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harrison fordUh-oh. Note to Harrison Ford. You might want to think twice before revealing anything potentially incriminating about your lifestyle habits in future interviews, especially if it relates in some way, shape or form to the environment. Calista Flockhart’s sweetie isn’t quite the bad guy that recently made him out to be, but thanks to a recent comment that he made to a British magazine, he’s now being singled out as an eco-heathen.

Revealing his passion for the art of navigating an airplane to “Live” magazine, Ford described the thrill of mastering the skill at the age of 52 and getting lost in the uplifting and exhilarating experience of soaring through the sky. Um…he probably should have stopped there, but sometimes enthusiasm can get the best of us, as it clearly did when he added, “Learning to fly was a work of art. I’m so passionate about flying I often fly up the coast for a cheeseburger.” Ohhhhhhh, bad call Harrison, bad call. Truth be told, whether he’s taken a quick flight for one or even one hundred cheeseburgers, the perennial blockbuster star is no eco-slouch given his deeply-rooted history of championing environmental causes.

In addition to being the PSA go-to-guy for EarthShare (which spends more than 50% of their financial resources on supporting 400+ conservation nonprofits), Ford serves as executive committee member of Conservation International (one of the leading environmental research groups in the world). Lest we forget, he submitted to personal deforestation (of the torso variety) on behalf of the latter organization back in 2008 in an attempt to draw attention to the correlation between global warming and what happens on a daily basis in our rain forests, saying: “Every bit of rain forest that gets ripped out over there really hurts us over here.” Forbes also cites the Indiana Jones icon as generating a charitable impact of $526,000 annually.

Unfortunately, judging by the response of the outraged folks over at, Ford’s most recent revelation seems to have negated all of his other positive planetary contributions. Calling on him to set a better eco-example by curbing his airborne excursions, the director of the website said, “Stars like Harrison Ford need to embrace the huge opportunity to lead by example in the battle against climate change – reduce their overall lifestyle carbon footprint and carbon offset those unavoidable emissions. Flying is a huge source of carbon emissions and making unnecessary journeys by plane can no longer be seen as responsible to our environment.” Guess you’ve got some damage control to contend with, Harrison…whatever you do though, it seems wise right now to just leave your airplane parked.

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  • erin

    He must be eating all his wife’s cheesburgers since she appears to weigh less than your average 12 yr old.

  • GR

    The fuel consumption of the average single engine propeller plane is around 6-10 gallons per hour of operation. He is not taking a 747 by himself up the coast. Mr. Ford’s activities are not on the scale of say a Mr. Gore taking a private jet to Oslo. A little perspective is needed.

    • Abe

      John Travolta or Larry David’s former wife like to fire up the jets for such adventures. Al Gore is an enviromental joke.

  • herwin

    yeah, keep the plane parked and stay away from the cheesburges…