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barrymoreNone of us can be virtuous all the time, and when we do manage to resist every single temptation that life throws our way, what fun is that?!? For staunch vegetarians, they commonly discuss how their lifestyle choice forces them to be a bit more creative in the kitchen and willing to expand their culinary palate. Compared to mainstream eaters, vegetarians are more likely to sample a vast range of unique (and possibly) heirloom fruits and vegetables as well as diverse grains and alternative protein sources, contributing to that much-touted skin glow which is better than anything you could get from a cream, lotion, potion, or toxin-filled needle. But what happens when veggies succumb to the call of comfort eating?

For Drew Barrymore, she acknowledges that just because she consumes no meat doesn’t automatically mean that she is a healthy eater – in fact, she caves into her comfort food desires by indulging in peanut butter and banana sandwiches or homemade macaroni and cheese when the mood strikes. She tells Contact Music that she is definitely a picky eater due to her vegetarianism and is “like a typical American teenager when it comes to (her) favorite foods.”  This is a far cry from the born-again-meat-eating stance that Barrymore took back in 2002 when she confessed that she was tired of imposing restrictions on herself, justifying at that point in her life that at least she still wasn’t consuming “a ton of meat” or wearing “a ton of leather.”

There have been other high profile vegetarians throughout the years who have on occasion reverted back to semi-vegetarian status for varying reasons, including currently macrobiotic musician Sting who told The Miami Herald in the late 1990s: “We built an organic farm. Part of animal husbandry is that they breed. And you can’t keep them all. So I started eating meat again. But I only eat the animals I raise….I won’t eat an animal that comes from a slaughterhouse.” Now, Tiffani Thiessen has stepped forward with the admission that despite her long history of being a vegetarian, her current pregnancy has radically altered what she chooses to dine on now. She informed PEOPLE that, “Crazy enough, I had a steak before I left tonight and I would never have eaten one before. One day I just woke up and craved meat.”

via Contact Music and PEOPLE

7 Responses to Two Veggie Celebrities Reveal Their Guilty Edible Pleasures

  1. JulVeg says:

    Semi-vegetarian? You are either vegetarian or your not, you are either vegan or your not…if you or Sting or anyone else eats meat, then you are NOT a vegetarian…it’s not a difficult concept, but what it is is that it makes it more convenient for those that are unethical or just plain lazy and afraid to take a social stand and make a statement to continue with their lame excuses. Having a craving does not justify taking part in the slaughter of animals that do not even give a consent to have their lives taken away. They are not property, nor objects. They are animals capable of suffering greatly, just like humans are. Humans can choose to take part in the exploitation or not.

    Ethically, morally, environmentally, health-wise – animal consumption can never be justified.

    As a vegan/vegetarians – food is better, tastes better, and there are SO many choices. It is not about being deprived or being limited, it is about opening our horizons and discovering the amazing foods that we were too closed off to try as meaters. The best part? It’s cruelty-free and your taste buds are never bored!!!

    • Bencat1000 says:

      Very well put…… your comment to “semi-vegetarian” is excellent.

      A person who stops eating animals because they recognize the crime that it is, won’t ever look at animals like food. It just won’t happen. Stumbling back into eating a piece of chopped up animal could never happen to someone who truly understands this obvious concept. Blood and guts will never be food. Eating a living being whose life has been taken will always be associated with the crime of murder.

      • herwin says:

        very well said indeed. all petty excuses to eat meat. Sudden cravings to eat a steak ? I always call that Glutony over Morality and it can happen but its nothing to brag about in an interview.
        You are so right, a vegan diet is far away from limited but indeed it opens new horizons and teaches our taste buds there are other tastes in life than blood and gore.

  2. E says:

    You’re preaching to the choir. Maybe you should appreciate that some non-vegetarians are at least conscious of the amount of meat they consume, and are trying to limit their consumption. Good doesn’t come from all or nothing standards.. It seems you are more interested in guarding your precious title than actually protecting the animals.

    • herwin says:

      Its not preaching, it is keeping ourself reminded what is vegetarianism and what is veganism. nothing wrong with falling of the wagon so to speak, can happen, but we dont want to hear lame excuses like “craving” or “animal husbandry”, that make sound like its okay.
      People who limit their meat consumption deserve respect, of course ! I always find it fascinating and heartwariming to talk with people who start to get conscious and reduce meat. Its all about conscious and that needs time to grow. But people who actually were vegetarian and regres back to meateating habits with a pack of lame excuses dont deserve respect, at highest pity.

  3. joe says:

    sounds silly. she just wants to be in the news because she is a has been.

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