world that you are the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael d'Estries

      Yea, I think it’s fairly obvious that someone wouldn’t use their own sex scandal to highlight the spay and neutering of pets.

  • VeggieTart

    spiderwoman, it’s a cheap shot because PETA did not get Woods’ permission to use his image. Organizations and companies should not be using people’s images without their permission.

    • herwin

      i think its a hilarious add (for three seconds though..) but i completely agree with that dont use without permission because its disrespectful. that said, i would aprove with the other peta add with miss obama, oprah winfrey, the anti fur add..simply because it was positive and not making a cheap shot that would damage them. it was simply mentioning that these three women didnt wear fur.

  • Dgredy

    you people are missing the point and veggietart, they didnt use it!! they r just trying to show how it would look if he says yes! plus if you are being offer to be on ad you kind of wnat to see how it would look first! so get your facts straigh! and it is a damn cool ad!! and spiderwoman he doesnt really have to apologize to us but you gotta remember alot kids and even adults look up to celebrities and he really fu..ed up and he is not the first or last person who is gonna do what he did unfortunatly he is in the public eye! soooo and once again i think the ad will be a good idea !

    • herwin

      hi.obviosuly Peta did use his image and made this add and used it. thats why now you can see the add like on Eccorazzi, eh.
      oh, he f**cked up ? the guy just had sex with many women, believe it or not but for many guys that doesnt qualify as “f**cking up”. Ok, so he was married, so that means its just personal between him and his wife and its not of our busines, i would say…anyway, golf sucks.

  • RT

    Dgredy is right. That’s the beauty of this “ad” — they get all the word-of-mouth publicity from all the controversy without ever having to technically “run” the ad. You get all the benefits of the campaign without all the cost, especially since it’s an organization that welcomes controversy anyway. MSNBC called it a win for PETA:

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  • makati golf

    Tiger has gone through alot these few months and of course he will be off when it comes to his concentration. Give it a couple months and if anyone can bounce back, he would be the first choice. He is the most gifted golfer in the entire galaxy and i’m confident the golf fans can’t wait to see him get back to his dominance.