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Just a little over one year following her divorce from Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels director Guy Ritchie, Madonna has made quite a few significant adjustments to her lifestyle. In addition to abandoning the British countryside once and for all in favor of the slightly sunnier locale of New York City, the 51-year-old used her clout with Warners music execs to help her 22 year old Brazilian-born boy toy score a record deal and has also just completed her latest collection of tunes entitled “Tick Tock Fuzzy Bubble” which are slated to be released in just a few months.

Amid all of these ch-ch-ch-changes, The Post reports that the cultural fashion and music icon has purchased a total of 50 acres of farmland in Long Island’s cushy Bridgehampton area for what amounts to a cool $7 million — $5 million for former owner Kelly Klein’s 26 acre Wild Ocean Farm and most recently $2 million for the adjacent 23 acre parcel located at 10 Mitchells Lane. Zoned specifically as agricultural land, Madonna won’t be able to build on it, but that’s probably fine by her considering her unabashed love for the equestrian arts. She apparently loves riding her two horses Boris and Sportsfield Silver Lining so much that she relocated the British born animals to the states many months prior to the end of her marriage. Clearly, they now have cool new digs in which to kick up their heels.

The former Material Girl may have hefty financial clout and endless buying power, but at least she’s doing something really worthwhile with all of that money. She’s established herself as a Malawi activist of sorts, working on behalf of impoverished orphans to improve their lives, even going as far as to adopt two children from the African nation herself.  The well-intentioned singer recently received a bit of unwelcome press earlier this month in response to the fact that her proposed Malawian girls school is going to displace 200 Blantyre villagers as per the local government’s request. Madonna tried to make amends to the current residents by offering them financial compensation of approximately $115,000, but for the moment, the majority of them are refusing to move.

In spite of this unfortunate setback, Madonna seems to think beyond her own needs as Ecorazzi has continually discovered with so many of the other celebrities we’ve reported on. In this world of a million and one problems, it is definitely encouraging to read about the real-world philanthropic and eco-efforts of people who are blessed with good fortune and public interest. May Madonna and her horses enjoy a reprieve from the spotlight and a place to commune with the simple pleasures of Mother Nature.

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