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Apple shareholders gathered at the company’s Cupertino headquarters on Thursday. In addition to addressing financial issues, the discussion at this year’s annual shareholder meeting focused largely on Apple’s environmental record and policies.

As the meeting got underway, the tone took an unexpected turn as harsh comments were directed at board member Al Gore who was seated in the first row.

CNET reports that Apple shareholder Shelton Ehrlich took to the microphone and began railing against the re-election of Gore to the board. Ehrlich said Gore “has become a laughingstock. The glaciers have not melted. If his advice he gives to Apple is as faulty as his views on the environment then he doesn’t need to be re-elected.”

Several additional commenters came to the aid of the divisive former Vice President and endorsed his position on Apple’s Board of Directors.

Al Gore did not respond directly to any of the comments and, in the end, was re-elected with the rest of the board members according to preliminary results.

  • Michael d'Estries

    Ehrlich needs the glaciers to melt completely before believing Gore? Looks like the dude’s been drinking the skeptic kool-aid over at FOX News…

    • Elliott

      Are you serious? Have you not read or researched any of the scams and frauds going on in the ‘global warming’ community? Why are none of these answered, or even addressed? Al Gore became the poster child for this movement. He knows nothing about it. He has profited greatly from it. He is not ‘green’. His footprint is larger than my whole county’s. I can’t believe you do not even at least question this movement. It’s all about money, brother, and where the money goes, and who gets it. Get with the program.

      • tk

        None of the supposed “frauds” or “scams” have provided proof that global warming is not happening. And these are being constantly addressed by others in the scientific community.

        And if you’re going to talk about this year’s harsh winter as proof, keep your head buried in the sand.

        It is all about the money — and you’d be amazed how much more is flowing from groups and companies opposed to climate change research and behind fueling skepticism. (ie; Do you really think that scientists are making a heavy buck off this? You’ve got to be delusional to think that.

        But as evidenced from your next comment on Fox News, you probably are. Get educated, Elliott.

      • herwin

        there is one group of Flat Earth believers, oops , i mean Global Warming Deniers that simply DENY ANY global warming is happening. These are the Global Morons, because just ask people living in mountanous regions who see the glaciers retreat year by year. The other group of “sceptics” say that Global Warming is happening but its not because of human activity (read : too much cars and factories) but its a “natural event”. :-P ha !
        Ehrlich clearly belongs to the Morons, cant put my finger though to what group hot air balloon Elliot belongs too..
        pretty awkward, an Anti Global Warming comunity with two completely opposite viewpoints. they too stupid to notice or care.

  • Elliott

    And by the way, Fox News beats all other cable news combined. At all hours. That’s pretty funny. People that are really interested in following important news and politics are tuning in to Fox News and not watching Jersey Shore. If only those watching Jersey Shore stayed home during the election… like they do every other year.

  • Naturigy

    Green can be profitable and pretty soon it will be the accepted business norm.

    Wonder what got Ehrlich so riled up. Hopefully it wasn’t politics intruding the board room

  • Elliott

    Global Warming has become a complete political issue. People now tend to confuse it with simply keeping the Earth clean for the sake of keeping it clean. And what is science without skepticism? The fact that the new “term” is “Climate Change” shows that they are having to shift the focus. It’s easier to say that Climate Change exists, so it’s harder to argue it. So all of this Government spending, planning, payoffs, etc. is based now on “Climate Change” because one can’t deny there is climate change. And companies like GE, who are profiting big time from legislation built around this movement, are slanting their news organization, NBC, to push it.
    Just the fact of there being so many scandals and cover ups in data should at least push the debate, instead of people trying to DENY that there is faulty data. I’m not saying we have no effect on the earth and environment, and I am all about green, but do not want to completely change our system of government to fit around it. Our state of economy cannot sustain it right now. Look at Spain- they have tried the movement and have proven that for every 1 green job, 2.2 regular jobs are destroyed. Who can handle that?

    • Abe

      These people have been brainwashed for so long they can’t admit they might be wrong. The human impact on our climate is minuscule compared to naturally occurring events (volcanoes, forrest fires, or decaying vegetation). We don’t have to drastically change our behavior to save the earth. Let’s get our facts straight before we jump off the deep end.

  • Hart

    The glaciers aren’t melting? On what friggin’ planet is this jagoff living? Antarctic ice has receded by ten million square miles.

  • ddpalmer


    You might want to get your facts straight before you start calling people names.

    “Although Arctic sea ice extent underwent a strong decline from 1979 to 2009, Antarctic sea ice underwent a slight increase.” From the National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado, Boulder.

    Many glaciers are retreating but some are increasing. There are various reasons for the increases and decreases from land use changes leading to changes in humidity levels to temperature changes. The question is whether the temperature changes are being caused by man or are natural variations. And except for the well know urban heat island effect there is no definitive proof that any of the global climate changes are caused by man. It is a theory with no empirical proof as of yet.

  • Eric

    I just watched a documentary this week (that was very neutral in their stance) showing first hand the rapid acceleration of the glacial melt.

    Just because they’re not completely melted yet doesn’t mean they aren’t melting.

    That’s just ridiculous to say to Mr. Gore.

    Do we need a Waterworld type scenario before people are convinced???

  • Remy C.

    Waterworld? If sea level rises by that much, the waters would become so contaminated with radioactivity from flooded nuclear power plants, all life would on Earth would perish.

    • ddpalmer

      Sorry but no it wouldn’t.